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The song, "Am calling" by Sky B was a hit in 2007. In fact, it trended the airwaves for more than two years. I didn't have a phone that streams music then. My elder brother in the polytechnic was the one that made me aware of the song. He made the song his phone's ringing tone. Everywhere you go, you get to hear the music being played.

Many young guys learned the lyrics in order to use it to woo girls. In 2009 when I left home for university, I still joined other party lovers to dance to the song. I was always eager to have a girl sing the song around me. I would quickly personalize the song and ask the lady if she was referring to me. Nigerians danced to the song.

Shortly after then, other songs came to limelight and the popularity of "Am calling" faded away gradually.

Many years later, I had totally forgotten about the song and the singer when I bumped into an interview that a popular Nigerian content creator, Lucky Udu conducted with Sky B. I couldn't believe my eyes. Sky B looked stressed and worn out in the interview. He explained how life dealt a great blow on him.

The once famous Sky B was living in penury. According to the interview, he is staying in a single room apartment with four kids. He wasn't having a phone nor present online on any social media platform. Lucky bought him a phone immediately and he solicited support from Nigerians for the singer.

People began to ask questions. What happened to this guy? How did he handle the fame? All the money that came his way when he was trending.

I understand the rationality behind such questions. A few people came up with drugs and extravagant lifestyles as being responsible for his downfall. Those claims can't be independently verified as at the point of writing this post. I am interested in knowing the cause of his downfall so that other celebrities that are in the limelight today can learn some lessons.

Each person has his own time. Try as much as possible to make judicious use of your time so that you can keep going with life even when the world turns attention away from you. Everyone, whether a singer or not, needs to learn how to prepare for the rainy day.

Well, what I have written above is not the reason for me coming up with this post. I am writing this article to identify and appreciate the extent to which music and love goes hand in hand.

Ever since the predicaments of sky B was publicized, all his fans and other music lovers have been rallying round to see that he bounced back to his feet. Within three days, the touch of love and care from the people became evident in his appearance. People kept appreciating him for how he made their childhood fun with his evergreen songs.

I am calling

I went back and searched for the song and downloaded it. It took me back to the memory lane to my undergraduate days in the university. For an artist whose singing trended about seventeen years ago, it can only be a case of the unique love of fans and music lovers for such an artist to be massively supported to be back on stage.

There is love in music. There is loyalty in music. What is happening to sky B presently proves to me that if you ever put smiles on the faces of the people with your art, the appreciation of your work may outlive you.

I wish sky B the best of luck. Kudos to everyone that has rendered help to him and also to others that are going to do the same.


Love your passion. I couldn't handle more than a half second of the song, myself. Buncha autotune :censored:

Wow... It seems that you don't like style of the song.

Indeed, everyone has got their own time to shine but most times, when you managed those good old days well, atleast you'll never beg but often times, we get carried away totally forgetting that it might end.

I wish him well,
Funny enough, this song still hits the medulla even as I play it now, hehe
Thanks for sharing

You are right. When one is enjoying the harvest, it is good to save for the rainy days. I hope he learned some lessons and do the needful in this second chance of his.
The song is evergreen.


Many young guys learned the lyrics in order to use it to woo girls

Uhm interesting. Either I was in the 'wrong' circles, or I simply overlooked girls and women are attracted to guys who know lyrics 😅 At quite an early age, I discovered electronic music and feel in love with that. This was back in the 80s of last century when most of the kids I knew didn't understand music without lyrics at all. I never tried to sing to girls, perhaps also good since my singing capacity is somewhere close to zero Kelvin degrees, as cold as it can get in our universe 😅

In terms of singing, I experienced something similar. I am a poor singer. What we did back then was to equip our wooing lines with statements from the lyrics. It was fun filled old days.

Oh! Good ol' days of listening to sky B "am calling", "ogechi my girl" and others. Sad to know that despite the fame achieved back then that he is not even comfortable to say the least.

I was moved to tears the day I watched the interview. The man was nearly homeless. Living with four kids in one room. He really went through a lot. I am glad that his career is being revived by kind-hearted people. So amazing seeing him catch up with flight to go for shows a few days ago.

My baby,
My baby,

You are the one am calling
Am calling

Baby am calling ❤🥰🥰🥰

Sweet old memories.

I think back in the days it was very hard for artists to make real money with their talent compared to our world of today, and also the guy never had many trending songs to leverage on.

I wish him the best of luck in getting back on his feet.

Yes... His songs were very few - I think four. He was lucky that the songs were popular. I am glad that he is back to the limelight now.