Landscapes from Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Hi friends, I said I would participate if there was an event I could attend and here I am. I'm still a beginner when it comes to taking good photos from games but I'm getting better. Here are the landscapes I captured in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.

When you visit a village at night you can't see much, but you can come to the seaside and watch the clouds in silence. In a war-diplomacy game like Bannerlord, this will help you relax a bit.

Breathe in the fresh air. Take a ride on your horse around the river that flows through the steppes. Pretend you didn't see the arrow in my chest. When enemies surround your castle, you have no choice but to fight them. After killing them, you can continue to enjoy the surroundings. That's what I do. Sometimes I leave my lords in command and go for a ride in the forest, when the battle is guaranteed to be won 😂

Another village built around a river. I hope the enemy will never attack you because you can't defend them like this. Maybe you can go up in the trees and throw stones at their heads. Never mind, it's a bad idea. Just keep paying me taxes and I will protect you. I will visit you from time to time and listen to your problems and try to solve them.

Is this for fishing? Good luck, fisherman! Don't worry, I'll just walk around your village for a while. It's peaceful.

Like finding an oasis in the desert! Isn't it great that different civilizations have different construction styles in Bannerlord? And of course they all have different nature. It wouldn't be nice to live in barren and endless deserts. Fortunately, it's not that hot. I'll do some shopping with the merchants here and then I'll leave. I need dates.

This city belongs to Batanya, which is famous for its forests. the kingdom where I was born. I know the trees and everything else don't look great because my graphics settings are not the best. When they're at their best, I have a hard time in combat. But the sky, the clouds and the atmosphere feel good. Also in the background you can see the snowy mountains of one of the Sturgian cities near here.

There I am, I can take pictures easily because I am safe here, there are no wolves around. There may be marauders, but they can't get close to the city. You should still be careful. Nothing is guaranteed :P Especially if you are not a great lord like me.

After winning the tournament in the city, there is nothing like watching the mountains from the arena. I dedicate my victory to the mountains. No, I dedicate it to my wife. Or should I dedicate it to those who supported me. Anyway, let's enjoy it.

I discovered the photo mode in the game, so I went to one of my cities and played around with the game's quality settings a bit and started taking quality photos. I don't know how it will change your opinion of the game, but here are the quality photos I was able to take. Can you notice how the quality of the grass, trees, etc. changes? One day I will finish this game this way haha.

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you liked it. If you haven't discovered this community yet, I recommend you to check it out. Especially if you like taking photos in-game, I'm sure you have something to share. Take care and have a great day!

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Those are some really cool captures man. It doesn't say you are a beginner lol.

and a bit of flex that I am an ecency curator now😉

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Thanks a lot for the support mate. Good luck with your new job 😂

Well, I'm a real beginner but doing my best about these screenshots.

Thanks bro. ❤️

Everything is set in the desert? Well, my favorite photo was this one.
It really caught my attention and that game looks funny XD including the one where you have to pay tax because it's going to be bad for you. haha.

No they should pay tax, I'm the lord of these lands 😂 Glad you liked that photo :)

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Thanks a lot man 👋

no worries, nice landscape

I love how sim-focused this game is but it covers all aspects of gaming. Reminds me of war thunder. I need to play it again.

It has a lot of things. It contains war, alliances, kingdom, missions, trading, conquering a lot of things

I will check it for sure. I played civilization, I guess this will be more interesting.

Man, those screenshots are really impressive, I loved the part where you show the castle in the desert, it looks incredible.

Aserai lives in desserts. They have some hard cities and castles to conquer tho. Glad you liked it mate

Would be cool to see a remaster or remake of this game with modern graphics.

Graphs are not that bad man, you should see this post from Strawhat:

It's about my laptop 😂


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