The Child From Netherville [Fiction]

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With an impressive, clean sweep of his sword, Auril dispatched the heads of the disgusting creatures that ran towards him. He released a slow breath and watched as the bony, headless bodies collapsed to the ground.

That was the last batch of the parasitic creatures roaming Netherville city.

In a flawless vertical take-off, the powerful angel shot into the sky and held his hover above the clouds to look down at the desolation in the city.

Thick black smoke was rising from various points around the city where the creatures had been burned. The putrid smell filled the atmosphere and bothered the humans. Some heaved and retched and many were taken on stretchers to the hospitals.

Calm and order were slowly returning to the once peaceful city.

Just then he sighted Zephyra, another angel of the Messengers League, on her way to him. He slid his sword into a waist sheath and met her halfway.

They both hovered in the sky as she saluted and handed him a small thick envelope sealed with the wax stamp of The Omnipotent. With a nod, Zephyra flapped her powerful, majestic wings and did a wide sweep above him to return to the Divine Realm.

Auril glanced at the thick paper and knew his next mission was contained in it. He broke the seal and read the message:

Amidst charred bones and ashes
Find the key to Erebus' lair
Bring the child.

At last. This was the reason for chaos and the battle —the one thing Erebus stole and hid away. He was good at taking what belonged to others.

The angel changed direction and flew through the clouds towards the palace built right in the centre of Netherville city. The high walls were broken down and many soldiers lay dead on the ground. Humans moved around in groups, cleaning up the place.

He slowly landed so as not to scare them. Some turned to look at him and went back to their work. The presence of supernaturals in their midst was not strange since the invasion five years ago.

Auril searched the palace thoroughly until he found a small chamber, like a closet, hidden inside Erebus' library. There was a heap of charred bones and ashes in front. He bent, pinched a bit of the ash and rubbed between his fingers.

Ashes of a powerful demon.

He blew a single breath, dispersing the bones and ashes, and watched as a shining silver key appeared. He picked it up, tried it in the lock and the heavy door creaked open.

A shrill cry from inside made him yank the door from its hinges at a single touch and freeze.

Inside was a small human boy hiding in a corner of the chamber, his hands wrapped around his knees. He had golden hair and very bright blue eyes. His eyes widened in fear at the sight of the powerful warrior angel.

He smiled to calm the child.

Mission complete. He'd found the child and it was time to return to the Divine Realm.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this short piece. This freewrite is inspired by the prompt "bones and ashes". Join the Freewriters community to receive daily prompts, hosted by @mariannewest.


An epic angel saga. I thought it was going to get steamier for a second. It didn't, but who knows what goes on beyond the gates of that Divine Realm :)

I thought it was going to get steamier for a second

😆 Really? I was going for mystery and action! Hehe. Thanks a lot for reading. !LUV

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Angels huh...

His picture seems like a typical high being to bully powerless demons 😂😂😂😂

Lovely tale though

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Beautiful and complete story, I liked it a lot!

Thank you! 🙂