How to Easily Use Hive Keychain on Mobile with Kiwi Browser

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It is often a hassle to need to copy and paste Hive keys when they are needed, especially as a mobile user. One way to make things easier and faster for oneself when on mobile phones is to use a Hive keychain.

Hive is one of the easiest ways to login and perform transactions quickly on Hive. It works pretty well as an extension on PCs, and there is a mobile app, but an alternatively neat way to use it is with Kiwi Browser, where one can use it as an extension and run it just like they were using PCs.

In the video here, I explain how to get it set up and running on a mobile phone. It should be noted, however, that this applies only to Android OS users.


  • Get the Kiwi Browser from the Google Play Store.
  • Find the "Extension" feature, search for the Hive keychain extension, and "Add to Chrome."
  • Open Hive keychain extension and set up a password to run it.
  • Set up your Hive account and link the keys you need.
  • Use Hive keychain method when logging in to dApps, and enjoy!

Shout out to @starstrings01 for enlightening me about this a couple of months ago!


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very well briefed, this will be very useful for mobile users who are finding it difficult to login through Hive Keychain.

I hope they find it useful. Thank you for checking it, Rose.

I have never used Kiwi Browser but it is nice to learn about that now and that Hive Keychain works well with it on mobile. I usually struggle when I'm out and need to do some transactions on Hive. Thank you, will check it out.

I can relate to that struggle when one is with mobile and they're out. It's why I appreciate Kiwi's solution as it makes things simpler.

Thank you for checking it out.

This is definitely the best post I read today!

Some time ago I was searching for an alternative of keychain mobile browser as it seems rather slow on my phone. Never really found any alternatives. This seems to work way faster! Thank you very much!


I haven't quite use Hive Keychain mobile app in the last year. It wasn't as convenient and flexible as I would have liked at that time, so I just stuck with Kiwi Browser ever since. It feels more natural using it.

I'm glad you found this post useful.

I now used kiwi browser instead of keychain mobile since I saw your post and it's definitely running faster and using less battery. Atleast on my mobile

Isn't that fabulous! Browse away, man. I hope the mobile app gets better, though.

It's why I'm so happy! I used to search for an alternative, didn't find anything and gave up and now I finally found it :D

I'm glad you found a solution now.

Weldone and thanks for enlightening us.


You're welcome.

Thanks for sharing this knowledge about the hive keychain connection with the Kiwi browser.

You're welcome.

Never heard of Kiwi browser, informative video though!

Popped in from #dreemport tonight

Thank you, Tengo! Where are you from, by the way?

You can find kiwi on Google play store. Its a good browser though but i used it just once, maybe will give it a try because of hive key chain

Ah okay, thanks for that Freda 😁

Oh! Thank you for thanking me☺️☺️

You are so very welcome!

Ahhh I didn't think I could use Kiwi browser for all that 😃 and I've abandoned the browser somewhere in my phone 😂

This was way too simple in explanation, well done Jay.

I'll save this to go through the process myself and come back if I have questions 👀

Thanks for sharing this with us, the non explorers of browsers 🥴

All of you that abandoned Kiwi, oya go and carry it back.

The entire process is actually simple. The video is only long for explanations, you know. Don't mind me.

Thank you for appreciating the work.

Lol we don go carry am 😅
Thank you for the detailed explanation joor, which one be don't mind you?

Thank you jare 😄

Wow! This is easier than I thought... Thanks for sharing, I had no idea I could do that with kiwi

This is so enlightening jay. It's always a hassle looking for my keys whenever I want to perform one transaction or the other but with the hive keychains, it's easier. I will try to connect mine with kiwi browser as you explained
Thanks for your time
It's much appreciated

I learned about it and have been enjoying it, so I thought I would share it with people, like my Sweet Nkem.

Thank you for appreciating it.

never tried this browser, but it is only for android right?

I used to use kiwi browser a lot on my previous phone (then I couldn't log into keychain app). It's easy to use and quite similar to pc usage.

Great video man. I like this

Then you know how much faster and easier most transactions will be with Keychain on the browser.

Thank you, man.


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The app on my phone has really been giving me a lot of headache, I think this method would serve me well. Thanks for sharing this with us boss 🥰