AFRI-TUNES WEEK 90|| Birthday prayer by Godswill James|| Cover by @gloriaolar

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Hello my Afritunes family,

I've missed you guys so much. Special thanks to those that checked up on my while I was away. I'm glad to say I am fully back now and super excited to share with us my presentation this week. Today I will be doing a cover of the song Birthday prayer by Godswill James. As few of you might have known, I celebrated my birthday last week. On the day of my birthday, I came across this song and I fell inlove with it immediately. It was on repeat all through the day I'm super grateful to be blessed by that song.


The song is a birthday prayer just as the name implies. It's full of blessing for someone celebrating his/her birthday and I must say the singer is supper talented. His voice compliments the song and it made it easy to be able to connect with the song. So I decided on that day that when next I made a new post on Afritunes, this will be the first song I sing. Therefore, I dedicated this song to myself and every November born🥰🥰🥰.

Since it was a guy that sang the song originally, the key he used happened to be a little high while was singing it due to the fact that I'm a woman. Our voices differs from guy's voice. I ended up singing the song to the best of my ability and I do hope you guys like my cover. The song was accompanied with an instrumental I generated here.

2dk2RRM2dZ8gKjXsrozapsD83FxL3Xbyyi5LFttAhrXxr16mCe4arfLHWcqfVZY1YHxTvazmZwPEvdBTHzAGar3dU8QX9Rg9X2vHenUHtVLdFYwe2k5P9aUTDLYkMBJ9tYc4DU3TQCwbr3z7dXg3vifYfEwCK1ZUsnTz1mNJfY (3).png


Happy birthday to you
May the good Lord bless you
Sickness will never come near you
Jesus knows me I dey pray for you

Oh oh oh, may your dreams come true
Favour and Joy go always stay with you
You will grow to see your children and their children in Jesus name
Me I dey pray for you

Me I dey pray for you (Amen, Amen)
Men and women fo Favour you (Amen, Amen)
Your bank account na gbagan (Amen, Amen)
In Jesus name (Amen, Amen)

Oh oh may your dreams come true...
(Back to bridge)
I dey pray for you.

2dk2RRM2dZ8gKjXsrozapsD83FxL3Xbyyi5LFttAhrXxr16mCe4arfLHWcqfVZY1YHxTvazmZwPEvdBTHzAGar3dU8QX9Rg9X2vHenUHtVLdFYwe2k5P9aUTDLYkMBJ9tYc4DU3TQCwbr3z7dXg3vifYfEwCK1ZUsnTz1mNJfY (3).png


2dk2RRM2dZ8gKjXsrozapsD83FxL3Xbyyi5LFttAhrXxr16mCe4arfLHWcqfVZY1YHxTvazmZwPEvdBTHzAGar3dU8QX9Rg9X2vHenUHtVLdFYwe2k5P9aUTDLYkMBJ9tYc4DU3TQCwbr3z7dXg3vifYfEwCK1ZUsnTz1mNJfY (3).png


2dk2RRM2dZ8gKjXsrozapsD83FxL3Xbyyi5LFttAhrXxr16mCe4arfLHWcqfVZY1YHxTvazmZwPEvdBTHzAGar3dU8QX9Rg9X2vHenUHtVLdFYwe2k5P9aUTDLYkMBJ9tYc4DU3TQCwbr3z7dXg3vifYfEwCK1ZUsnTz1mNJfY (3).png

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My love..
Where on Earth have you been.
Have missed you dearie.
Happy birthday in Arrears darling.
Your voice is giving as always...
Please don't go again o
Everything hasn't been the same without you ☺️☺️☺️.
I love your voice
You sing so well.
Weldon dear.

Awwwww, I missed you too.🥹🥹🥹 I was sick, when I got better, I had lots of commitments and it was hard keeping up here. Everything is back to normal now and I'm fully back. Thank you so much for your amazing comment. It warms my heart🥹❤️..

Alright dear
Thank God for your health.
Am glad you're back 😊


I've really missed you. If I had your number or anything I would have checked on you.
This your voice is lovely 😍 and happy birthday in arrears. God bless you.

Awwwww, thank you so much my love.. It will be nice if we can connect there.

I’ve missed you too. I’m glad you love the song. 🙈🙈 Thank you so much for your lovely comment 🥰🙏

You're welcome 🤗 and yeah, it will be nice 😊
You can edit it out, I've copied the number
Much ♥️

I have been away for a couple of Months now and I just returned this morning just to learn that you were also away. I'm glad to return at your return. How would I have coped without seeing you and listening to you beautiful voice? Welcome back dear @gloriaolar. It's always a blessing listening to you. Cheers 🥂❤️

Oops my bad 🙈🙈 sorry I'm part of those that didn't check up on you, maybe because I did not have where to reach you or something, we're sorry ma. Hope you're much better now?

Thanks for sharing with us another beautiful tune, good job. 👍

Omo see finess na, shew!! U dey shine wella. Where u carry yourself go since na, welcome back and this is a great presentation

Awwwwwn! You should have sang this song for me on my birthday. But Sha no problem. Maybe my next birthday. Hahaha 😄. You sang so well and I love the song. Thanks for sharing