Ep. 8 Trackside Details, Trestle Bridge and more

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Ep. 8, Trackside Details, Trestle Brdige and more, For Cape Cod Highline

In this episode, I am spending my time creating a new Wood Trestle Bridge, adding some small details to the mining camp, and some rock detail

Building the Bridge

Using Balsa Wood, and some glue, I cut pieces and create a top deck to the bridge. I add in two trestle supports, and paint. Again, with some Woodland Scenics Burnt Sienna, slate grey Black, and Concrete, as well as Vallejo Mahogany Brown paint, I liberally coat the raw wood areas.

Mining Camp Details

From Woodland Scenics (I swear I am not sponsored!), I have some trackside Junk, barrels, Cloth Sacks, and other bits. Using some Woodland Scenics Concrete, Slate Grey, and Black, and some Vallejo Mahogany Brown Paint for the basic colours, I also added a later Black Wash for some weathering.

Raised Bridge Groundwork

Using some Plaster of pAris and some water, I start to smooth over the raised bed cracks and missing bits. I use some Concrete, Black, Slate Grey and Burnt Umbre colour paint, and coat the ground, as well as glued on Rock Forms. Using a foam applicaiton bursh and a paint technique called Leopard Spiotting, I cover and blend the raw plaster. Not shown is grinding down some of the plaster roadbed to smooth out the transitions.

Stay Tuned... more posts will follow, with updates and progress to come...

The Complete Model Train Build

Forgive some of the ODD titles in the video and odd chaptering... I needed to reconcile the old and new numbering system:
• Ch. 7 Tracking Into Mining Camp
• Ch. 6 Tracking Into Trees
• Ch. 5 Tracking Into The Lake
• Ch. 4 tracking Around Pilgrim Lake
• Ch. 3 Tracking Into The Tunnel
• Ch. 2 Tracking Up The Rocks and Mountains
• Ch. 1 Tracking Up The Mountain Pass
• Ch. B Tracking Back To Nirvana
• Ch. A Tracking Back To Childhood

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