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Yesterday I went through Coingecko and I saw that $SUI was trading at around $1.6. I remember vividly when $SUI was trading at the same price as $HIVE and I thought to myself, "If I had traded $hive for $sui I probably would be four times richer."

Now on paper, Hive is a far superior Blockchain than SUI on every metric aside from price. A lot of things don't even work properly on SUI. For instance, I tried swapping some $SSWP tokens that were airdropped to me on SUISWAP last year and I couldn't find it on their dapp. There are so many bugs and glitches on the chain but unfortunately, the market doesn't care.

Someone might say, "Oh, the market is dumb and you shouldn't be following the market. You should be looking at utility and playing the long game," and they won't be wrong per se. However, there are no rights or wrongs in this space. It is all about perspective, risk tolerance and your goal/objective for being in this space.

I was speaking to a friend the other day and we were both lamenting about how there isn't much to show for being in crypto for four years. I have made some money--not a lot of money but in the grand scheme that doesn't matter because what I need as a content creator is exposure and a sizable following or I will be writing posts like this for the rest of my life for a couple of dollars. I have been putting content consistently for the last 4-5 years and that hasn't transformed my life per se, the least I can do is to follow the market.

The market isn't just about the money the flow of money. It also shows us where the hype and attention is in the crypto space and with that you can make tons of money and gain clout--which is a currency far superior to fiat or crypto. Social capital is the most important thing you need to easily make money in the bull market.

An acquaintance of mine who is an airdrop hunter and a threader on X made over $50,000 from the referrals (from his followers on X) That is more money than anyone I know personally who has made that much cumulatively from creating content on any Socialfi platform.

I understand that knowing the fundamentals is great but it means little in the crypto space, especially when you aim to make money and most of us here want to make money. It is something I have denied for a while because people are quick to label you as a bad actor when you prioritise your bags but that is something I have come to care less about--by that, I mean what other people think.

There will be a time when I have the financial security to focus solely on fundamentals and ideals but now is not the time. I need to focus on getting the most value for my time in the short/medium term and I have seen that those who focus on just that are the biggest winners in the crypto space. My roots are still grounded by my ambitions are greater. I will be doing myself a huge disservice by aiming too low.

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Thanks for the feedback. However, these sorts of posts are for documentation purposes and I am fine with whatever it gets.

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I understand your plight with being in the Crypto space few a number of years with little to show for it, I feel the same way. The Cryptocurrency market is quite wild with its ups and downs and there is no clear view of what might 'pop'. For the utility side of things there are many benefits but that aspect usually only matters to the individual and their goals, not for the primary purpose of reselling.

Seeing others reach success on Web2 platforms has lead me to ask myself if I am wasting my time on Web 3 to garner monetary freedom but there is a unique aspect that posting on Web 3/Blockchain offers the participants: Ownership of creation.

Don't get lost in the 'hype' or 'Fear of Missing Out', but try to see some of the possibilities that become available with 'Ownership'.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I wish you well on your future ventures!