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Ten years ago when I lost my father, I was devastated. I'd concluded that my world has fallen apart. The breadwinner is gone. How are we going to cope with life after his demise? I became worried. Those who knew me prior to that time told me that I had become the shadow of my former self. I spent time mourning my father and imagining how my next phase of life would be.

The worry got me occupied to the extent that I couldn't factor out the way forward early. In my state of despair, my roommate, James, tried to encourage me to pick up my life and strategize on the way forward rather than remain stuck with the mourning of my dad. At the beginning, I didn't value what he was saying. Days after days and months after months, I remained sad and hopeless.

When every attempt to console me proved abortive, James adopted another method. We both love reggae music. It was in our tradition to play reggae songs in the early hours of the morning before going to school.

I was lying awake on my bed, thinking of my situation as usual, when he connected his phone to the audio player. A new song started playing. A very cool inspirational song. James put it in repeat mode. He was intentional in making sure that I received the message being passed in the song. The song is titled, "Don't worry, be happy."

Upon listening to the song the first time, the question that came out of my mouth was about the person that sang the song.

"Bobby McFerrin sang the song," he responded.

It was as if the musician was talking to me directly. I was being eaten up by worrying. The song is about encouraging one to be happy in the face of any situation.

Initially, I wonder how possible it is for one to be happy if the situation around you dictates otherwise.

"I lost my father. I am not certain of what awaits me in the future. How can I be happy?" I asked myself.

The next lyric answered my question.

"In every life we have some trouble
When you worry you make it double"

Truly, my problem was doubling already as a result of my worry. I was preoccupied with the thought of what had spoiled and I spared no time to think about the solution.

The song changed my perspective. I began to see reason with what James had been telling me. I changed my thinking to that of finding a solution moving forward rather than being stuck with the past. It helped me beyond imagination.

We have many people that need to listen to this song today because it addresses a fundamental part of human existence. One can hardly live his or her life without encountering some troubles at some points. It could be some issues within our control or without. I have seen a couple who experienced delay in having a child after their wedding. They were overwhelmed with the problem to the point of spending more energy on worrying more about the issue than they spent in seeking for solutions. When they changed their mindset from worrying to that of seeking for medical help, the problem got solved and they welcomed a child.

Many people are going through a lot of troubles but worrying about them won't bring solutions.

McFerrin mentioned some commonly encountered challenges in the song. You might be living in a rented apartment and the means of paying your rent becomes a challenge, he encourages you not to worry but to be happy.

It might be as a result of turbulence in your relationship, don't worry, be happy.

No matter what the trouble is, try not to spend the quality time that you are supposed to use in looking for a solution worrying.

Two sentences summarize this message.

Know for a fact that in the course of living your life, trouble may come your way.

If and when it does come, know that you make it double when you worry.


Don't worry, be happy. I hope you enjoyed the video with the comic dance.


Happiness is key to surviving the cruelty of the world, in happiness has great benefits, thanks for sharing.

The benefits can't be quantified. Thank you for stopping by.

Indeed, trouble may come our way sometimes, and when spend so much time worrying about it instead of forging ahead and seeking solutions, things can get from bad to worse.

You were lucky to have a great friend such as James in your corner who knew exactly the kind of song you needed to start learning to get over the loss of your Dad.

Be happy has been one of my favorite songs for a long time, I hope that it comforts anyone going through a hard time when they listen to it.

❤️❤️❤️. Thank you for the kind comment.

That's one of my favorite songs o. I played the song several times when I saw it first and it got me whispering in my mind, "🎵Don't worry, be happy 🎵" 😁. But happiness is key in everything, it's true that worrying only doubles the problem, always good to get up and take the next step and try to do things that make us happy. Good you finally applied it and found relief! Welcome Big brother 😀

Happiness is sacrosanct in living a purposeful life. It has a way of aiding healthy life.

Thank you for stopping by, 🙏🙏🙏