Blood Orange Hefeweizen by White Dog Brewing Co

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I've never actually gotten drunk from drinking beer. I have an exceptionally high tolerance for alcohol, but I still enjoy the taste. I had only had a Blood Orange flavored beer once before. It was a little tart for my taste.

The week after Christmas, my wife and I drove about 40 minutes away to go see a Christmas light display put on by the local businesses. We decided to stop in at White Dog Brewing Company for dinner. They had a decent selection of beers on tap. Sadly, they were out of the Vanilla Cream Ale.


I saw the Blood Orange Hefeweizen and figured I'd give it a chance since I don't come across blood orange flavored anything very often.

I liked that they kept it unfiltered. It had a slight tanginess but not like others I've had where it almost became off putting. It wasn't noticeably sweet, which was a bonus since it meant I could have more than one without feeling a huge sugar rush, followed by a crash later. It wasn't overly hoppy, and I liked that the blood orange after taste lingered.

My wife and I liked it so much that we bought three six packs and one six pack of their Scotch Ale, but that's another beer review for another day. We later found out that the grocery store six minutes down the road carries them in bulk, so we were thrilled to have access to a steady supply that doesn't involve driving 40 minutes one way to make a beer run.

If you ever come across this beer, I'd recommend giving it a try! Cheers!

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The brewer's name is very interesting.

It certainly is. They have a vintage poster collection that has that white dog in every one of them.

Thanks for the DHEDGE!


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sounds awesome!

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It is. It's very tasty! 😁


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i want 10 of that beer :D

Haha, right? It's delicious. 😁


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