Why do I comment? What is the compulsion?

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‘Obscene’: Richest 1% Now Owns Third of U.S. Wealth

I decided to comment on the above... I don't know why. Perhaps to shout a warning at a new audience that might not have heard it before?

Who knows...

Here is what I added as a comment:

Be careful... This is the narrative that has been used to emotionally enslave entire countries in the past. It is going global now. Certainly them having such wealth can be seen as "unfair" yet if you run with that you'll run right into the trap. They will try to sell you on Marxism, Communism, Socialism, etc. Yet those all require a central planner. Who exactly do you think has been positioning to be those central planners? It certainly won't be you or I. The historical end result of this particular approach has ALWAYS been the same and it has been tried many times, so don't fall for the "we'll get it right this time" narrative. How are you going to get it right this time? What are you personally doing to insure that? Are you going to be one of the central planners? This idea leads to the ultimate monopoly on power. You will convert it to the 0.01% controlling all of the power and the rest of us will effectively be slaves. We will have what they allow us to have. We will get what the central planner planned for us to get.

A lot of things will break as well because they are not Gods or superhumans. They cannot possibly plan for the trillions of things that which we call the Market solves. We need a free market. We haven't had that. We've had a global hybrid of fascism and Marxism for awhile now. That has created these problems. Redefining words and propaganda are just one of their number one tools. Dumbing down people so they are lead by emotions helps make those techniques even more effective...

The 1% may have a third. Yet don't be blinded by that. That is what they want you to do. React with emotion and embrace this Marxist B.S. that always leads to a few living as kings and the rest as slaves.

I clicked submit and was greeted with something becoming quite familiar these days...


I've begun to react to that as "Well that was a complete waste of time. No one is going to see that one."

I wanted to share it here though I know pretty much everyone that reads this here likely already is very much aware of everything I said in that comment.

I could have framed it more in depth. I missed some points. Keep in mind it was a COMMENT section. It is a long enough comment many people won't read it anyway. I couldn't write a book there and address all the points you might personally see to pick at what I wrote.

You still are welcome to. Just be aware that because I didn't say EVERYTHING there is a chance I am aware. This is just what came out when I had my "This is a comment, don't write too much" nag dancing around in the back of my mind.

That nag is very bitter. It so often fails at it's reason for existence.


Those who have strove to gain one third of the power are also capable of attempting to acquire ALL of the power. You're right.

There is no reason to think that the ones with power would give it up.

They will plot to get even more. And this is just one more step.

But we are all in this together. You are simply writing things that run perfectly in line with other sections of the narrative.

Spectrums are a physical impossibility. In reality, all things stand for themselves and for no other. Thus there is no "freemarket -> mixed market -> communism" spectrum.

Each thing stands only for itself, and mixing atomicism with spectrums prepares your mind for an illusion. There is no "we the people" and there is no "free market." Nor can there ever be "communism."

Because there is no government.

Instead, there are people with power and wealth who will manipulate markets, law, society, and you.

Conform ...or don't. They have a plan for people like us either way,


The road is being paved. Good intentions tend to do that.

Speak only true things.

Hello, my friend. Well, I see this may looks like the worst thing ever, but let's face it... It is really a surprise that de 1 percent owns that much in a country like the US? I mean, personally i find it disgusting but that is the consequence of decades by the capitalist system. There's no wealth without inequality. And I'm not defending the system itself but we're living an age of economic totalitarianism. Like the Sex Pistols used to say "No future for me" here...

It is not the result of decades of capitalist system. PUT THAT IN YOUR MIND FOR A MOMENT. There is a fault but it is not capitalism. You are blaming the wrong target.

The problem is GOVERNMENT. It is called cronyism. When someone in government can give favors to someone they like often in exchange for benefit, and they can block others to make sure their allies remain powerful THAT is the problem.

That happens in socialism, communism, Marxism, etc. It is actually far easier in those cases because those things monopolize all power into the hands of the government.

The blame on capitalism is misdirection. It is blaming the wrong culprit.

The true problem is government favoritism corrupting pretty much any system through cronyism which is a negative result of human nature.

The Free Market technically is capitalism. Yet it only is free until the moment government begins this favor and blocking maneuever.

While we point at the 1% we can also look at the fact that even the homeless people on our streets have more than the lower class in the past. We are acting VERY entitled yet kings a century ago would be jealous of most of the population today.

That was made possible by capitalism. Allowing people to strive to create new things, improve systems, innovate, etc. with understanding they will be rewarded for their efforts.

Marxism is a con. It is a lie. It's only trick is to play with your emotions. To point out struggling people and rather than actually finding out how to help those people they look for someone to blame and then they aim people at those people.

Are there corrupt people controlling the world? Definitely.

The majority of them at this point would love the world to become Marxist / Communist based because they know THEY would get to be the "Central Planners" and they will have more power than Capitalism gives them.

It does not work. It is always a lie.

People point at hippy communes and say "Yes, it works see". Yet that is always a very small set of people with a very small set of needs. It is easy to central plan for just that circumstance. It falls apart rapidly as it scales up.

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