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In communion with everyone here and with the privilege technology has rendered us all in making communication so easy and exciting especially when it comes to the things that interest us I am happy to have been introduced to this awesome zone the #HIVE and I am pleased to introduce myself.



I am Richard Boniface Placid,hail from Akwa Ibom state the southern Zone of Nigeria,a public administrator by study,by religion a Christian and by denomination a Catholic


I am a musician and very rooted in musical instruments like the Clarinet, Saxophone, Bass Guitar, Recorder and other more. The Clarinet is my major horn and I'll primarily appears most often with it


As one who really love learning new stuffs while also appreciating good forms of exposure and new ways of approaching and thrilling my audience, Over the years i have gotten engaged in musical performances which has really kept me afloat and equally engaged in some competitive musical events such as Akwa Ibom got talent where I emerged Best musical instruments performer and also made an entry at Talent Hunt event organised by De9ja spirit but later withdrew due to circumstances beyond my control






I am musically motivated,there's this joy that hovers around me when I watch in awe people dancing, nodding, swinging and finding joy in my music,listening to music be it those I've recorded or that of other artists or even while playing them drive's my passion to explore the more. Having been briefed about #Hive, it's an ideal move finding myself in your midst as it will be a great platform for me in exploring this talent of mine.


Teaching and learning remains the bedrock of my musical innovations, over the years I've got lots of people both kids and adults tutored. This for me is like spreading the gospel of Christ and I believe any ideas at possession has to be shared in order to contribute to the development of others while creating room for more learning, in regard to these, I've taken my ideas to schools, churches, different bands and even my home organised lessons in other to assist those who are interested and passionate enough to venture into instruments playing but financially constraints.

Sincerely, I love it when I see people Excel musically through the ideas I share with them.

My Pupils during practice

At their Performance





Hive Platform came to my knowledge through my friend @wizj, seemingly my gratitude goes to @ksam for putting up for me the learning structure. Above all, I sincerely appreciate you all for your moments.



Promoting the musical texture of our culture through the help of The Clarinet, Saxophone and maybe any other instruments that suits the immediate creativity



The CLARINET for me has eventually become a gospel which has to be spread across the crooks and crannies of our music world especially in #AFRICA and #NIGERIA in particular. I see it as TASK and I am very grateful that #HIVE is here to help me take the Clarinet massage to the entire universe.

I shall Surface mostly the Clarinet and Saxophone but do expect more fusions as I hope to inculcate every musical thoughts of mine to your viewing and listening pleasure.



You have a big portfolio.
Welcome aboard this space.
Explore and have fun.
It's a pleasure to have you here.

Thanks @supernova004 it will be great moments with all and sundry


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Wow, I was just impressed by the so many musical instruments you have knowledge about, that's incredible!

Thanks to @wizj I'm not going to miss being part of those welcoming you to the hive blockchain. You are welcome sir Richard and I so much look forward to listening to your music.

I believe and I hope you have a fun journey here on the hive blockchain. All the best 🤗.

Thanks for the welcome @hopestylist

Am sure he'll do well to reply you

Book him now o before you've limited opportunity o....u can be the first sha😳😂


Hahaha, please @richardplacid I'm booking down oo, I don't want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity 🤭

@hopestylist Thank you

You're welcome!

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Yay! 🤗
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Thank you @hopestylist

@wizj, it is obvious you have brought a musical giant to this space. 💪

Hello @Richardplacid, I wish to welcome you to this space of unlimited possibilities. Your introductory entry has spoken volumes about you and it's a blessing having you here. I wish you success dear brother. Cheers 🥂

@onos-f I'm honoured by your warm welcome. Thank you and stay tuned

Wao!! It is great to see your details. I an already salivating for your posts with clarinet or saxophone. If you are @wizj teacher then I wonder how your play will be because that man is a wizard.

You are welcome to hive bro. Feel free to navigate and relate with the good people. Insm sure with @ksam and @wizj guidance you won't have issues at all. Weldone bro. You too much

@jesus-son Thanks dear brother, it's an amazing welcome

You are welcome

You are welcome sir, But it seems you are the one everyone has been expecting to come on board.Though am not a saxophonist but I know of someone whom you can be of help to @julti1985 she will appreciate .

@demgift, thank. Kindly ask to drop me a message

Thank you too

Great Chief
I say make I welcome you well well ooo 🙌🙌🙌

@ksam, thanks a lot

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Thank you

Go for it @richardplacid! You've got what it takes to reach your new target on Hive.

Thank you

O my goodness...look who we've here oooo.

My teacher on saxophone is finally here o

Welcome bro @richardplacid. This a place to explore more and I trust you. You won't step back not at all.

I trust your depositions and readiness. Stay put, learn, explore more, imbibe greater things. Look for new ways and opportunities, meet people and have a healthy and friendly interactions.

Am glad to have you here 🤝🤝🤝

Welcome to HIVE and congratulations 🤝

All of you who wants to learn Sax or clarinet come now o @hopestylist @merit.ahama @jesus-son @tobbysax ..make una show o.

#Cheers🥂🥂🥂 bro.

Feel at home bro✌

Wow, the king of saxophone has landed? I'm going to welcome him immediately, thanks boss for the mention, your girl loyal 🙌

You see am now bar @hopestylist

Me I be him boy o. When he dropped I no near o coz him na king as you said @richardplacid

Prepare your tools coz earnest work will soon begin.

Weldon dear

Oma, seeing him I just don't want to learn but just sit back and enjoy listening to him play even when I haven't listened to him play before, hehe.

I can't wait to see his next content, please be encouraging him well oo

It's going to be great moments with you @hopestylist and every one else

Yes it will with everyone else, I'm not sure for me because I'm not really active as I should be, although it's just for some time.

He hears you well @hopestylist

He's my teacher. So he'll definitely give you guys the best

We go rock #hive with our wind instruments


I'm happy he will 🤭.

I trust you on this one, just this one Sha 😜

Yes o....better be on this one alone o @hopestylist

Me no even trust u sha...hehehe😌😨

E pain u small?

Sorry na😎🤝🙌

I winno answer you again, good night, go and sleep 😑


Lolz 😂

Smiles, @wizj hype remain na lol

Na so o...teacher...the whole world will know through this means that you taught me the sax I play today @richardplacid

Always gratef for your past times and even till now.


@wizj I am here to do God's will lol

For sure @richardplacid
That's paramount ✌💪

@hopestylist, smiles you've given me a title already just on my first day. Please show me my throne and introduce me to my Kings men . I pledge to this kingdom to be loyal and trustworthy, I shall be diligent in my operations so help me God. Thank you very much dear one it's good to be here and to have you. Hold my hands less I fall oo you know, I be learner right?

Oh my! Those lines Sha, it is well, I cover my heart with the blood of God 🤣🤣.

It's a great pleasure having you here sir Richard, we look forward to learning from you and you learning from us, it's a two way street, let's enjoy our walk, hehe.

@wizj thanks dear brother for your warm welcome and true guidance. God bless you

You're welcome bro @richardplacid

The stage is open and all yours

Hive is a great stage to behold and showcase whatsoever you've got.

So, utilize this judiciously and genuinely

Welcome bro💪🤝

Hello, @richardplacid! This is @jcrodriguez from the @OCD team.

Congratulations for making your presentation post to the community.

On Hive you will find your space to post about whatever you want. If you are a musician, on Hive there are many music communities that you will love.

I also invite you to explore other communities that you might like in this post: OCD Communities Incubation Program. There is a wide variety of topics. Check out all the communities.

If you are looking for tips and information as a Hive newbie, click here: newbie guide. They are easy to understand and useful for learning how the platform ecosystem works.

Content on Hive is monetized, so using content or images that belong to others could be considered an offense. Here is a useful collection of resources about how plagiarism and abuse is viewed and handled on Hive.

If you have questions or concerns, you can hop into OCD's Discord server and we'll gladly answer your questions.

I wish you a lot of success in Hive 👍

Thank you very much. I shall keep to the rules as I learn my steps