Hope, The Right Medicine. 

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Heartbreaks are usually painful especially when you have given everything in the relationship. Sometimes, victims of heartbreaks find it hard to see any remedy for their current challenge. Depression takes them down and sometimes they end up not giving out their hearts to love again.

Everyone who has experienced several heartbreaks before will agree with me that one thing is common to all of them; despite feeling as if all hope is gone during the first break-up, we still end up with new hopes and fresh feelings of being alive again when we enter a new relationship. It might take a long time for us to heal, and possibly a longer time to open our hearts to a new person, but yeah, we do, and it feels good once again.

What does this show?

It means that losing a relationship precious to us doesn't mean the end of every relationship that can be beautiful. Sometimes, they can even be key to having a better relationship afterward. So, at that point when we feel that we have lost it all, let us not forget that hope is a great tool that can get us out of that difficult situation. Hope gives strength to the weak and makes the strong stronger.

I won't end this write-up without chipping in a few things.

When you are lucky to be in a relationship where you are genuinely loved, appreciate it, and do everything to protect it. Such relationships are hard to come by again when lost out of negligence or ingenuity.

And if you are at the receiving end, that is, you are the person who has been genuinely contributing to the relationship and in the end, your good heart was abused, mourn only a while but pick up the courage to move on.

You are to mourn because of the time and good heart you wasted on the wrong person but you are to move on because you deserve the best. It won't be long before you will get one who will cherish you as you deserve. God makes sure that it happens.

In the end, whenever you give up on hope after a heartbreak, you are possibly caging yourself in the past, and denying yourself a good future.
Once there is hope, there is life. Never allow failed relationships to take away the joy of living. Hope that something better will come, and make a move to get it.


Love is weird, you just feel like doing something for someone because of that weird feeling even when you don't even know who they were at first. Well, as they say, time heals all wounds and we have to be very careful to know when we want to keep going or end a relationship, love is not all that there is to building a relationship. When we are able to find that one person that makes us feel perfect then it is a good sign to hold unto them.

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Hope is like a light in the darkness. Be it about failed relationships or any other failure hooe is what keeps us sane and gives us the courage to move forward

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Very difficult especially when you have been so close to each other ...but you have to move on and let it be a bye gone story because he or she wasn't mearnt for you😊

It is actually something very difficult to do. Picking up the pieces and putting them together? Yeah. It's not easy. I think the strongest kind of humans are those who actually pick up the courage to love again despite being burned.