June Challenge with GoBrunch

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A new month and a new challenge. This month we are visiting GoBrunch , a collaborative and innovative community platform.

Logos from GoBrunch and Dreemport , layout via canva

We have had challenges that could seem a bit out of our comfort zone, considering Dreemport is for submitting written content. Every time though our Dreemers have risen to the challenge and shown great strength through community and a willingness to learn.

This challenge will take a little prep, firstly this will be the event:

GoBrunch will be having an Expo event that runs the

Registration is not required but it is nice to get notices when the events start, so it is highly recommended and if you would like to always be up to date of GoBrunch events you can keep an eye on their events page here - https://lu.ma/gobrunch

The Challenge

On Tuesday the 11th and Wednesday the 12th of June we as Dreemers will have a great opportunity to experience the GoBrunch platform and see all it has to offer.

There will be many GoBrunch communities presenting over the 6 hours sessions per day and even if you can only attend a small part you might just find something interesting. If you need an icebreaker then go ahead and tell people you are a Dreemer from Dreemport, just a hint for anyone as nervous as myself.

The goal is to attend the Expo at your convenience and take in as much as you can, try to find a community you would like to know more about and possibly join.

Then share your experience and or new found interest with us on Dreemport. Share your thoughts on the experience and if you found a future event or community you would like to visit again you can share why you think it would be fun or interesting.

Submissions will be open from Tuesday - Friday with curation happening on Monday. That gives everyone two extra days to still explore GoBrunch even past the Expo event and share with us.

Simply put journal your GoBrunch experience and outlook towards future engagement as we kick off WEEK 1 of the GoBrunch challenge.

All Dreemers are welcome to jump in as soon as they can and explore the GoBrunch platform anytime - Remember if you want to see what is on the agenda at GoBrunch then all their events are listed here -> https://lu.ma/gobrunch

Stay well, stay safe, and DREEM BIG!!


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by @penderis


Another interesting way to explore, great collaboration, looking forward to it.

Amazing collaboration, can't wait for it to finally kick off

This is a great news!

Ohh wow!! I can't wait to see what this collaboration is all about.

Always a #dreemerforlife

Tomorrow is the day!!

I hope to learn something new!!


Nice to see this new collaboration, this one sounds really exciting, good to see dreemport exploring new ideas! Best wishes to everyone!


This is something new. I trust dreemport in exploring new ideas to broaden our knowledge. Let's see how it goes


It is something new but I think you'll enjoy how much there is to see and experience. @abenad already enjoys visiting @artemisnorth's rooms. She's one of the exhibitors. Anyone who as been at PYPT recently has met her.

Yeah, you should have seen my excitement when I saw this challenge

Yea, I have met her too in pypt
Wow, looks like it's going to be fun 😊
Thanks for the heads up, Shadows

I believe this is going to be lots of fun! I am ready for new adventures.

Congratulations 🥳🥳

@ngwinndave you are the lucky winner of 100 Dreem Tokens for participating in Dreemport’s Bounty.


Yay! Thanks so much 🙏

This is looking very different but surely, I'll get through it.


Oh wow! Kinda late to the party. I better start with my registration.


This sounds like so much fun already! An amazing collaboration, I must confess.


Another brain racking collabo 😆... I have been jumping from pillar to post to see who can guide me on this as all the information gotten so far does not seem to sink.

However, it occurred to me that I'm struggling with what's going on because I had missed the presentation at the Expo, and even when I got in, the rooms I had visited were quiet and nothing was going on. 😭

#diaryofapeptuallatecomer. 😭😭😭

Came in from #dreemport

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Thank you.

Thank you.

Thanks a lot

Thank you so much.

Thank you 🙏

Thank you

Thank you

Wow!! Another opportunity to explore, though it sounds tough but a dreemer will always get through. Let's see how it goes.


Another banger collabo 👌
But Hmmm, the Brunch in the name is already making me feel hungry, lol.
This sure looks like it's going to be exciting and adventurous.

Dreemers sha will not disappoint.



Another wonderful collabo, let's explore and see what they have for the dreemers ✌️ #dreemerforlife

I’m so excited for this one
Those who get it, already get it.


I will be away next week and not online much. Good luck to all dreemers participating.

Great update!


Finally! Brunch time is here.


Ahan! Another game on ground
Chai, but why does it have to be now during exams, well, I will still try
There we go!!!


A great collaboration. Let's see how many things we can learn from the community

Amazing. 😁