Experience taking photos at Mang Den on a cloudy day

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Firstly, I would like to invite you to take a look at the album of photos I took on a cloudy day in Mang Den.














Hello Hivers in the PhotoFeed community, Mang Den is a land famous for its beautiful nature. You may be disappointed if you come here on a cloudy day. However, for me, Mang Den at different times has a different beauty. Taking photos at Mang Den on a cloudy day is a special photography experience, bringing unique emotions and scenery that only this weather can create.

Stepping into the dense pine forest of Mang Den, I felt a clear change in the atmosphere. The space becomes cooler and quieter. Towering pine trees stand tall, their leaves whispering in the gentle breeze, creating the background for beautiful photos. Everything seems sadder on sunny days. Luckily my model wasn't upset about it.

The weather in Mang Den gets colder on cloudy days, so we changed our clothes a bit. We chose long dresses instead of the original picnic outfits. It was a bit more difficult to move around, but we were quite satisfied with the photos.

At the end of the afternoon taking photos at Mang Den, I felt like I had discovered a part of the soul of this place. The photos are not only a testament to the natural beauty of Mang Den but also memorable memories of a dark and emotional afternoon. Mang Den is truly an ideal destination for those who love photography and want to find new and different experiences.

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Adobe Stock:https://stock.adobe.com/contributor/211048186/dodovietnam

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How are you dear friend @dodovietnam good morning
What a beautiful place you have visited to do this beautiful photo session. Your shots are beautiful
have a great day

Thanks a lot dear friend. The model was so professional so my job was so easy. And as usual I am so happy that you like my photos.

Your model is pretty 😊 of course, photos are stunning because of your skills

Thank you very much Jane, the model was professional, so my job was so easy.

I love the pose of your model
It’s looking really beautiful

Thank you very much dear friend I'll let her know. By the way, have a nice day.

I asked my Mom why ADHD runs in our family.
She said because it won't sit still.

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The photos are just fabulous with striking colour contrasts between nature and the model / flower. Something to be appreciated.

A "magical" photo shoot @dodovietnam friend!!!... Big applause!

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