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Today I'd like to show you more cool paintings made by the art school students, from the exhibition I visited last month. Something different, something you're never seen before, because these young talents rarely get a chance to exhibit their artworks in galleries, at this stage of their life. I'm glad this gallery decided years ago, to give them a chance to meet a larger audience.


Réka Simon

As I mentioned in my previous post, these are the end year works going back to three years. As far as I could see, they got a theme to work on and each artists has created what they liked. What you're going to see today is portraits I believe.

This first one is a bit odd, compared to the others as you have the impression of seeing two statues. Only Réka Simon knows who are these two. However, I love how she positioned the two man and the background is a nice addition to highlight the tho figures.


Noémi Kiss

If I were to use one word to describe this portrait, I'd say wavy. I'm not sure if that was Noémi's intention, but that's what the painting tells me. First, the lady,s wavy hair, then the wave like aura around the lady's head. I love the face expression and the look of the lady and the colors are a perfect match in my opinion. Choosing blue to complement the copper red was a smart choice.


Bernárd Baróti

Lady in purple? What do you think? I live that big, blue bow on her dress.

I'd love to know who were these models, if they had a real person as a model, or what we're seeing here are just imaginary people.


Krisztina Szakács

This was a bit confusing to me and I still don't know where I stand with it. At first glance it seemed like having something to do with Egyptian figures, due to the hair, but I'm not sure it's the case. Maybe I'm just imagining it. You tell me what you see and if you have the same impression at first sight.


Stefánia Szentgyörgyi

A very realistic portrait of a girl, with some prism patter in the background. I'm not sure if the prism view was a requirement here, but it looks nice.

I'm no sure if it's a good idea to mention this here, but if you go back to my previous posts about this exhibition and have a look at the paintings, you can see, all the backgrounds are pretty heavy, or heavily loaded and you haven't seen all. I'm not sure if I'll get to post those tonight, but there's a series with music themes, those are also with heavy background. You'll see.

Back to this painting, I think the colors play an important part here and were chosen with care, to avoid taking away the eye from the portrait.


Noémi Kiss

This is a fantastic portrait for several reasons. One is the realistic aspect of the face, to begin with. These are every day people, not fake celebrities who's face is so much masked by make up and plastic surgery that nothing original is left of them to show. I love how the light is depicted on the face. Another thing that you may not notice at first is the print on the guy's shirt. Have a closer look and you'll see the pattern continues as background, but with different colors to demarcate the shirt from the background. This is a very clever idea and lets you know how talented the artist is.


Boróka Graur

Same idea, but a more modes tone of colors and background. If I were to use one word, it would be dreamer, maybe because the look of the lady. I like how the light yellow highlights the face and again, look at the expression on the face of the lady.


Anna Vass

This is a pretty complex composition, different from the others and you need a little time to study he details, then take a few steps back and look at it as a whole, to see what the artist meant. This painting is from 2024, which means it's Anna's year year painting.

I don't know about you, but I see a lot of talent here and in a few years I hope to meet their work in different art galleries. Art is important, it's part of our life and thank God, there are so many young, talented artist that are going to take over the playground in a few years.

If you're a newbie, you may want to check out these guides:



Hello, dear, @erikah

The brilliant art of the universal spitit.

I'm glad you like it.

They're incredibly creative and talented. Stefánia Szentgyörgyi's portrait of a girl is so catchy and realistic. It beautifully captures the beauty of the subject with a prism.

That's a nice pick @khay.yryn I agree with you.

I especially loved the portrait by Noémi Kiss with the wavy hair—it feels so alive and dynamic. Réka Simon's piece is fascinating too, it almost feels like the statues could come to life.

alive and dynamic

You described it perfectly, that's exactly what it is. And I'm glad you liked Réka Simon's painting too.

I like both works by Noémi Kiss. The backgrounds take an element from the portrait which works well. Amplifies the subject. Doesn't compete with the face of the subject.

Looks like she's the favorite, I remember in one of my previous posts she was selected by a few of you. I agree with you 💯.

This is amazing

It is indeed.


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According to my taste, I think Anna Vass and Réka Simon are the best. Yes, when you are young you are close to genius, when you get older you get stuck in your niche.