Throw Rocks at Them Gnar! TFT Set 11

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Hello my friends! I continue to play TFT, even if people don't like it, I'm starting to like this set. The more you learn the game, the more you like it, otherwise it turns into something where characters you don't understand anything are attacking each other in a complicated way. But when you understand the meta and play accordingly, this game is very enjoyable! Today I will share with you a game that I had a lot of fun with.


You can watch the gameplay video here:

The universe of this game is Upgraded Champion. As the name suggests, it makes the champion given to you at the beginning of the game 2 stars. This is not a very fun universe because it can provide great advantages to some people, but I wanted to try it because I've never played it before.

Since I started the game with 2-star Gnar, I knew I was going to play a Dryad composition. I hoped to find something related to him, maybe the augment that boosts Titan's Resolve would be good, but Trade Sector is not bad either. With this augment I will be able to refresh my shop once per turn for free, which means I can make Gnar 3 stars more easily.

If you are going to play Dyrad composition, it is important to find these champions early. Dryad allows you to permanently gain extra health for every enemy you kill. 6 You need an emblem for the Dryad trait, but if you do this, you gain 11 permanent health per unit you kill. Your units can gain an average of 100 health each fight. Isn't that crazy?

Kha'Zix paid us a visit and lowered the price of getting XP. People can reach level 9 very early and strengthen their board with legendary champions. I might try that too, but I want to test Gnar's power.

Young, Berserk and Free is one of the best silver augments. It allows you to move freely on carousels so you can get the item you want before anyone else. Maybe this augment will allow me to get a Spatula and activate 6 Dryads!

When you play TFT, hover over any champion in phase 3 and imagine it has 225 attack power, it's crazy! And it's not 3 stars and it only has one item. If I can keep him alive long enough he will destroy everything.

Even though he's two stars, he destroys the opposing team for me. The rocks he throws must hurt.

With this augment, my Dryad champions will gain 2 stacks every turn. When I first read this augment I thought they would gain 2x stacks, but I guess that would be too broken. I think this version will be very powerful too, 20 health per turn for many champions. Also my Dryad champions will deal 10% more damage. That's why I chose Mulched.

When I play the composition, I also see its weaknesses. My frontline is not very tanky, so if the other team has enough burst damage, they can kill Gnar in an instant and take him out before he gets buffed. That's why I should have made more champions 3 stars, but the way the game was going didn't allow it. Getting XP cheaper has made it cheaper for everyone to level up and if I try to make all my champions 3 stars I'll be way behind.

This opponent was trying to play a composition where he was using Kobuko, the new champion in the game, as a carrier. He didn't quite succeed, but I think this one is also quite strong. There is another person in the lobby playing the same composition. Maybe that's the reason.

Right now I am in the strongest version of my composition. I found all Dryad champions and managed to make some of my champions 3 stars. If I manage to find an emblem I will be extremely strong. By the way, the best items of our carrier Gnar are Bloodthirster and 2 Titan's Resolve. There are a lot of champions in this set with this build, but as long as it works, it's fine. I preferred Quicksilver instead of the 2nd Titan, as it was both functional and I didn't have the items for Titan.

Strangely enough, I suddenly started losing, my opponents beat me 3 turns in a row. Some of them were really strong, for example this Senna composition is at the top of the meta right now. But the battles I lost before that were very strange. And I even have 2 star Azir. How much stronger can I get?

Even though I won a couple of fights, I was matched with Senna again and got eliminated, he was really overpowered. Maybe with better augments and better items for Azir I could have beaten him. We'll never know but I'm thinking of trying this composition.

It was a very fun game for me and I hope you had fun reading it too. Don't forget to share what you think about the composition and the game in the comments. Take care and have a great day!

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Always in tactical games you have to know your choices very well, the skills of the champion and obviously know how to use the meta to your advantage xD good post friend

Thanks a lot mate, yeah I care about different metrics of the game and benefit from them

That's right my friend! thanks to you!