Your first tip for Season 2!

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You're about to see just how important those Dreemie Magic cards are!

Tomorrow, you'll be introduced to the main plot of Season 2 - and start to discover how you can help our main character solve her mystery, save her home, and hopefully make her rich in the process! (and if you solve it for her - she's got 350 HBD to hand over to you!)

Remember - 350 HBD is a lot of green. Feel free to make yourself a teem of 5..8... 10 or more! Whoever is the leader of the group will get the prize money and split it amongst the whole teem! Split the work, split the prize!

Or... go it alone, try to figure the mystery out yourself, and bathe in all those HBDS... hehee

This week - hopefully you earn your STREEK and you earn that bonus of 10 DREEMIE MAGIC cards this week! On Friday, we will see who earned their streek - and drop 10 of these cards directly into your DreemPort account.

Here is what they look like!

There are only 6 cards this whole season that you can earn through DreemPort! The rest.... are up to YOU to reveal. The 6 cards are Dreemie Magic - PLUS 5 PLANT cards. You'll have to wait for the story tomorrow, to get a peek into what they are....

But for those who need a little help... I'm here for you!

Let's PRETEND that one of the plant cards... is a STRAWBERRY card. (There are no strawberry cards in Season 2... this is for demonstration purposes only hehe)

As mentioned in the previous post, dreemers will have the ability to merge MANY different cards in order to reveal possible outcomes... but should a dreemer want to change an ordinary plant into something a bit more magical.... one MIGHT want to start by merging that plant with some Dreemie Magic 😉

What is the outcome of that merge?

A possibility of FOUR characters!

In the case of this example: The House of Strawberry!

  • Ryn: the eldest brother in charge of leading his family's dynasty after his father's death.
  • Sabonne, the debutante sister who parties and socializes in order to bring all the tycoons to their family balls.
  • Selene, slick and sly, and always scheming to topple her brother off his throne in order to bring the family to higher heights.
  • Kendra, the baby of the family trying to find her own way, and stay out of the family politics.

FAMILY isn't always as obvious as blood ties.

Based on the ACTUAL story line (which begins tomorrow!!) with the FIVE ACTUAL PLANTS in the story, you'll need to be clever and intuitive to merge the right characters to make the correct families... and then.... look for more clues to find the PERFECT solution to the Mystery of the Season!


Make the wrong choices and merge those cards into a...


Fear not...

Every week, you have the chance to earn up to 10 cards - JUST by jumping into DreemPort to do your daily tasks! If you run out of Dreemie Magic cards to turn those plain little plants into Magical Peeps - You can wait til you get them replenished for free by curating on DreemPort - or you can hop into the DreemPort Marketplace and grab some more!

Don't want to risk merging higher levels? But still want to play?

Feel free to sell your lower level cards for those in need!

Need more clues? I'll be in @shadowspub PYPT show this month, presenting the DreeMerge Season 2 posts, and OCCASIONALLY offering some extra clues. Never know when a clue will drop - so... just come along for the show, pimp your own post, and have some fun!

Thanks to @shadowspub, @penderis, @bluefinstudios, @kemmyb, @wesphilbin, @melinda010100, @samsmith1971, @silversaver888, @lizelle, @kenechukwu97, @jacoalberts, @acgalarza, @blackdaisyft, @balikis95, @alessandrawhite, and @dreemsteem for making the @dreemport voting power go farther! ❤️

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My brain still can't process any of this yet 🤣😂.. I wonder what is blocking the connection between me and the #dreemerforlife Spirit 🌚

hahahhaa ha e you catch that dreemie.spirit yet..

if not... watch

I bet as you start to merge cards things will be clearer lolol

The dreemie spirit is gradually settling in 🥰😍.. But I am still reading inbetween the lines for more confirmation that I'm not going astray 😂🤣

That's the best way to do it..
then read again,
then pause and dreem
then read again

On it 😃

You are all being tagged since you submitted posts in DreemPort recently! The start of Season 2 DreeMerge is about to begin - and thought you all might want some clues!

STAFF - you will have the ability to earn ONLY Dreemie Merge cards every time you log into DreemPort to do your daily tasks. You will be able to transfer your Magic cards directly to DreemPort in exchange for 25 DREEM each. DreemPort will then place those cards on the Marketplace as a supply for dreemers . (for 25 DREEM each) The supply of these cards are completely dependent on Staff. DreemPort will not create any additional cards.

DREEMERS - you will have the ability to earn one of 6 cards: Dreemie Magic or the 5 plant cards. Dreemers do not have the ability to mint Magic cards - but you can mint any of the other cards to place onto the Marketplace, should you desire.

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Ha! Omo confusion everywhere, haha

hahaha better get yourself a teem then LOL

Oya oooo, who will teem me
@balikis95 help a brother in need of teem, hehe

I can't find you teem members. You know other dreemers you can go to their post and ask them. I can't join teem because I am a staff. You have to do the work yourself

Byt can you just help a bit to explain these stuffs

hahahaha i have explained LOL

i've asked 10 people if they understand (as soon as I posted it - just to be sure it was clear) and they all said it was very clear and understandable LOLOLOL

maybe once the game begins and you start collecting cards -it will be clearer to you hehehe

and yes - get yourself a teem!! :)

but Bali can't be on your teem - she is staff hehehe but maybe she can help find you some teem people hehehe

Chai see wahala
So me I am dumb na, bcos I have not understood hehe
Well thanks, I will keep cracking my head

Okay, I've begun to earn my streek gradually, I hope my curation aligns through this week.

Let's get started already.💃💃

hehehe yes - the streek bonus is for this week only!

so just need to make sure you're logging into dreemport everyday this week (starting yesterday) and curating :)

then you'll have your streek AND your bonus! hehe


interesting... and hopefully rewarding for the right teem! :)

350 hbd to split for whoever figures out the mystery first

no staff allowed to play - this is ONLY for our dreemers to win!

When I saw 350 HBD, I knew the adventure wouldn't be an easy one.

This one will require a team. Let's fail and learn together until the mystery is unveil. 350 HBD ah 😲, this one requires a fasting

HAHAHAHAHAH fasting indeed! and the blessed oil you sell hahahahahahahaha

i highly recommend that people do form some teems - but maybe people want to try on their own at first to get an idea of wha'ts involved??? not sure - we will see hahaha

sir... if you haven't checked your awards yet on DreemPort... be sure to head there on your profile page

something awaits you there - and i hope he is handsome enough for you! LOLOLOL

this is my profile page so i might have a few more buttons than you - but look for your "award" button

I rarely go to awards, I'll head there right away and indeed I hope he is handsome 😂😂😂.

For the mystery, the subsequent posts will help us understand it better. Thank You dreemsteem,.much love 💕

yes - youre right..

when first explaining a game - it always seems so confusing to me hahaha

but when the play begins... when people have cards to see - and merge..
when they read the story posts..

thennnnnn... everything becomes quick and fast and rushed and HURRY LETS GET THAT MONEY hahahahahaha

but - it starts slow - right? hehehe

The way I'll study this mystery, people will think I'm looking for the key that will save the world. 😂

The award is empty, the baby whammy is yet to arrive

check again in 3 minutes..

the king is about to be born LOL

he has arrived LOL check now hahaha

Wow 😲
That guy is cute. He's fair to look upon. You did a nice job with this.

Now I'm at peace 😂😂😂

I don't even know what this is, but will certainly try to find out!

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Mind games! I love them.

I'm certain this is going to be a fun ride. I hope it's a smooth one too.

This will be an interesting one, one thing about you, you always have something up your sleeves😁😁

This is becoming more and more interesting! I think this is completely power packed. I must not forget to do my tasks for any reason, hehehe!

Thank goodness I already started out on a right footing and I hope not to miss a streak.

A teem is definitely needed for this @dwixer @amiegeoffrey should we form a teem?

You're welcome.

Oh my darling, the more the merrier, but I think we are three in our teem already do you and @dwixer mind joining?

Wow, you already formed a team? 🤣 That was fast

Hahaha, no time to check time.🤣 are you game?

Alright got a mini team, except if you're packing us all. 😆

Lol, okay that's fine.

Wishing us luck 🤞

Of course, I'd love to.

It's how my heart kept beating reading this. Really have to commend the story line, even though I know it isn't the actual one.😄
Can't wait for tomorrow. Let the de-puzzling begin!!🥳


hahaha yeah - i just made up that little plot on the spot LOL

but the real story line is very fun- very dreemy - very exciting to see who unravels the mystery!!! hehehe

Arrr!!... That rotten squash!!! 🤢 🤮😂 don't get caught out pirates... lolol... This season 2 looks to be super tricksy but super fun too! ... can't wait to follow the story and see which dreemer (s) scoops the BIG prize 😍


hahahaha i can just hear the screams when people end up with squashes instead of next level cards LOLOL

higher risk - but nice prize too hehehehe

so fun!!! i hope everyone finds good teems (i think teems are key in this - but... who knows! LOL)

hehe I can hear them too!!! Ooooooo hahahaha It's going to be a fun season that's for sure 😂😂😂 - yeah and teems is a great way to go... and in so many ways so much more fun!!!

Wow, this is very nice. Let's see how the storyline and game play goes.

@jesus-son has been asking about what the challenge is all about, and I believe he'll have lots of questions for ya! Arrrggh! Hehe


hehehe i think its going to be a lot of fun! I hope we have a lot of action and a lot of teems getting together! LOL

Yes, it'll be fun for everyone. Hehe

I am reading this feeling so excited. I can't wait to see how it all plays out. It's already sounding fun.

Always a #dreemerforlife

i'm excited too hahahaha

it should be fun to see people getting closer and closer LOL

This season 2 looks like a lot of brain storming and teamwork is really recommended 😀
I know it will be fun too
So let's get going dreemers and watch things unfold 🤗


hehehe yes i agree - i think that people who form teems will go faster!!!

and that prize is big enough to split hehehe

i'm gonna have a lot of fun watching this play out hehe

This is so going to be fun haha, life is about taking calculated risks right, let's get started already.

Can't wait to see how everything unfolds.


hehehe yessss

i was giggling when i was thinking about all the ways to merge - and NOT merge - and the risk and the drama and the clues in each part of the story (remember they come out on Sunday and Wednesday - so the first part of the story comes tomorrow hehehe)

the best way to have the greatest chance to win - is to keep getting as many cards as you can... and to keep reading the stories for clues - and helping each other out (or.... sabotaging each other hahaha)

should be a ton of fun LOL

the best way to have the greatest chance to win - is to keep getting as many cards as you can... and to keep reading the stories for clues - and helping each other out (or.... sabotaging each other hahaha)

should be a ton of fun LOL

I know people like @kingsleyy might want to sabotage others🤣🤣🤣, I know it's going to be lots of fun.

HAHAHAHA is he a saboteur?!?!?! LOLOLOL

then he will be perfect for season 3... oops - i've said too much hehehe

Few confusion here and there
Already started my daily tasks, I better get myself a teem before I miss my chance for season 2


hehehe i think once you start collecting cards - you will understand more

and when the chapters come out of the story (each Sunday and Wednesday) then you'll be reading the story for more clues to help you see which cards make the most sense to merge together hehehe

and if you come to PYPT on Thursdays - then... i'll be there and SOMETIMES i'll have some clues :)

not always! but sometimes hehehe

Thank you Dreemie🥰

hehehe good luck!!

This is really mysterious and I feel a lil' bit anxious already, though I did not fully understand the explanations. I'll have to wait for the post tomorrow, look for a teem and the attend the PYPT on Thursday

#dreemerforlie #dreemport

hehehe once the story coes - you'll start to understand more.
then once you start merging cards - you'll start to understand more

then if you come to a PYPT where i have a clue - then you'll start to understand more hehehe

but the BEST thing to do this week is to get your STREEK on dreemport

so hopefully you curated yesterday!!! because you need to log in Monday- Friday and curate to get a streek for the week! hehehe

if you get your streek- you get 10 bonus dreemie magic cards
and you WANT those to start your Season 2 journey! hehehe

If not - well - you'll still be able to earn cards - just - without the bonus

this should be a fun season! hehehe

Okay I got confused reading, hmm let me to wait and see how it goes

ha e you read story #2 yet ..
the more the story continues, the more you will have to start to unlock the mystery hehehee

Wow, this is the real challenge, this will be superb and very interesting. #dreemerforlife

should be a lot of fun! hehehe teems are already secretly forming hahaha

I am loving this already! 3... 2...1...Blast off 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️. Let the show begin... I hope to be able to piece the puzzle bits together 😊

hehehe think you're gonna try to piece it together on your own - or make a teem!

i think everyone will start off as individuals at first - to see if they can figure it out on their own - but as time goes on - i think people will start teeming up to make the guesses faster hahahaha

we'll see! LOL

Ohh dear Lord, the more I read this post and the previous one the more confused I get but fingers crossed.

Always a #dreemwrforlife

no no no @ibbtammy!!! come on girl - i have faith in you! hahahahaha

the best thing to do is to keep getting as many cards as possible!

keep reading the story posts (they post every sunday and wednesday- and the first one comes tomorrow)

come to PYPT - just in case I have a clue for you there! hehehe i wont ALWAYS have clues - but sometimes i will hehehe

and then find people who are going to be a great teem for you. or... not! you can go it alone too - and hope you find the solution for 350 hbd all to yourself hahaha

but dn't worry... this week - you are just focused on earning that STREEK on DreemPort so you get your 10 bonus cards

cuz you will NEED those Dreemie Magic cards hehe

Im just learning about this.....

Been so out of it...
Lets see how i can do...

hwhehehe it's not too late!

best for you to start reading the posts from the Collection.

and everyone is writing posts about how to play the game...but they are also trying to drop fake clues to trip other teems up hahaha cautious lol

Is writing posts on how to play the game a requirement to participate?

Or just some fun indulging acts of the teems

the people who are writing the posts will earn challenge rewards this month

but you don't have to write them to play the game