My One Police Altercation During COVIDd Lockdown

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Police altercations are something that I want to avoid at all cost because even if the initial goal of the organization is to maintain peace and protect civilians from crime, the police are still people that have emotions and a disagreement can cause them to lose temper. What's worst is that they have access to guns and if they were trigger happy, that disagreement can be the end of you. But there was a one time during the early months of pandemic that I was involved in a police altercation.

My Experience

It was at the at the early months of the pandemic. At first, I thought that it would not become a big deal so I just continue with my life regularly. I go out early for work, riding my motorcycle, wearing helmet and full protective gear. I also wear mask, not because I was very careful about the virus but because I don't want to smell the smoke along the way and so far I made it on my work without any problems. My problems started when I was on my way to go home. On my way, various police checkpoints have been installed where motorist are stopped. At first, I though there might be a crime reason for there to have checkpoints and although I have all my papers and license on my compartment, I tried to avoid them by using alternate routes and small alleys cause I want to get home early and I was able to avoid 3 checkpoints but when I was only 5 minutes away from home, there was this last check point that I can't avoid. Since I have left with no choice, I stopped by the checkpoint when the police officer made the signal for me to stop.

I thought it will be a quick stop as I have my credentials in me but apparently the checkpoint's goal is not necessarily to look for criminals or for unlicensed motorist, it's there because our area was on a COVID lockdown and for people to go out, they are required to get a COVID pass from the local government which I was not aware as I do not really watch news that much so I was unaware until that point. I tried to explain it to the police officer as clearly as I can and that I would need to ask for permission to my company to be able to get them so that I would not be penalized by being late to work but the police officer insisted that the announcement was held days ago and everyone should have their pass by now and those that caught will be spending their night at the precinct as a punishment. I also told them that my late father was also part of the police force so I have great respect for them and haven't committed any crime and it was only my first offence so if its possible to let me go but the officer say that they won't believe me as they often here the same excuse before. That is where I snapped and raised my voice on the officer saying that of all the things that I could lie to, my fathers legacy is the one thing that I would not lie to. I told him that if he could just go with me home, I could shown him certificates and recognitions that my father has received through his career but the officer threatened to handcuff me instead so I have no choice but to obey them and enter the police mobile. I was sent to the police precinct together with other violators, my vehicle left on the checkpoint. I can't believed that after 15 years, the next time that I would go to the place where my father work is when I will spent my time in jail.

At The Police Precinct

After 30 minutes of travel, we were able to arrive at the precinct. One by one, they took records our details and since there were lots of violators, it takes quite some time before they will be able to take my information. Still pissed- off, I look on the precinct by hoping that there was someone I know who have previously worked with my father and perhaps, I could talk to them and prove on that officer that I am not lying but the chances are very slim as it was more than a decade since I was last been in here. Either, they retired, moved to a higher position or was transferred to another precinct but then, I saw this two police officer that was familiar to me though I already forgot their names and they were quite far to see their badge names but I remembered calling the the other one "serge" when I was young. At first the two officers where dumbfounded and do not know what I need so the one next to serge goes to me and asked me what I need. I then asked if they do remember my father then after some time they finally remember him. After that, I told them the reason why I was there.

After that, they told the staff that there was no need to include me with the violators and told that police officer that arrest me to take me back to the checkpoint and allow me to go home which makes it really awkward but since most transportations were also shut because of the lockdown, I do not really have any option but to ride on the mobile. The other officer next to serge also gave me his number and says that if I was in trouble or was in the same situation, I could contact him. I feel bad to the people that needs to spend the night in the precinct because I was set free because I known so of the officers through my fathers connections and kind of use my father's name so that I can get away but at the same time, kind of happy because even after year since that my father passed, some of his connections were able to help me when I needed.

For the following days, I was able to pass the checkpoints without needing the pass but still ask my company for a leave so I can get them.



It was partly my fault that I was close to spending my time on jail because I lack awareness of the things happen in my environment so if there was one thing that I have learned through this altercation, it was that I should occasionally watch news as there can be information in the new that could affect me. Ever since then, I always watch some new and even listen to radio when I can. I also learned that having connections with the police can help you to get out of trouble but still, I would only use it when it was necessary and won't abuse it.

Thank you for reading my post!

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There's always a quote, police are your friends, but they aint behaving like one, instead its the other way around.

Kind of sad that they are getting farther and farther from what they are pledge to do which is to serve and protect.

Instead its the other way around, without connections from Police you're as good as dead

I'm happy you learnt your lesson, please don't be caught unaware again.

True. This event could be preventable if only I pay more attention to things.

Wow this sound so dramatic, glad to hear that you did not have to spend your night in the police precinct 🙏

Spending time on the precinct was the last thing I want to do. Glad there are still people that remembers my old man even after a long time.

Your old man must be one that's greatly respected by everyone in the station! 👍

I was set free because I known so of the officers through my fathers connections and kind of use my father's name so that I can get away but at the same time,

Wow Saydie your dad used to be a police officer. I didn't know that .

I always watch some new and even listen to radio when I can.

I think this is normal. You should stay up to date with what's happening or at least have a friend that is to update u hehe.

You are author of the week candidate! Good luck Saydie

If you remember, I told u that my father works for security of a sports complex. Those were owned by the government so their security personnel also belonged to the police force and my father was transfered there due to his health but he still keeps his rank.

I already casted my vote. Best of luck to you to.

Wait you could vote. I tried to vote for you but it wouldn't let me click x.x

During covid period, police at my place caused troubles for residents. They would catch people and ask to bribe them or go to jail.

Unfortunately,the SOPs became a reason for police to rob people. Many of the SOPs were of no use but they were there any ways.

Thankfully you were set free but the other ones who were with you do not seem to be criminals either.

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That was awful of them to do that when everyone has suffered because of the pandemic. I'm not entirely sure but I bet there are others who made similar thing in my country.

I kind of feel bad for them and also don't get the idea why they need to jail people as punishment when we are not supposed to get close with each other but I guess different precinct got different policies cause I saw on new that some use community service or exercise drills as punishment.

I would like to invite you to Dreemport.

Thanks! Will have a proper look when I got home.

Whatever the police did, public couldn't question them 🙄. Might is right.

Thanks! Will have a proper look when I got home.

Sure. I hope you will enjoy.

Have a nice day