How far I have come on hivelearners

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Happy 100th week anniversary to the @hivelearners community, it had been a great privilege being part of this community. I can still call myself a newbie in the community because I didn't start with the community but there has never been a regret ever since I joined the hivelearners community on the hive blockchain. Each prompt has its peculiarity and the way it relates to me and this is one thing I appreciate in the hivelearners community.


Every time I pen down my writeups since I began my journey in the Hivelearners community are all my favorite memories. All the prompts always take me out of my comfort zone, I go out in search of more knowledge because I know the community doesn't support inferior posts. To write a quality post on the hive-learners community, then you must be able to think outside the box and get your writing skills at work. So for me, every one of my appearances from inception on hivelearners contributed to my favorite memories.


I learned something in this community that every writeup is not about the reward, sometimes the comments and replies one gets on his or her posts can be a lifesaver. The post I made that connected to me emotionally was the post I made about "what I would give up". On this prompt, I wrote that I would love to give up my anger, I got some responses that got me thinking. Some advised me on what to do while others gave me words of encouragement that were enough to see me through my journey of giving up my anger. This post connected to me emotionally because it was all about me, it was me pouring out my heart in writing and I can say it takes a lot of courage to do that.

Before writing that post that faithful day, I had a hard time thinking if I should write about it or not, I was going to be writing to the world and this was something about me. "What if it wasn't received well?", this was my thought but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me. This prompt had a positive impact on my life and it's one I can't forget in a jiffy. I have hivelearners to thank for that opportunity.

Another blog post I made that connected to me emotionally is the prompt on societal pressure. In the post, I narrated how I nearly got swayed from the right path which I had known because of peer pressure. I wanted to do what my mates were doing forgetting that not all that glitters is gold. This prompt made me have to rethink the reasons why living my life according to my rules is the best choice. I got beautiful comments on that post which makes me stand firm on my decision not to get carried away by societal pressure.


Just as I said earlier, hivelearners topics do make me go out of my comfort zone. To put down quality posts, I try to seek others' opinions on the topic. I love asking questions and this is what has been helping me on the hive platform. Before writing any topic, I always picture myself in every one of my write-ups, and this way, it helps me to relate well with the stories. I do this for both the toughest and easiest topics and this has always been my lucky charm. This method of writing makes even the toughest topics easy for me and in no time I find myself writing and trying my best to make a quality post to the best of my ability.

For tough topics, I tend not to get inspiration, I do research, and once I've gathered ideas and thoughts from people around me, I do a little bit of research to back up the points that I have gathered. Hivelearners taught me that learning never ends, and irrespective of your level of education, you still need more knowledge to be the best at what you do. And thanks to @hivelearners for all the opportunities given to me since I joined the community about 10 months ago.

One of the toughest topics I wrote on was centralized or decentralized. This prompt got me thinking and researching, I had to work with my Google that day to know the meaning of centralized and decentralized. I had to contact my dad for more knowledge because he is an expert in cryptocurrency and blockchains. I had to ask questions from my onboarders who had been on the blockchain for a while to share with me more knowledge. With the help of all the above people mentioned, I was able to come up with a post, it is indeed a tasking one for me. It pulled me out of my comfort zone for sure.

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That engagement part always gets me excited to grow on the blockchain and I have the community to thank for that.

Seems a lot of us had it difficult with that centralized and decentralized prompt topic 😅 but we all wrote something, we did it!

Happy 100 weeks to you and your amazing contents until now, keep them coming 💯

It was indeed a challenge, thank you for your kind words boss. Happy 100th week to you too.

Like seriously that centralized and decentralized prompt got me thinking but not as much as new year's day because I can't research on it, meanwhile I don't have anything special going on on that day.

That centralized post was challenging

I found it difficult to write the centralized and decentralized topic too. I was seeing both serving me in such a way that I give regards to them tremendously.

It was indeed challenging

This shows that you have learned from attempting the Hive Learners prompt. The research you do before making your entry adds to your knowledge, just like in the case of cryptocurrency and blockchain. it is great to see this!

Thanks for reading boss.