Science advancement; the progress and room for growth.

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Science has come a long way in helping humanity. A lot has been achieved and there is prospects to achieve much more.

Scientific discoveries have helped wipe away tears in many instances. I have heard stories from different sources about how women repeatedly lost their children in the past. I was told of a particular case that the woman gave birth to five children, each at a time, without any of them surviving childhood. The challenge was blamed on some evil forces that didn't want the couple to have the children.

Such experiences have reduced over the years. With the discovery of genotypes, it became obvious that incompatibility of genotypes was largely responsible for the bitter experience of losing children one after the other. Today, genotype test is a popular requirement for intending couples before the union can be sealed. Science helped to bring succor to the people.

Just last week, I visited a researcher who conducted research into formulating organic creams that fight against mosquitoes. The paper was presented at an international conference in Cote d'Ivoire.

I was given a small portion of the formulated cream. The efficiency was amazing. I rubbed it before going to bed while I opened my windows net to give access to mosquitoes to enter my room. I made sure that I rubbed it over my whole body. I slept without covering myself. For almost thirty minutes, mosquitoes could not come closer. It was amazing. I later mounted my indoor net and slept underneath.

The formulated cream gave a great hope of going organic/natural in controlling mosquitoes instead of continuing with the synthetic/artificial methods that have side effects. It proves to me again the role of science in solving societal problems.

As good as science is, there are some instances that it has gone too far. The one that I would like to mention is the invention of nuclear bombs.

A few years ago, I read about the effect of the bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan during the second world war in 1945 which is still being felt today. In 2002, there was a bomb explosion in Lagos armory, Nigeria which claimed thousands of lives.

I sat and asked myself the reason behind the invention of bombs and worse of it, nuclear bombs. One may argue that it is to fight crime but what I come to understand is that whatever you put in place to fight criminals would find their ways into the hands of the same criminals. Amidst the problem happening in the middle east, I do panic whenever a nuclear power threatened to make use of nuclear weapons. It is like a wildfire. You know the beginning but may not know the potential impact and pain. I wish that nuclear bombs are never invented.

The field where I hope to see science do more is medicine.

The health challenges that are of great concern to me are cancers and AIDS. The management of cancer is still very far from being accessible by the locals. I hope to see more accessible inventions for better management and possible cure of cancer.

Science has done a lot about AIDS. There was a time when contraction of HIV was a death sentence. Today, there are antiviral drugs that help the carrier of the virus to live their lives. However, it is incurable presently. I hope to see innovations towards getting a cure for the disease.


Wait, you gave mosquitoes access to your body and they could not come close? That's amazing

Scientists are really helping us in our daily lives. I pray their research continue to be positive

That's my prayers too. Beneficial research outputs.

I've heard of the mosquito repellent cream but I don't know it's effective.

Science has sure helped in improving many things.


They have done a lot. Science is great.

Science is really helpful in our current world in some cases 🙏

Honestly... It has served a lot of purpose.

Very well

Yeehaw, this here blog post is as thrilling as a wild rodeo ride at dawn! Science has surely been a good friend to us, healin' wounds and makin' life brighter. From helpin' families understand genotypes to keepin' pesky mosquitoes at bay with organic creams, science is a true hero in our daily struggles. But like any good cowboy knows, there's a fine line between progress and danger, like them nuclear bombs. Let's keep focusin' our scientific efforts on healin' folks, especially findin' a cure for cancers and AIDS. With the right mindset and determination, science can surely lead us to a brighter tomorrow.

But like any good cowboy knows, there's a fine line between progress and danger, like them nuclear bombs.

A very thin line seriously. I sincerely hope that more efforts are given to finding solutions to human problems using science instead of creating more problems with it. Thank you for stopping by.

Keep on ridin', partner. Your optimism will guide others on this dusty trail. Your call for using science for the better is the mark of a true trailblazer. Safe travels!

Thank you for your kind words.

Saddle up, partner! Your trailblazin' spirit shines bright in this here community. Here's to many more grand adventures on the horizon. Thank you for leadin' the way!

Science as a cure is something we all seek, I sincerely hope it is not used to create stronger bombs, peace is necessary.

There is no alternative to peace. We all need to live and let live. I hope that our scientist and inventors think to this direction moving forward.

It is true that this time is very difficult for a woman, but today, the way modern technology is, the problem will be solved and children will not die again.

They really got that right. Many advancement in cubbing child mortality. More progress is to be made.

Yeah you are right.

Really..where is the natural mosquito repellent..what's the name, in the market already?
Scientists to our rescue however we cannot overlook their extreme move
I really hope that this deadly disease has cure someday

Really..where is the natural mosquito repellent..what's the name, in the market already?

Yes. It's at the stage of being scaled up in commercial quantities now.

Science is doing wonders and we hope that we keep getting the best from the innovations.