Season 1 winners! Season 2 BEGINS!!!

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Did you earn this frame?

Our latest profile frame from our Kindness Challenge is available and!!!

Many of you have seen my AWESOME new profile frame in discord....(thanks for that gift @samsmith1971)... it was so neat that it inspired our latest new frame for our March collaboration with the Kindness community!!!

It's the FIRST of its kind!!! So we surely hope you love it @gregscloud!!!

ALL dreemers who participated on ALL THREE weeks of our Kindness challenge will receive this new profile frame. If you didn't get it but you MUST have this cool frame.... simply send 4.44 HBD to @dreemport and tag @jacoalberts to let him know you would like this frame!!!

Cool, right????


Congratulations to @emrysjobber and @amiegeoffrey! We cannot wait to get our hugs from you in Mauritius!!!

Finally, we know our DREEM TRIP housemates for that week!!! hehehe. I don't know who was more or them? 😂 But now it's just a countdown to the trip!!! I'm so excited!!!

that means ..DreeMerge Season 1 has ended

and DreeMerge Season 2 begins!!!!

And we are dedicating the WHOLE MONTH of April to DreemPort Season 2 to get you all started on the right foot! The treasure hunt will resume in May for our Community Collaboration!!! So where will the treasure hunt funds be diverted??? (keep reading hehehe)

Here is what you need to know for this week!!!!

In order to merge cards to unlock the first levels .... you will need DREEMIE MAGIC cards.

For this FIRST WEEK of Season 2, we will be stocking up EVERYONE who gets their weekly STREEK on DreemPort with TEN of these special cards to begin.

It's all or nothing, dreemers!!

If you curate every day this week starting will get your 10 bonus DREEMIE MAGIC cards after end of DreemPort deadline on Friday!

So complete that STREEK, and earn your bonus!


We got you used to simple merging in Season 1.

Now we are bumping up the fun AND the risk!!! hehe

How long is this season?
It ends when the mystery is solved.

There will only be ONE winning answer this season.

The prize will be 350 HBD to the first person who solves Season 2. (aha! there you are Treasure Hunt goodies!! ALL for the winning answer!)

Can you work in teems and split the prize? Sure! But DreemPort will give the full 350 HBD to the writer of the winning comment. How you split that amongst your teem is up to you!

Can you share clues publicly?? yep!

Can you post gameplay hints for others? Yep!

Can you post fake hints and throw other people and teems off the scent? lol...Sabotage?? hahaha Yep!!!

SO . How do you solve the mystery of Season 2?!?!

Well, you could just keep merging a bunch of random cards and try your luck to figure out the winning combination! That would probably take a LOT of luck, and a lot of cards! But..I guess anything is possible...

The EASIER way is to follow along the storyline and get as many clues from the story as possible. Help each other, form teems, work as a group, be clever, divide the workload, set up strategies and see what works...and what doesn't!

Every Sunday and Wednesday a new post of the story will come out! (starting with THIS Wednesday!) We will continue to post each week sharing the next parts of the story, revealing more clues. The last post holds the winning answer, and will be posted as a confirmation AFTER the winner has merged the right cards to reveal the winning card!!! The winning comment must SHOW this winning card FIRST in order to win.

Every Thursday, I will be at PYPT and share those posts again, and MAYBE give out a tiny clue here and there. mayyyybe! Never know when that will be! lol

STAFF has not been told the answer to the mystery. However, for the sake of EXTRA security and transparency this season, they aren't even allowed to play (much to their sadness!). So I gave them a special ability... They can collect DREEMIE MAGIC cards and sell them back to DreemPort, where we will offer them to dreemers on the DreemPort Marketplace.

Do dreemers have to buy them? Nope! No purchases are necessary to win!!! You can earn all the necessary cards for free randomly just by curating on DreemPort! But if you're in need to go faster, you CAN buy them on the Marketplace! Totally up to you!

What about that risk???

In the past, you knew exactly which cards to merge in order to level up!

Now? If you merge correctly...woo hoo! reveal the next level!!!!

If you merge INCORRECTLY....say bye bye to those cards you just merged!!!! 😂 Poof! GONE! See ya later, alligator!

So be SURE to keep track of what works....and what DOESN'T. If you work alone, you might have a lot more trial and error (and cards that go poof!) maybe find a great teem to partner with!!!



Staring NEXT week, you are invited to share a gameplay post that reveals something you learned about the game....OR. 😂😂 feel free to post fake clues to throw people off...lololol

OUR POSTS from DreemPort will only EVER have REAL clues. Whatever else you see out there... have fun, sniff out the fakes, play the game, and be the BEST at unlocking the mystery!

Don't forget!!! Get your DreemPort STREEK this week (Monday - Friday) to get your bonus 10 Dreemie Magic cards!

Next week you will start using that magic to reveal!!!!!

Ready for Season 2, Dreemers???

First story comes on Wednesday!!! Want to work alone and capture that prize all for yourself??? or....want to work in teems and split the workload and the prize??? You have a few days to plan before the first story comes out!! Get that STREEK for the bonus!!!


Thanks to @shadowspub, @penderis, @bluefinstudios, @kemmyb, @wesphilbin, @melinda010100, @samsmith1971, @silversaver888, @lizelle, @kenechukwu97, @jacoalberts, @acgalarza, @blackdaisyft, @balikis95, @alessandrawhite, and @dreemsteem for making the @dreemport voting power go farther! ❤️

Images belong to DreemPort.


@emrysjobber said he was walking funny that day 😂🤣 @Amiegeoffrey was dumbfounded... I'd say they handled it very well because me is faint I would have fainted 🤣😂🤣...

This season is going to be tough but then calm sea never produce successful pirates.. I mean sailors 😅

Channeling my #dreemerforlife spirit 👊🏾

Congratulations to the winners of season 1, you guys are wonderful. #dreemerforlife

I am so excited, that words cannot even express how I feel. I can't wait to see you and hug the whole dreemteem whom I'll be meeting by God's grace.

And the next challenge is going to both fun, with lots of brain work and teemwork and I do like it. Can't wait to see how everything unfolds.

Always a #dreemerforlife.

hehehehe I can't believe we get to hug!! congrats again! and start this week off with the edge for Seasons 2 by earning your STREEK this week!

bonus cards will come in handy for the wisest of dreemers.hehehe

Oh yeah, I'll be starting my week by earning my STREEK, can't afford to miss the fun and all.

Wawu! Congratulations again to yesterday's winners! And welcome April with your goodies only for the public. Hehe. It'd be nice watching how teem works together. And good luck to everyone on that.

May brings in treasure hunting again and in that we believe. Hehe.


hahaha I tried hard to think of a way to get our staff in there, but this season held too many secrets!!! we needed to keep it hush hush without any chance of someone saying a staff knew something and that's why they did what they did

so the only way I could figure was to make our staff able to collect the most special cards and earn a little bit there .. it's not much but it's still a little something to keep the staff interested hehehe

maybe as the game goes on...and people need magic... then the staff will have their chance to shine hahaha

I dont know...I never know how it will all unfold! I just let all the ideas flow from my head, pray, and hope for the best lololol

...and staff knows lots of yummy secrets 😋. Hehe, you are doing well. That's already a big win for the staff. Thanks for letting the merry go round.

Happy Easter to you and your family. I await my Easter goodies here.

He is Risen!!!❤️✝️🥰

He sure has 😁

Awe🥰 congratulations 🎉 @emrysjobber and @amiegeoffrey make sure you have loads of fun in Mauritius by December
and carry us along visually 😊

It all seems like it's going to be another fun and exciting month ahead for all #dreemerforlife

hehehe season 2 will definitely be fun!!!

and that husband of yours ..he was. in the weekly top 5 again..
he is a DreemPort star for sure!!!!

I'm sure he will be getting his STREEK this week.... I hope you will also! hehehe

then you both will be carrying 10 Dreemie magic cards into the next week where you will be needing as much magic as possible! hehehe

hmmm so will husband and wife teem up?

or....will they have a better chance of bringing home a prize on separate teems? or as individuals! hehehe

we will all await to see how each dreemer makes their strategy!!! lol

good luck!!🥰

and that husband of yours ..he was. in the weekly top 5 again..
he is a DreemPort star for sure!!!!

Hah hah, I shall let him know that he is doing well😊

I'm sure he will be getting his STREEK this week.... I hope you will also! hehehe

I will try to keep mine.🤭 !LUV

hmmm so will husband and wife teem up?

It is very possible lol even though we are both still learning how to swap the card thing.

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I will need to read this post over again to comprehend everything I need to know. But I know there's always a mystery in the dreemport Island.

Congratulations to our winners, it wasn't easy but you made it


hehhe the most important thing from this post is...


Lol, this is simpler.
Thank You

Congratulations to the winners once again. Enjoy your trip.

Season 1 done and dusted, season 2 begins. Good luck to whomever will solve the mystery.


maybe it will be you!!! or your teem hehehe

definitely get your STREEK this week to start off with those 10!

Oh my God!!! Congratulations to the winners☺️☺️☺️

@amiegeoffrey i am so happy for you honestly ☺️☺️☺️
@emrysjobber congratulations to you☺️☺️
You both have lots of fun✈️✈️

I can’t wait for the season two☺️☺️


hehehee it was so fun to see them win!!! I even got videos of their first reactions hahahahaha

Wow, I am certain Amie cried😂😂 This is really beautiful.
Thank you so much Dreemie, you deserve the best 🥂

Lol were you watching me on CCTV?🤣🤣🤣

My heart told me😂😂😂


Congratulations to the winners of the December trip 😂😂, I'm sure they appreciate having the privilege to go on a trip with fellow dreemers and share hugs. 😂

Dreemerge season 2 comes with a lot of tricks and a lot of fun, gotta be careful with merging my cards this season, I can't afford any of my cards to go poof 😂😂😂.

Here we go again dreemers, New week, new dreemerge season, New challenge and Lot of prizes and surprises.

Happy Easter Sunday everyone 🤗🤗


lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of hugs!

you had faith it would be you and oh my did it. lolololol

faced the bear with one bullet and came out th victor! hahahaa

well now you will get your family reunion, as you predicted in faith! hahahahhss

can't wait to see you face to face!!!

It took awhile before I could believe I won, God is indeed merciful.

Can't wait to see you also and Sammy.

hehehhee and soon you will get to know more and anticipate meeting them too!!!!❤️


All roads lead to Mauritius in December for @emrysjobber and @amiegeoffrey wow, you guys are finally going to get these hug 🫂🤗 sure to capture every moment and keep us updated, hehe 😍...once again, congratulations my darlings

Wow,sounds like a lot of fun in this season too. It's always fun with dreemport. I gat to get my streek this week to avoid missing out in the whole fun, haha

A big congratulations to you @emrysjobber and @amiegeoffrey. You both are awesome Dreemers and I can't wait to see all the fun you have in Mauritius.💞🥰

And love to see all the fun that comes with Dreeming. Another amazing challenge. Can't wait to see what happens. Happy Easter Everyone.✨


Kudos to all the winners because this does not seem like an easy win but I’m glad that they were able to make it
Congratulations to them

Congratulations to @emrysjobber and @amiegeoffrey that really is fantastic news!

Goodluck everyone who participates in Season 2

Go get that winning clue!

Congratulations to you @amiegeoffrey and @emrysjobber. Go and have fun in Mauritius by December.
I sure can't wait to see all the fun the new month hold for us Dreemers. An amazing challenge has been unveiled already.

I love the frame and would love to get it, but I don't have the money right now. I really enjoyed this challenge. Now that March is over and I have finished the kindness challenge for those participating outside of Dreemport, I can reflect on the experience and start writing about it.

you get it for free silly goose!

you are the founder of the challenge! of course you get it for free!!!🤗

Oh, thank you LOL!

Hi, @gregscloud! Your frame has been assigned to you😉👍!

Thank You so much!

You're welcome👍!

What a lovely new frame for the Kindness challenge, @dreemsteem 🤗

And I couldn't resist the animation for your Discord profile. It's like it was made for you 💗

I love you Ms. Dreems.


ps: @jacoalberts I just sent 4.444 HBD to @dreemport. Please could you add the Kindness frame to my Dreemport account? Thank you 🙏💗


Hi, @samsmith1971! No problem! Your frame has been assigned😉👍!

Thank you!
💗 !LUV

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You're welcome, Sam😉👍!


@samsmith1971! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @ jacoalberts. (1/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want, plus you can win Hive Power (2x 50 HP) and Alive Power (2x 500 AP) delegations (4 weeks), and Ecency Points (4x 50 EP), in our chat every day.

Hmmm, OMG! I sm lost here, hehe
At least, I understand that first ofball two persons won a prize of a trip , congrats to them.
Then a challenge in which I have to collect all freaks for the week, that's simple. But the merging of a card thing is just like a mystery. I really need to attend dreemport school to understand these terms, hehe
I also hope to get a clarifier as time goes on. Well maybe my lady @balikis95 will bail me from this obscurity

Lol, dreemport school got ya! As it is mentioned in the post, you need to curate starting from today till Friday to win 10 dreem magic card.

On the game stuff, a post will be out on Wednesday, and you can gather more clues from there. For now, search for teems to join or create one and don't miss curation.

Wetin b teems kwa

Hehe. Dreemport uses double ee for things where a should be. Like dream-dreem / team-teem and so on

So how I want creat teem na
And wait o, what am I even creating teem for?

By asking others. For the 350 HBD grab. There's a post out by dreem now, just check it out or go to Discord and Dm her

Dat post wey them tag like 60.people ba?
Omo me no still understand wetin dem dey talk o

Yay!!! Congratulations to @amiegeoffrey and @emrysjobber. I am sure you will have loads of fun on your trip. Do help give the dreemteem lots of hugs on behalf of all dreemers. I can't wait to see how it goes.

Season 2 seems to be starting off with lots of mysteries to solve. I still have to read the post all over again but for now, I have to make sure I don't miss a day of curation.

Always a #dreemerforlife

I had to come back to read this when I began to see posts rolling out and I was totally lost 😅.
Missed two days of curation already. I doubt I'm fit to be selected by anyone as a team. Lol😅

Let me get to work

"Hi all , we realized that our system sent out 10 random cards instead of the 10 bonus Dreemie Magic cards! Since some of you have already begun merging, we didn't want to take them all back and do a switcheroo on you! So we are giving you the option.


keep what you have right now.


negate what you have right now, in place of the 10 Dreemie Magic Cards.

No mix or match ☺️

Please reach out to Pen in discord or reply to this comment and indicate which option you would like.

If we don't hear from you within 24 hours, the cards will remain as is."

@abenad , @bipolar95 , @brijwhiz , @rukkie , @princessbusayo , @nkemakonam89 , @eloobaro , @kei2 , @hopestylist , @dwixer , @luchyl , @ibbtammy , @treasuree , @niranaway , @ , @kenechukwu97 , @jessicaossom , @esther-emmanuel , @amiegeoffrey , @kemmyb , @ngwinndave , @funshee , @bobbyb58 , @beeeee , @balikis95 , @emrysjobber , @wongi , @kilvnrex , @sommylove , @omokhafue , @lightpen , @jhymi , @olujay , @samsmith1971 , @jesus-son ,

Hello Pen. I'd like to negate the current cards. Thank you.🌺

ok done

I'd like to negate it. Thank you.

Updated thanx.

Hi, I will like to negate also

ok it is updated thanx

Alloooo Penny Boss. Since everyone is negating, I've not to negate too 😂😂😂


Hello @penderis, I figured something was amiss. I would like to negate. Thank you.