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During covid period, police at my place caused troubles for residents. They would catch people and ask to bribe them or go to jail.

Unfortunately,the SOPs became a reason for police to rob people. Many of the SOPs were of no use but they were there any ways.

Thankfully you were set free but the other ones who were with you do not seem to be criminals either.

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That was awful of them to do that when everyone has suffered because of the pandemic. I'm not entirely sure but I bet there are others who made similar thing in my country.

I kind of feel bad for them and also don't get the idea why they need to jail people as punishment when we are not supposed to get close with each other but I guess different precinct got different policies cause I saw on new that some use community service or exercise drills as punishment.

I would like to invite you to Dreemport.

Thanks! Will have a proper look when I got home.

Whatever the police did, public couldn't question them 🙄. Might is right.

Thanks! Will have a proper look when I got home.

Sure. I hope you will enjoy.

Have a nice day