The Best Friend I Could Ever Ask For - LOH #179

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“If you found out you were pregnant at this age, what would you do?”, Daniel asked

“My mother”, I replied

“Your mother? What has your mother done?”, Daniel asked again

“I mean I’m definitely going to tell my mother of course”, I replied

“You said what?!!!”, He shouted.

This was a conversation I had with a very good friend of mine about some weeks ago. As a child, I actually was my daddy’s best friend because I was the last child and only daughter. After some years, everything turned about. I became closer to my mom because of female growth in general. I wasn’t shy of my dad though but I was just more comfortable telling my mom things.

When my mom and I started becoming close, it was a little weird telling her everything but she told me one day that, if there’s anyone in this world who wants the best for me it’s definitely her. She doesn’t know anyone who actually wants nothing but the best for me in life more than her so I should feel very comfortable telling her anything at all whether good or bad and no matter how horrible it is, she will always be there for me. That’s when the relationship started.

I was already in senior high school and experiencing some part of teenage life. I was now telling my mom everything, from crushes to people that I don’t like. Anything at all. She became my gist partner and it’s something I’ll never regret.A lot has changed over the years but the only thing that has not even experienced a scratch is the relationship I have with my mom. We can talk for hours on the phone and still feel like it’s only been minutes.

I like it so much that my mom is my best friend because sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we run to our friends for advice and they tend to give us really bad advice. In my case, it’s my mother that I always run to and of course she always has the perfect advice for me.There have been times I went on dates with my mom because I didn’t feel like going with friends.

There have also been days that I decided to stay indoors and she also decided to stay by my side. There are some Friday nights that you would come home to my mom and I doing karaoke and singing our hearts out loud in the living room.
Yes that’s how cool our relationship is. In fact, sometimes I feel my mom sees me as her younger sister instead of her daughter. There are times my mom just does my love languages just to remind me that the right person would go lengths for me and I love it.

For me, I cherish these kind of moments and I’m always grateful. I think it is safe to say I definitely have the best relationship with my mom and anytime I count my blessings, I count her twice.Thank you so much for your time.

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Your relationship with your mother is amazing. A mother is a girl's best friend!

Thank you

I loved reading about your relationship with your mom. She is absolutely right, there is no one in the world who can understand, accompany and advise like a mother. Enjoy every moment by her side and treasure beautiful memories with her. Greetings and blessings.

Thank you so much

I sure will☺️

The relationship of mothers with their daughters is quite close, because we are women, and we understand each other. We learn so much from them, that each of their teachings is of great use in adult life.

How beautiful your relationship with your mother.

Thank you

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Mothers tend to know us better than we do at times, it is a wonderful relationship to share in especially as you are so close to each other. !LADY

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Yeah they really do

Thank you so much

Enjoy every minute, I miss my Mom thirty years on....

I can’t imagine the feeling

One never really accepts it, you learn to live without that personal contact.

I almost teared up right there. 10 men like me. I know just what it's like to have a mother the loves unconditionally. I'm guessing she already knows about... 🌚

The man that is not her man... 🌚


Don’t worry, he will soon be 😂

Let me be the loud speaker 😂

Ewooo, it’s just our secret😂

My mouth don't use to close 😂🤣



I know not what you speak of 😂

Judas Iscariot 😂


I understand because I also teared up writing this🥹
Oh trust me she knows more than that sef🤣🤣

You both look like sisters, mothers are wonderful and I'm happy you got a good listener as a mother.

Thank you

You're welcome sis.

I have this exact relationship with my mother and I am gradually building it with my child. Wouldn't have had it any other way 🥰

Awww I’m sure she’s happy to have you as her mother 🥰

Thank you 💕🥰

You’re welcome dear😍

You have a beautiful relationship with your mother and it's not so easy for children to build up such relation with your mother. Not all consider their mother as their best friend or can't just open up about their feelings in front of their parents. You are really lucky. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful relation between you and your mother with us...

Yeah I know right, I’m really grateful to have such a relationship with my mother.

Mother and daughter relationship should be deep!
This was me and my mom some years back before I got married.
What changed? Hubby is now my gistmate🤣🤣

Ewoo, what a man can do!🤣🤣

A woman can do better🤣🤣🤣🤣

Beautiful! I'm glad you found such a friend in your mom, she's proud to have you rely on her for anything about you.

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Yeah, I’m also very glad.


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Beautiful. I loved reading about how close you are with your mum :)

Thank you

Mothers are special friends as we get older the more we realize how much!


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Yes you are right

Aww this is so sweet, this is the kind of relationship I want to have before with my Mom. Where she can be my best friend that I can run to whenever I am happy, sad or just anything. You have the best best friend in the world I tell yah!

Yeah I know right
Thank you

This is so nice. My mom and I are not enemies but we are definitely not best friends 😂😂. If if you don’t have anything important to say, you better move aside 😂😂

I understand though😂

People also refer to my mom and me as sisters LOL

The mother and daughter relationship is the most important, and it is most beautiful when it is not forced but natural. You lean on her and she leans on you, you are confidants, friends in arms. It's beautiful, really. 💕

Yes it really is

The perfect relationship any daughter could get from her mom🤭, I love the bond you both share❤️

Thank you

Well, as your best friend Mom will always have your best interest at heart. ❤️

Yeah you’re right 🥰

Getting to that level of telling your mother everything about your life I can say is the greatest achievement indeed. I know how helpful that is in helping young gals grow into mature and wise women

Gorgeous post. Heartwarming to read about your beautiful relationship with your mom. I lost my mom nearly 5 years ago. I have no idea where the time has gone 😔 Treasure what the two of you have, @abenad ... time goes by so fast 🙏💗 I miss my Mom a lot. So often I wish I could pick up the phone and share something from my day... it's surreal that there are days that I am jolted back to reality when I realise once again... that I can't. The relationship is so ingrained. You guys look like you have so much fun together 🤗🥰 I hope you have many more years creating happy memories together !LUV

I dropped in from Dreemport this evening.


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I’m so sorry about your mom.
I will always treasure our moments together, thank you for passing by sweet dreemer.

This is so beautiful. You both deserve all the love you get. Never let it go.


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Thank you.

I can see the deep connection even in the picture. I have always wish for me and my mother to be this close.

You two look alike and more like best friends. I admire that

Thank you

Wow, what a lovely relationship you have with your mum. It always feels good to know you can tell your mom anything.

Thank you

It really does

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wow, now I'm really liking this and wish I can be closer to my mum when it come to communicating and sharing things, but instead I'm only closer to myself (lol). Love this relationship and it is actually natural, daughters are more closer to their mothers (girls things) likewise son to dad

You’re only closer to yourself?😂😂