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Back in the later days the TV used to tell the kids about drugs. Not sure why they told kids abut drugs but the message stuck.
Like the eggs your brain fries after taking drugs, letting the creativity flow. Or so i thought that is what the tv was saying, drugs makes creativity and using your brain is essential too all of that....So Verifying Your Brain by works so that others can use and progress, it is essential to living in a world where advancement and knowledge shared around is key, use drugs or not and let your mind see what it can come up with.
But make sure to VYB
brain on drugs.png
A sample of what the mind can bring.



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good meme

chaa hope you !LOL ed

Did you hear about the cartoonist being investigated?
Police on the case say he has a sketchy past.

Credit: reddit
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What's this?

Actually it was an ad saying that drugs are very bad for your brain 🤣


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your post reminds of the late great comedian Bill Hicks. He does a funny skit about " here's your brain on drugs " check it out if you haven't see it already.

VYB is going to revolutionize the world!

VYB is going to do what POB would have done if POB came from the cannery in staked form rather than unstaked form and if POB downvoted self-voters and all of the other reasons that people give for the drop in the price of POB.

I'll have you know that I invested a full HIVE penny in VYB yesterday and I fully expect to double my investment this upcoming year.

By penny, I mean one of those copper coated slab of zincs and not the copper penny that was used before 1982.

Anyway, I am expecting a 100% return on my investment!

So, there.

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