Beer Saturday : Drekker's The Execution Club

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My entry for #beersaturday, as inspired by @detlev.


My Drekker love continues with this new IPA from the North Dakota brewery. Over the past two years, and with Drekker distribution in Wisconsin, I've grown to truly love this brewery. The number of IPA and DIPAs they consistently put out has kept my taste buds satisfied (and my liver, maybe, too). The beer is called the Execution Club, and it's a wonderful IPA.



Hazy goodness, all in. This is much like a hazy NE IPA, but I like it better than most. It's thick and pulpy, unfiltered, and just the way I love my IPAs. Some people refer to these big beers as cat urine, but I disagree, strongly. These beers are packed with alcohol and taste. I'd have it no other way.



At 7% abv, this is another strong one that goes down way too easily. Way too easy...I sense I might have to drink all four tonight. Why would I do such a thing? Well, I took the new camera out again today to try some new "recipes" and wow, they didn't disappoint. Despite a great deal of windburn, the adventure was fun. I have a bit of editing to get through tonight, so thankfully I have a great beer to keep me company.


And cheers, too, as always...


Thanks for checking out my #beersaturday share! I hope everyone had another great Saturday too, and had their own adventures to cherish today. If you want to get in on the fun, please check out the link below:

Until next weekend!


Hell yeah, cheers my SageBro

Looks like solid !BEER choices

grab a few of them if you see them down in Chicagoland - I feel like I saw them and Binny's over Thanksgiving

Fasho my brother, yeah, huge selection in our states for sure


Hey @sagesigma, here is a little bit of BEER from @captainquack22 for you. Enjoy it!

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Hey @sagesigma, here is a little bit of BEER from @captainquack22 for you. Enjoy it!

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I'd love to have a taste of the beer.

it was a MOST solid four pack...I've been loving the Drekkers of late

Yeah, had a few Kölsch yesterday and a nice long sleep

Oh no no no. The “cat urine” slur must be saved for beers such as Fosters or Carling. How could anyone slate a beer like these? To me this looks like a beautiful bevy! You’d do very well to drink 4 of them though 🤪🤪🤪🤪

I agree! I feel sorry for those who don't appreciate the tastiness of these good. And yes, the four tasted EXTRA good last night.

Interesting design, the colour says it would taste better than it looks.
Beautiful camera you got there

thanks, and yes, the yellow tasted wonderful. Thanks for the comment on the camera...still trying to figure it out!