How Do You Perceive Value?

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Can you imagine explaining Bitcoin to an empty room and do that as if it was full of people? Well, that's what Andreas Antonopolus did back in 2013 when he explained Bitcoin neutrality basically to the walls of that room as there were probably less than 5 persons inside.

BTC was less than $100 back then so that made for a poor audience. Now we have a Bitcoin worth about $19,000(depending on the time of the day you're checking the price) and there are literally hundreds of people like Antonopolous talking Bitcoin every day and having a quite big audience for that.

People are starting to assess the value of Bitcoin because this thing has gained value against the dollar, but not because of its disruptive nature. We haven't gotten there yet.

How do you perceive value, though?


This is the topic of my Leofinance post of today. The value shall always be subjective and what I want to tackle today is the value of one's posts and why the curation rewards are so insanely discrepant across the board.

First of all, I consider that in most cases these rewards are little to less relevant to the content of the post. I'm not saying that highly rewarded posts are in their entirety pure over-curated crap. Nope, far for me to state that. Some do fall in this case though.

The way I see it, most of the large upvotes that each post is getting are usually upvotes coming from "curation accounts". These are either functioning on auto mode or even if the process is done manually they don't read shit from your post, and simply cast some upvotes here and there, your account being "on the list", or in some rare cases just randomly curated.

So, why am I curated? Or, better said where's the value in my posts that get curated? This is the question we should ask ourselves in order to get to the marrow of the value of our posts reflected in the curation rewards these are getting.

First of all, it is your personality that pays. As I said, most of the curators "curate blindly", thus they're not particularly interested in the content you just put out when "showing their love", but it's rather a result of who you are, what you might have said at some point or something in between.

It's about trust... Yes, they do curate blindly, but they don't do that repetitively with accounts that haven't gained their trust already and that's kind of hard to earn. You can get lucky once in a while, but you don't get lucky every damn day.

Biases rule the world. The curators of the deep dives community will always curate conspiracy theories and anything related types of posts, leofinance curators will only use leofinance's VP on posts that go through the native interface and are related to the community and the same goes for dtube and 3speak curators as well.

Appreciator is of a different breed. I see this account spreading its curation quite wide. I guess it's due to the immense VP it has. The idea is that the value of a post will almost always have to do with some bias of some sort.

Circle jerking is one of the most disputed topics on Hive when it comes to internal rants and anything related. However, it is so damn natural, I see plenty of that in real life too. The people I call are calling me back, the ones I help usually help me back, and the ones I'm making fun of... pretty much do the same.

We're all circle jerkers at the end of the day...

Value is highly subjective, I could probably spend hours philosophizing about it, but the dollar valuation of our posts on Hive doesn't necessarily have to do anything with what the post is actually about. I really believe that over 90% of the ones who curate my posts don't even read them...

What about you, how do you perceive value?

Thanks for your attention,

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Actually, there is a whole theory of value, and in this case you are referring to the fact that each post has a subjective value and that it depends more on the relationships you generate on this platform than on the content of your posts.
And to be honest I hadn't seen it that way, but considering that Hive is a social media platform, wouldn't that make sense?
I mean, I do understand that we should read all the posts that we upvote, but I think most people see it as liking a photo of a friend on Insta, with the only difference that they'll get money from that.

We should encourage shit posts more then.

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That's not the point, the point is whether people think that's valuable or not. For example, a dog TikTok account might have 3 million followers, while a science account only has 100k followers. People will believe that something is valuable depending on their perspectives and luckily in Hive there are certain accounts that are in charge of moderating posts such as Hive Watcher, to prevent abuse on the platform.

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The value of content is not subjective.

It either generates revenue for the site or it doesn't.

When the team starts using ad revenue to buy back/burn LEO, people will get it.

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You have a point here.

I guess you are quite right, personality pays the value of voting and gaining a popularity among peers and friends over a certain community helps to secure such trusts and vitality which breeds the attention and coverage.

In a certain point, what I think is that Hive being the web3 social media platform has the character of engagement and as like more followers and a solid board on partnership wins over quality and that has been proven true over quite a people who have excelled here and 80+ reps has the exact story I am poking!

I really believe that over 90% of the ones who curate my posts don't even read them...

I want to note, that I am from the other 10%.

Honestly, I must admit that I do not fully read every single post which gets my "UP". But there is a bunch of authors, from whom I'm always trying to read their post "cover-to-cover", before leaving my "up" or "BOOM". And YOU are one from that bunch.

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That coming from you means a lot to me, cuz I know you're "salted" ;).