Boundaries are needed

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Suppose there comes a day when the sun claims to exercise freedom and rejects to rise, or the earth claiming its freedom rejects to spin, or the moon claiming its freedom strives to get rid of the gravity of the earth; what the result would be? An obvious destruction of everything.......!

These are the laws and boundaries of the nature that create harmony and stability in the universe. If everything was to make exercise boundless freedom, nothing could stay even for a while.

Imagine that you are a teacher. While teaching the class, some students come to stand against the board. Some other choose to sit on your table. Another group prefers to talk with each other instead of listening to you. Another group demands you to teach lesson 10 instead of the one you are teaching.

When they are commanded to not act improperly they claim that being an independent human they are exercising their right of freedom 😬. Whom will this situation benefit? No one. It is going to ruin everyone facing the situation. Even those who were serious in learning from you would face the negative consequences.

There can be innumerable examples where we see that absolute freedom would bring nothing but destruction.

In fact, nothing like absolute freedom exists anywhere. There are always certain rules and regulation to manage and maintain any system.

Even the institute that try to display a glimpse of absolute freedom bring more harm than good. For instance, the present day social media claims to exercise absolute freedom of speech. (I know, it doesn’t exercise it completely when it comes to its own interest, any how, it does exercise to some extent). The consequences it has brought is more open information and expression. Yes, that’s positive but it is a small portion of the story.

On the name of freedom of speech people are creating more hatred. The dignity of people has lost the value. Anyone may come to slander, degrade and dishonour another person.
There is no worth of the truth. A victim is presented as the criminal and vice versa by false presentation and manipulation of the facts. At times, this freedom of speech is so toxic that the victim of such an incident cannot recover from the damages his whole life.

Just to create thrill and raise the views on one’s posts and channel, lives of other people are destroyed (by blaming, abusing or bullying). And all this happens on the enchanting name of freedom of speech.

Doesn’t this sense of freedom have taken our sense of morality? Ethics mean nothing to us . Right and wrong have lost their meaning. An epic insensitivity seems to prevail.

Freedom is such a great blessing. It makes man able to lead one’s life in a way one desire. It increases a person’s scope to utilize one’s potential dynamically. However, freedom without boundaries is the worst of the curses mankind can face.

The fact is that if anyone of us attempts to exercise excessive freedom, we become a cause to snatch other people’s and creature’s freedom. For instance, people bullying others do it out of freedom. On the other hand, the freedom of the bullied is compromised in several ways. He has to face social hindrances and emotional trauma.

In conclusion, freedom comes with responsibility. To insure the fulfilment of responsibilities, there is a need to make boundaries. Sometimes, these boundaries are formal such as in the form of laws and concrete rules and regulations. At other times, they are informal such as in the form of social norms.

In whatever form these boundaries are present, their purpose is to provide the guideline about right and wrong so that the harmony and stability of the society may remain intact.

If freedom tries to stand above these boundaries everything is demolished including the freedom itself.


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An obvious destruction of everything.......!

Perfectly said!

These Boundaries are necessary and have seen less people complaining about it cuz they know the system is working based on how everyone is acting and responsible for each thing without it societies will collapse. Perfectly written!

Well, Threads use kr rhi Hn AP k nhi or zealy quests and adoption k baray may suna? Compaign chl rhi leofi ki with grand prizes... Lemme know k join krni..

What language is this @idksamad78699 ?

This is Urdu. She's from same country as mine... Haha!

Don't worry. I do completely understand what he is saying 🙂

I had been away from hive for weeks. I have no idea about any quest.

I am extremely sorry for replying you late. Had been busy.

I also agree with you that boundaries is a requirement in every case. Crossing the limit only can bring negative results. Besides too much freedom is one kind of snatching freedom is we see it from different prospective.

I am glad for seeing you in agreement. Thanks for stopping by

As Spideman's uncle said: great power comes with great responsibility🤣...and freedom is a huge responsibility; we must be sure of what we want to do with it, doing as little harm as possible but always convinced of the decision we are going to make.

Spiderman's uncle had the word of wisdom, hadn't he? 😄

We need to be prudent in our actions that we do out of freedom. I think freedom is a greater exam of patience and virtues than that of slavery.

Thanks for stopping by.
Much !LUV

I think just like you, a pleasure to read you.😁

A pleasure to have you on my blog 😀.

Stay blessed.

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What a great idea this is. If ever all them will exercise their freedom, it's doomsday!

Doomsday ........!
The perfect word

Thanks for stopping by.

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You have dissected this topic in a way that so many aspects was touched. Freedom is indeed a great blessing, imagine how a man who was jailed for over a year in the prison will feel after being released? Excited of course However, freedom without some level of restrictions wouldn't turn out healthy ...there should be boundaries to our freedom

Excess of anything is bad. If there is excessive confinement, it sucks and makes one unproductive. Excessive freedom, on the other hand brings destruction.

Thanks for stopping by, amazing !LADY

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This is so detailed and well explained Amber ❤️, I totally agree with all you've said because that's absolutely how it is. We all want to be free but then like you have rightly said, there is this great destruction behind complete freedom and our world will completely collapse once it experience sure freedom.

Thank you so much for being so insightful with your entry, you got into the topic from a very relatable point.

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Hi @hopestylist .... Thanks for visiting my blog and the invitation to the campaign. Actually I had been away from Hive for several weeks. Still I am struggling to be fully active, I haven’t adopted the campaign yet. I will look into.

Pardon me for the late reply.
Have a nice day, sweet friend.


It's fine Amber, I know it's really not easy to be here all the time.

Yeah, you should look into the campaign and hopefully get started if you are interested.

You too have a great day, the sun is shining really well, a Sunday indeed, hehe.

My younger one is having chicken pox. There had been other kid's related task (schooling and tutoring) to handle, I am feeling messed up. Huuuuuh.

Sun was shinning really brightly here too. Hehe. The summer reigns

Oh dear, it must be really hard for him, hope he is responding well to treatment?

Yeah, summer is not really here but when they sun shines, it shines really hot and scorching 😅

He is responding to the treatment, yet slowly.

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Hey Amber! Check out this comment by hopestylist!

The campaign she's inviting you to has 10k USD, NFTs, Hive delegations for those who win and it's free to participate!

Hey @anomadsoul .
Thanks for the details.
I will look into it

Thank you so much for saying more about it, this will help her get it fully 😊.

@amberkashif I guess you are a little busy, I look forward to getting a response from you soon 🥰.

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Oh, I had really forgotten. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

Happy Hive Birthday @amberkashif

Thanks a lot 😍