Follow Friday: May Flies

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The News

May has indeed almost flown past. Time is precious and you cannot get a refund when you have spent it. Make it count.

Prices from @coingecko

The $HIVE price has been fairly flat for a while. It has threatened to break through 40c, but it seems we have work to do to make that happen. There are nearly 400 coins above it in the charts and I doubt that many have a community like we do, so we ought to be able to achieve something. We are all in the marketing department and should not be waiting for others to get the word out. I am responsible for dozens of people joining up, even if not all of them stuck around. I can create free accounts with the vouchers I can claim.

@hivefest is less than four months away, so we need to start planning for it. I am looking to go and may use some of the $HIVE I have earned to fund the trip. I could be looking for people to share a hotel suite with to keep the costs down. I have been to three previous events and I can tell you they are special. A lot of your food needs will be provided for at the event venues, so it may not cost as much as you think. I have met a lot of the big names and they are very approachable. You may find yourself chatting with a whale or two, not that it guarantees getting votes from them. Getting yourself known in person could still be good for your account.

Friday Follows

  • I met @paolobeneforti and @silviabeneforti at SF2 in Lisbon and it looks like they are coming to Split. They are both amazing artists, so you may want to check out their work and maybe buy some.
  • I think @killerwot is going too. He is a writer and musician who has kept up daily posts for ages.
  • @livinguktaiwan was in Amsterdam at Hivefest where we hung out and she will be in Split too. She has been exploring the US mid-west.
  • @godfish has some good tips on participating in Hive challenges and initiatives. Originality is one of the main ones.

These people get a share of the post rewards.

The Dog House

I saw some cases of common issues this week. One was someone with a substantial vote using it on all their own comments. That is considered selfish when you can earn by curating others and you should leave it to the community to decide what your content is worth. This behaviour is simple to detect as all the blockchain data is public and can be accessed with scripts.

There are also those who use content created by others in their posts without any attribution. When you are earning from your posts you have to be very clear about what you use and some just steal whilst thinking they will get away with it. The community has many eyes!

The End

As summer heats up (in the Northern Hemisphere) people will be off on their travels. This is a prime opportunity to create quality content. You can add value by sharing tips on places that are worth visiting. Hive could offer an alternative to sites like Tripadvisor. Use appropriate tags and communities so others can find it.

Enjoy your weekend and Hive five!

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@proofofbrian: A bot that checks for tag typos

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Great point, it's a great time to get out and take some pictures. I'm hoping to get up into the mountains again and do some prospecting at some point this year. I'm not getting any younger!

Wow Steve it's’ amazing to see how involved you are in the Hive community and how you promote others' work. Proud to know you and follow you. The idea of using Hivefest to network and grow your account is really smart bro🫡 Sharing tips on creating quality content during summer travels is a fantastic suggestion too.

Sometimes you need to state the obvious as I see so much generic content on Hive. It should be about people.

You're absolutely right my good friend.. it really should be able people. Infact I'm going to have to take this advice into consideration and do more personal stuff

Thanks for the mention :)

You're welcome!


Hey @godfish, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

I'm looking forward to getting out and capturing some great experiences over the next couple of months. I doubt I will be able to make the trip to Split. It's just a bad time of year and the cost to fly will likely be astronomical. I hope everyone has fun though.

I really hope there will be events you can get to. You seem a bit isolated from other Hivers, so we need to get more of them near you.

Yeah, besides the friends that I have onboarded, the closest ones are still a couple hours away from me that I know of. I'm hoping to at least get my one friend set up on Ecency this weekend. He has been going through some medical issues that I think he could easily post about or at the very least make some "waves" if he feels comfortable sharing.

Thanks for the shout out Steve. And look forward to see you again in September. I hope I get to meet more new faces and reconnect with old friends again in Split

I'm really looking forward to it. It's great to have somewhere new to explore.

It has been a good long time with the daily posting man, I'm nearly 1 and a half years in, which is insane to think about.

I'll be going, I missed last year even though I was offered a ticket for the work on the film script, but I couldn't afford to get myself to Mexico at the time, especially since we'd literally only found out Aimee was pregnant.

I'd love to visit Croatia anyway, so it's a win-win, and I'm also going to bring Aimee along, however, I may need to finally convince her to make an account.

But, if she decides not to go maybe I'll go splits on a room with you and we can have a slumber party and a pillow fight.

It would be great if the whole family can come. My other half is not fussed. I'm sure plenty of people will be looking for roommates anyway.

Too right, I'm really looking forward to it.

At the moment I'm converting all the HBD I'm earning into Hive, and letting it accumulate, I might be able to use it spends while over there.

Has it been announced if there will be any music at the event? It would be cool to hear some of the Hive Artists live.

There have been musical performances at some previous events. I would think that as @lordbutterfly is involved in HF and Vibes then there could be something in Split. I have taken a ukulele to a couple and I took a guitar to Amsterdam. There's limited options when flying.

Yeah, it can be annoying dragging guitars and all over when flying. I brought my bass with me when doing a gig in London, and had to buy another seat for it. Luckily the tickets were only 50-ish Euros, so it was grand.

It'd be cool if someone lived nearby and could supply a couple of instruments.

I’m eager to venture out more but life isn’t allowing for it much at the moment. Anyway, got some time off the week of the 10th June. Going to Snowdonia in September and Mexico after that!!

Can’t get to Split sadly, as I’ve booked all of my leave and I think it clashes with Snowdonia. Hopefully one day or a Buzz Party.

You've got good content going on with the music stuff, but I expect to see some of your travels. I like that Hive is truly international so we see different views of the world.

I hope we will get more events happening. I want to do another one this year.

Don’t you worry I’m planning on doing a series of walking videos around this area and beyond plus some photography posts. A little bit of history too as I feel the blockchain is a great tool for documenting the here and now!