Is Necessity the Mother of Invention? You bet! hehe

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For the Cinnamon Cup Coffee community this week, we have a new kind of REAL LIFE prompt! They gave us three options to choose from, and I am trying my best to see if this applies! And... I think it does! hehehe

But realize that I do not live right next to a bustling city - I live 90 minutes from the nearest grocery store! However, I DO have a coffee shop RIGHT in the heart of my little community! Because we live and work at a camp! And... I just happened to have the best little barista that I've actually given birth to! hehehehe

So come along with me and let me show you how THIS is the best cappucino I have ever had - because it is made with the BEST ingredient of all.

Not a specific bean, not specialty syrups - but... 💗LOVE!💗 hehehe

Alright - let's take the tour, shall we?

The name of our little coffee shop is the CREEKSIDE CAFE, and you're going to see why in just a few images!!! But first, let's have a proper welcome!

Isn't he just the cutest?!?! And yes, we DO have a lot of bears all over because - we DO have the real things! As a matter of fact, you can look through my blog and find the REAL BEARS that come to my house and eat our cat food. She was really quite the "pet"! But she became quite the nuisance. Let's just take a look at our little wooden bears though! hehe You can even see the one that was "COVID-COMPLIANT" with his little mask during 2021! hahahaha

Next, take a look at why it's called CREEKSIDE CAFE!

Ahhh, the beautiful view that is right outside our little coffee shop! In the summer when the creek is filled and flowing - with flowers planted nearby, it is QUITE the lovely spot! Don't you think? Campers and guests and take canoes and paddleboats and head off into the distance to explore the very clear waters in the creek! It might look dark, but you can see clear straight to the bottom! Beautiful!

But if you think that it's only beautiful in the summer? Think again! When it snows, and even when the water is drained - you can find yourself completely immersed in the frosty nuances of this winter wonderland! In the picture below you can see how low the water is, and how there is a little snow island present! hehe Still beautiful though, yes? I am so blessed to live on this mountain - even though I do NOT like snow, I do love the beauty!

Now, it's time to come into our humble little coffee shop. It's closed right now, so let's just take a little peek and use our imaginations at what it looks like when 400 kids show up, all wanting hot cocoas and fancy coffee drinks! hehehe I promise you, the line is OUT THE DOOR and wrapping all around the corner! hahaha

As you can see there... that lovely little cappucino costs $4 - but for staff? We get it at a discount!! hehehe Benefits of being part of the family here! And I'll just let you take a look at what my daughter can whip up for me! What do you think - does it have all the love in the world poured into it, making it the GREATEST cappucino that I could ever have in any cafe??? heheh

Having your very own barrista under your own roof surely does have its privileges! I hope you enjoyed my attempt to showcase our humble little coffee shop, and I hope that you will visit with me someday! I'll even take you for a little boat ride, if you're very good! hehehehe

This post was submitted to Cinnamon Cup Coffee Community but also - it's Sunday!!! and everyone knows that if you have something SUBLIME to share (like cappucino made with EXTRA LOVE) then, you share it to @c0ff33a's Sublime Sunday community too! hehehe

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It's healing, it's grounding, it's calming, it's time now

All images used in the post are mine, and taken with LOVE!


OMG, it’s so beautiful. How could you possibly leave ALL THAT and defect (hehe) to another country. BTW that cappuccino looks as if it’s a cup-of-love 😍🥰😍🥰😘😘

hehehehe because I want the kind of beautiful that will allow me to bring little Stylishes to me for visits HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH

K 🥰🤗❤️

Love is the ingredient that brings obvious difference. Anything made with love has an exceptional taste.

Having a barista under your roof is a privilege and when the barista knows how to add the !LUV it is a blessing.

The creek view is beautiful 😍

its my Amber!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how are you, love???

did you miss me as much as I missed you hehehehe

Oh God!

I have been missing you a lot.

I have something to share but then I heard your connection had problems. Then my network had issues. Then I have been busy with Hussain's studies.

Couldn’t reach you 😔...... I still have that thing to share. Will share some day.


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hehehe waiting for you to return and share more now :)

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Wow that looks so beautiful. I can't imagine living near bears. You sound like you enjoy working there!

hahahaah yes - we have lived at this camp since 2017 and before that 10 years at another camp on top of a mountain San Diego (that was same elevation - with snow and everything ehehe)

its really an extraordinary experience - and now i have to find my little bear friend for you...
You will... um... be surprised LOLOLOL

so we had another video that was a lot closer LOL but i can't find the post hahahahaha

we think it was a SHE even though I said "he" in the video...

and she stayed around a while! LOL but no more

I'm so jealous right now. I want my own barista 😂. Then I don't have to worry about no coffee shops and just exploit the goodness of free coffee. Lord have mercy 😂

hahahahahaha and she loves her mommy - so she always is looking for ways to feed me and nurture me!! LOLOL i love my sweet girl to bits!!!

That is VERY obvious!!!

You don't like snow? I love to see it.. By the creek is a pretty spot to sip a hot cup of coffee..

hehehe i love to SEE snow.

but living in it means I am trapped like Elsa in a snow and ice prison hahahahahahhaha

I am just a sucker for cafes by water bodies! There something I can't quite pinpoint, but sitting quietly by a lake, or the whooshing of the sea and sipping a cup of well made it a late or cappuccino - I could just live there for the rest of my life! I saw another post a couple of days ago where the author featured a cafe by the sea. I am getting more and more excited for my upcoming trip to Cox's bazar, a city on the beach!

hi you! hehehe

yes - you know they say the sound of water is so healing.

My son is SO cute when water is nearby. He just goes into this mellow trance and I love to see the effect on him!!!

hehehe i hope you enjoy that bazar!!! please do tag me in the post???
i'd love to reaad it heheh
or even better - tag me there, and then drop the link in the comment section on any of my posts. hehehe
i don't mind - i don't get to read people as often as I'd like!!! so i don't mind getting nudges :)

Oh I absolutely will!

I will of course be writing quite a few travel posts hehe, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to post straightaway as I'll only be in phone. I have decided to not take my laptop with me to stay as detached from the online world as possible 😅 It's a vacation afterall 😉

Kids just love water don't they! I did when I was a kid, and now I see my nieces absolutely love it at the beach like they're having the time of their lives lol! It’s actually so much fun to watch them go nuts when the waves come in 🤣

yes yes - we have one coming up too - and same here. no laptop this time!

but will probably be writing on phone in the middle of the night because i am usually awake at 2 am hahahahaha

and yes - kids love it so much! but my son is no longer a kid and it still draws him hehehe he's 22 LOLOLOL

but i think it will always have that effect on him - and i love that! hehehe

becuase well - look -i t still has the same on us! adn we are older! hahahaha

but will probably be writing on phone in the middle of the night

My wife might actually kill me if I do that! So if you do see a post from me, know that it is my ghost 😈

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. yes - my husband knows better... he just rolls over away from the light of the screen. hehehe

happy wife, happy life ROFLLLLLLL

It looks delicious :) I can't imagine you not wanting to go out in the snow in such a beautiful place - except when it's four feet deep 😂

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hahahaha i'm trapped like Elsa!!!!!!!

let it goooooooooooo let it goooooooooooooo

Sure looks like such a beautiful spot love the views and all the cool bears

hehehehe they are the coolest!!!! and it really is so beautiful :)

I love it here, and when we eventually do move - I'll surely miss parts of this and will have to come back and visit whenever we can!!!

becuase it holds a part of my heart! and will forever

You wrote this with so much passion and I was filled with love while reading your post.
What a lovely environment to have coffee, heh? I love a place by the water, BUT bears? That would need some getting used to.
That cappuccino is SPECIAL! It is so rich, that at a glance, I thought it was popcorn😂
You seem to enjoy living there, and you have every reason to. If ever I should visit, I promise that I'd be on my best behaviour, because I'd LOVE a boatride 😍

The Coffee Shop Prompt-3.jpg


hAHAHAHAHA NOOOOO its whipped cream on top with cinnamon!!!! heheheeh

and you are seriously more than welcome.

I invite people all the time - ask anyone! hahaha some think i'm kidding - and they miss out!

some take me seriously and they stay here with me for a visit!!! LOLOL

and yes - I'm sure you felt tons of love - because the relationship that my daughter and I share is so unbelievable... I have no words that can aptly describe just how special we are to one another.

I had 2 boys before her - and I was terrified to have a little girl! hahaha because I always thought "i'm a boy mom!!! i was never girlie - and i will ruin any girl that i have!"

but nope - God knew EXACTLY what I needed and gave 100% of it to me in her!!! She is getting married this October - and though I will miss her incredibly... (we have really never been apart hehe) she is still working at our camp - and her house will be only 1/2 mile away from me! hehehe

and her lovely boy is already a son to me!!

so - I'm very blessed - and that cup of capuccino is really just the icing on the cake hehehehe

thanks for sensing all that love! cuz it was definitely poured into that mug and into this post! :)

It's beautiful. Doesn't matter it's summer or winter time but I am sure that in the winter time I won't stay there for a long time because of cold. But enjoying coffee there would be my pleasure. Who knows may be someday I visit there..

hehehe you can't even believe how much snow there is here now...
on my porch - the snow is higher than my head!!!! it looks like i'm living in an igloo! hahahahahahaah

"How much snow is there?"

"Oh, about the height of @dreemsteem." <-this will soon be the measurement everyone uses.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!

its either above, at, or below dreemie LOLOLOLOL

hey - power back. internet back.

i am a happy girl.

let's just hope it STAYS that way.

today was the last day predicted to have snow - and we are SUPPOSED to have at least 10 days of no snow - and temps in 40-50 range... MELT AWAY PLEASE SNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW



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Hi my Wes!!!!!!!! take your deep breaths now hehehee

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