CWH Part 1 - Diving Deep With Bluefin

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Creative Work Hour and DreemPort February Challenge

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DreemPort And Creative Work Hour February Challenge

This is Part One Of The February Creative Work Hour and DreemPort Challenge.
DreemPort is one community who's Ethos is to come along side Dreemers, and walk with them on their journey, online. One of the ways that #DreemPort does this, is by partnering with communities here on hive, and bringing the passion of Dreemers, to other communities. Often, Dreemport will run a challenge for a month, to bring the two communities together; finding ways, to work together, support each other and grow on another.

Many of those community challenges, are posting daily and weekly posts, that encourage new readers to find new content creators, all while highlighting DreemPort's partner community focus. For Example, one month it was #hiveGarden, and Dreemport members wrote about Gardening. Ecency was another successful partnership, where Dreemers came to Ecency and grew a robust community even stronger. Community after community has felt the intense supportive embrace of DreemPort's Dreemers. Going on months and months, now.

This month, rather than make a post daily, The Challenge in #CreativeWorkHour community is to not simply pop in and drop some words, but to make this Month a THOUGHTFUL, Deeper Dive, into posting. Rather than a part one, part two, part three, part four post, where it is one continuous story, broken into four parts, this challenge is more about Process!

Creative Work Hour is asking... CHALLENGING us, to be better. Not drop some works, but be mindful, thoughtful, and deliberate, about what we create. THINK.
Breathe, and clear your mind, first. Focus. And Find the Topic. Find it. Don't drop it yet. POST these things, about your topic for week one:

• What is your feature post is going to be about?
• How you plan on sharing it?
• What will be special about this post?
• Why does it mean so much to you?

Find your topic and don't just blabber on. Take this month, and make this something special.

.. and so, #DreemPort and #CreativeWorkHour #CWH have pushed me to not simply write another Gardening Post. Of Food Recipe. Be Mindful. Tell us about something deeply held. Tell us WHY, I feel so strongly? Make this post be something different. Special.
What is Your FEATURE Post Topic?

I can say, I have three deeply held Loves That define me.That are core to who I am and how I tick.

  1. I write about one, most: Gardening. it is my passion.
  2. I write about one, occasionally: Cooking. It is my love language: I love to serve, others.
  3. I write about one, rarely. And perhaps, I need to talk about WHY it is important in my life.
How Do I plan sharing?

I am a photographer. A creative. Visual oriented. I am passionate about light, and movement, and colour. I love to wrote as well. Many of my published short stories have an adult themed, passion within them. I plan to take that edge, the heat, and bring it to this Feature post, coming at the climax of the challenge.

What will be special about this post?

In short, I am an extremely private person, and so, I will open up a side that few get to see. I will share something immensely personal.

Why does it mean so much to me?

Blame someone close to me, that I hurt. It has taken years, for me to feel again, and I have hurt some in the process. Blame that person for having uncanny insight. Better insight into me true inner self. Better than any mirror. It turns out, my eyes suck at seeing what it right before me. And so, I shall peel back a layer, and shower a side of me often in darkness, with a little bit of the sun. Perhaps, like my gardens, the warmth of the sun and rays will make something grow stronger? There is only one way to find out!

And that makes me smile...

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It's time to take control of your own food supply,
your own health and your own lives.

The GroVid23 Challenge:
Grow Your OWN is not just a simple short challenge,
it's about taking control of your future!

Happy Gardening and Cheers,

All Images by Bluefin Studios unless specified.

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Great set up. I'm hooked 🎣 Waiting for next post.

You should consider joining us on DISCORD!
If not for this challenge, at least o join in on our weekly Pimp Your Post Thursdays
We gather on a virtual voice channel, and share out post links, and chat about either the post, or whatever strikes your fancy!

Hey @bluefinstudios, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

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Love the post. I was already interested to understand about your third passion based on what you had written. But that last sentence... <Chef's kiss>😍
I know I will smile too with you :) Looking forward to it!

Was gonna check in thanks to PYPT list from yesterday, but interesting #dreemport also sent me here :) Good to be a #dreemerforlife

tension, built

You absolutely got me at where you’ll share something extremely personal
My ears are already itching

And oh you’re a photographer!
I don’t think I’ll ever miss your work.


I am, by nature, private.
Opening up is a challenge for me.

Will you be writing on gardening and cooking? I'd love to see how they all look with your good photographic skills. I hope this week truly brings out the best in us.

Popped in from #dreemport

We really are a composition of light and shadows. We love to bring out what is in the shadows in images but not so comfy bringing our own shadows into the light. Going to be interesting to see how much light you shed on your shadow side

When someone who has his life private, getting to know some things about him or her feels so special 😌 I have known you to love anything garden and something you rarely write on, it keeps me hooked to read more in your next post. This is indeed creativity and I hope we would be wowed at your next post. Good luck to you, Blue.

it is hard, being so private, to share my self with others publicly
I am glad that you are following. I have enjoyed meeting year and finding out more about you, over the years