Uneventful Father's Day

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Hello friends, Hivers and my fellow Silver Bloggers. I'm hoping you all are doing good to start this new week. Now I'm ok but not great. You will soon see how the article's title comes into play.

So I will go back to Saturday because that led to the day ahead which was Father's Day. The morning we had some smaller storms which dropped some rain throughout much of it. It did clear up around lunch time though.

Before lunch I had to take my dog to the veterinarian. If you haven't met him he's an English Bulldog named Watson. It's spring time here and he needs much attention because he has slough of allergies.

I arrived at the veterinarian and it was busy. There were some open seats but to get to them we would have had to pass by two large dogs that didn't look at all friendly. So I stood near the check in counter until some other seats opened up.

Once we got back to see the Vet it was determined he had an ear and an eye that had a small infection. He was there to get an allergy shot, have his ears looked at, and get his nails trimmed. After all this I checked out with a spendy vet bill and some medication for him. It's good I have pet insurance that will cover a majority of it.

I really didn't do much once I got home. I was scheduled to work later that afternoon/evening. I had to be available in case I needed to be into work sooner. I did end up getting a couple of phone calls changing our showtime.

In the end the show time at work was at 5:30 p.m. It was shortly after 6:30 when our aircraft arrived. Not a really hard down load just a lot of pallets. We had 13 pallets and one tow bar to offload.

Around 7:15 p.m. a large storm rolled in. There were thunderstorms and tornado watches. Now luckily this front didn't contain any funnels but some areas did have actual tornadoes. Another good thing is we just finished up unloading the aircraft. It was seconds later it down poured for like an hour.

Once we got back to the cargo yard we couldn't do anything until the heavy rain and lightening ended. It was close to 8:30 when were able to offload pallets from our aircraft loaders. At this time the sky was beautiful. There were three different rainbows all at once in the sky. I share you this photo of one. I was off work around 9:00 p.m.

Once I arrived at home I needed a little bit of time to wind down. I watched T.V. for a bit and was in bed around 10:30. I had thoughts of going fishing Sunday and packing some food for lunch while out. That was not what happened unfortunately.

At about 2:00 a.m. I received a call from a police officer. I knew it was something not good and I immediately could feel my own heart beating. He told me that they had my son in the back of a police car and needed me to come pick him up.

He was in the back of a police car because of incident he had done. The root of this deed was him being very drunk. It's embarrassing to me what he did but I'm going to leave out the fine details.

My son was drunk beyond comprehension. When I arrived he almost fell to the ground twice on his way to my car. He wasn't any better walking up the deck stairs into my house He made a stop in the bathroom and left it a complete mess. I'll just say the floor was wet and the trash can had more in it than the toilet.

I was both mad and disappointed at him but decided now isn't the time to rip into him because it's not going to have an affect on him anyways. He ended up falling asleep in his room. For me I couldn't go back to sleep. It wasn't until almost lunch time when I did get some rest in my bed.

I got up around 2:00 p.m. and he was still sleeping. I woke him up and he was acting like nothing had happened. You see he didn't remember a single detail about the night after he finished drinking. We had a long serious talk and I laid down some displine.

I didn't go out at all on Fathers Day and it certainly didn't at all have a feeling of celebration. My son has so much going for himself. He has a full ride College scholarship to play basketball. So much uncertainty, will he lose that? I guess time will tell when we get the court notification in the mail and attend to find out his fate. I feel both worried and disappointed rolled into one. I really don't know when this will all go away. Have you had a special occasion or holiday that was totally recked by unforseen circumstances?

So Fathers Day for me was performing my role as a father. No appreciation for what I have done in the past, no special meals and no special requests. There is always next year and years to come though 😊 I guess in the scheme of things I was very much a father on Father's Day.

Anyways I'll overcome this as I'm sure my son will to. I'm hoping the many fathers out there had a day of reflecting and appreciation on Father's Day. Take care, stay safe, have a great start and finish to your week.

Until next time!


Yeah, just like the picture you showed. There's a rainbow after the rain.😊
Hoping for a good news.😊

Hopefully it all works out 😊

Yeah.. it will.😊😊

What a shame that Father's Day was partly with problems but you were fulfilling the function of what you are "father" especially with your son. I'm sure he'd have a reason to get drunk, and he'll get your timely advice. How about your dog? I'm sure he's fine now. Thanks for sharing your experience that day. Belatedly but Happy Father's Day. Greetings and have a nice week.🤗😁

Being a parent has it's up and downs and certain days doesn't mean you don't have to fulfill them.

Oh Watson doing a little better. He's a bit tired with all the meds but showing positive signs.

Thank you for the belated wishes and hope you have a nice week as well.

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Kids. They do eventually grow up. Know that you are not alone at cleaning up messes.

Yup messes not the first time, hoping no more late night calls

Hello handsome Watson 💓, didn't know pet insurance exist too. That's cool if you have pets at home.

And seriously, why your son don't put limit into himself, I mean it's okay to drink, but not too much that it get gim wastes. What if accident happened right and not just something like this, aguyy. But you already talk it out so I'm sure that put him back to his senses. So no greetings too from him ha, that's sad. But yeah, as you've said, there's always next year. So i hope next time is much better.

Well the talk was pretty stern, I mean I wasn't his buddy so I can understand him not saying a greeting. He sat in his room the rest of the day. I had to work late today just getting ready to leave I shall see how the mood is today when I get home.

Oh yeah pet insurance it's cost money but for bull dogs it's highly recommend and in the long run it pays off. Much different then human insurance though. You have to pay everything upfront than get reimbursed a certain amount.

You certainly got a father's day on the hard part of the job. I hope your son listened to you and took things seriously. It would be a shame to jeopardize his college scholarship.

Yes I have never had a father's day quite like this. I certainly hope he learned a valuable lesson and hope his scholarship doesn't fall off.

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And how is he now? I hope he regrets what he did and apologizes to the family.. of course,, to you as well .. it was indeed a shame..

It's been a rough path so far. He does feel regret I can tell in his deamner. Unfortunately I had to work OT again last night so not much face time. A holiday here tomorrow despite it being a Wednesday, hehe. We'll have some time together than.

You guys should talk... Give him some advices hehe

Ya a lot was said on Sunday as he woke up. Some words louder than others, hehe. But yes more again maybe more positive next round.

Oh wow sorry to read this, I just would like to say Happy Father's Day to you (here in Spain it is not in June but I have seen in many other countries it is now), but I understand that it was not the best day for celebrating, but you did what you had to do, your role clearly but obviously the disappointment feeling was present. I hope the incident will be solved easily and that event should be a lesson for your son, my best wishes.
P.S. I understand well when a celebration become a non-celebration anymore for something that other person does or similar... breathe and wish next time that day will be better, amigo 😘

Dear @coolmidwestguy, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @duvinca.

Thanks Amiga it's only one day. There will be next year or other days to be appreciative. A lesson for sure and hope all works it's way out.


Dear @duvinca, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @coolmidwestguy.

Ooh wow
I wish Watson a quick recovery
Also, how did you manage your son who got drunk😁😁
Also, I love the rainbow

Well a long talk about how alcohol usually leads to no good. Talk about control if he does drink. Better decisions and consider who hangs out with. Spoke of all the good things he has going on and how that can be jeopardized for making dumb choices.

Watson doing better and the rainbow was magnificent there were three of them all at once wish I would of captured. I was working if I wasn't I would have done a video to show.

Can feel the disappointment. Young generation nowadays are hard to control. Talking about mine also. We can only guide and remind them, it's up to them to obey and listen.
I hope it won't affect your son's scholarship and everything would go on smoothly♥️.

I agree it's much different when we were kids, right? The new generation feels so entitled to everything and thinks everything is not so serious. I even see it at work with some of my younger co-workers. It's not what can I do, it's what can you do for me...Oh the next generation I wonder if our elders thought similar on us, haha.

Ya I hope it doesn't affect his scholarship either.

Oh btw Congrats on being an Auntie again. Hope you get to visit soon 😊


Dear @asiaymalay, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @coolmidwestguy.

I also kept wondering sometimes, if what would be the next generation if this younger ones behave like this😁.
I saw my baby nephew in photos and I can't wait to see and hold him, and of course to make him cry to annoy my sister @lhes 😛

Could be a scary thought thinking the next and the following generations continues on a worse path. I guess somethings happen based on many factors. I'm not saying all is bad though.

Haha make him cry 😭 sisterly love poke. Super cute baby @lhes seen picture on discord 😍

I haven't checked discord for a while, I'm not updated huhu🫤😛

I haven't been very active there myself as of late. Lifey things mostly preventing my time, haha. I didn't even notice the Hive drop until yesterday, time to snatch some up..Took my HBD savings out, my luck the price will hit the moon before I can use it to buy some.

Haha thank you!

And prepare your gift too!