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Finally, back with my posts, today I bring another post about the Battle Mage Secrets event (I must be very delayed with them), today we have the Little League rule, very curious this one, and it's among my favorites, the match chosen for this post was played in the Modern Silver I league, it is being difficult to climb to gold, so I chose this one 😄.




LITTLE LEAGUEOnly monsters & summoners that cost 4 mana or less may be used in battles

Little League is another rule that reduces the number of cards to play, I think that of all the rules this is the one that most removes the options of cards to be played, leaving only units with a mana cost of 4 or less able to be chosen, the good thing is that there are very strong epic and legendary units with this mana cost making them even more powerful in matches with this rule, Queen Mycelia, Djiin Biljka, Igor and Uraeus are some good examples.

For this rule I always give preference to the element of death, cards with a cost below 4 of this element combined with the debuff of the summoner Thaddius Brood wreak havoc on the opposing team, for tank I usually use RiftWing, because it is very resistant and can counterattack very well, then I go with the best support of this element Ravenhood Warden, because lack of armor is a big problem in this color, then I put the largest amount of DPS I have, it is worth remembering that Soul Strangler have guaranteed place in this line-up 😂. A big problem with this combination is facing magic combos, because even taking -1 damage from them with Thaddius Brood summoner can still melt this team easily, I always advise having a Death Elemental lvl 4+ to further reduce this type of damage.

As this rule does not affect skills, I will only comment on my favorites.

Best Skills

image.pngBackfireI really like this ability with this rule, few units will have a lot of speed and with that the chance of dodging increases, the RiftWing does a lot of damage with this ability, as it is one of the fastest units within the Little League rule.
image.pngPoisonAll units will have very low health, and sometimes a lot of armor, so this extra damage at the end of the turn can be enough to eliminate a unit.
image.pngProtectExtra armor to hold off physical damage, without armor your team can be easily defeated, it is worth remembering that there is a high chance of the opponent appearing with a team focused on magic damage, which is why I like to use Thaddius.
image.pngMartyrOne of the best skills to put on meat shields, when it dies will buff the units next to it, making them even stronger, something very important in this rule, because if it reaches 4 damage it will practically kill everything 😁.
image.pngWeakenThe units in this rule don't have much HP, Weaken on the field plus Thaddius' debuff will leave several units with only 1 HP.


⚔️ My Team ⚔️


A match with 24 mana and the Lost Magic / Little League rules, lost magic removed all the magic units from the match (I loved playing with them in the Little League rule 😂) and the Little League rule also removed the units that cost more than 4 mana, so I focused on a team resistant to physical damage and added extra armor with protect, I focused the damage on the front line and left only Uraeus to try to catch some unprotected unit.
image.pngSummoner : Death element has a good number of units with low mana cost, and Thaddius will deal 1 damage to all my opponent's units, most of which should start the game with 1 HP 😂.
image.pngTank : It's excellent against physical damage, but extremely fragile to magical damage. Since this match won't have that kind of damage, it becomes an excellent low-cost option.
image.pngOff-Tank: I'm not particularly fond of this card, but its cost fits it like a glove here, and it also has the ability to nullify the opponent's tank healing.
image.pngDPS: It would be deadly if it had poison, it will try to catch some of the opponent's unprotected units, without poison it's a risky move 🤣.
image.pngSuport : Excellent unit, if the target still has armor, it will be destroyed due to its ability, still has a good Cost/Damage.
image.pngDPS: As there will be no magic damage in the match, the protect skill will be extremely effective, making my units withstand at least one hit before dying.
image.pngSuport: Pure damage, this unit needs nothing else 😁..


🤜The Battle 🤛


Analyzing the match: A mirror match, with 3 equal units in the teams, my Uriel was neutralized by the clock and will lose a lot of time with it, I didn't protect my backline and the opponent's Uriel will wreak havoc on my team, the opponent's tank is interesting especially if he's lucky to dodge the attacks, my only way out is to knock out the RiftWing without missing a single attack, before my opponent knocks out my Ravenwood Warden.

Round 1 - My Soul Strangler doesn't resist the opponent's Sneak and Opportunity combo and is the first to be eliminated from the game. With a lot of luck, all my physical attacks hit the opponent's Zubat, this elimination was very unexpected due to the target's high chance of dodging.


Round 2 - My tank is knocked out right at the start of the round, then the opposing Uriel is knocked out by Shadow Snitch, so now I have a good advantage in the game.


Round 3 - The round started off very well with the Shadow and Badger being eliminated, and almost at the end the opposing Soul Stragler also left the game, practically handing me the victory.



Round 4 and 5 - With the victory guaranteed, it was just a matter of waiting for the victory, which arrived in round 5 with a beautiful hit from Uriel.


🎊 Conclusion 🎊

Little League is an interesting rule, and makes some low mana cost cards shine in an equal match, the Weaken effect and the summoner's HP Debuff are extremely strong here, leaving cards with a measly 1 HP easily, if there was any magic damage in play it would almost be a hit kill on all units.

My strategy worked, but it was very lucky that my team hit all the attacks on RiftWing, because one or two mistakes could have completely changed the game due to its Backfire, I even think that my opponent's strategy was superior to mine 😁.


Game Link: Splinterlands


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