Reflection Boxing - My Entry For Reflection Hunters #171

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I was at a Catholic church compound last month for a Uniqlo modeling shoot when I had to use the bathroom. In there I spotted this sight.
(This is my entry)

A strange bug dueling with itself in the mirror, at least that's what it looked like.

It was tapping it's legs and moving it's antenna around so I'm not exactly sure, but it looked like reflection boxing. I should have went back about 30 minutes later to see if it was still in the fight, but I had to take care of my daughter at the shoot.

Anyone know what kind of bug that is??

Thanks for reading!


Oh, I have not seen you in the contest for ages! Welcome back, dear @rt395 ❤️!

Thanks Olga. Life is very busy so I am not posting as much. Always thinking about reflections and shadows though thanks to you and Melinda.

What a beautiful insect reflection you have been able to get in your shots dear friend @rt395 Excellent shot

Thank you. It was totally random and very unexpected.

I think that is either a shield bug or a stink bug, a very cute one, but usually produce foul smell when it is disturb.

Thanks. I see those bugs in America too. Now I know not to disturb them.

I agree with @ekavieka. ShieldBug/StinkBug.

Great reflection shot!

Thanks. Have you seen one of these in the US?

Many of them! Sometimes I have far too many of them!

Very interesting to see them all across the world. I know they are slightly different though.

you are an excellent reflection hunter @rt395 these stomas are incredible

Thank you. I wonder if you have seen them in Argentina too??