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Hi everyone welcome to the Social media challenge post of the week here I am going to share my strategy in the battle So I have played a random battle. I tried my strategy according to the battle rulesets and the opponent's strategy. So according to that, I have used some tactics and I made changes for this specific battle. I am going to discuss all about it in this particular post So let's start a battle post.


Battle Rulesets

Target practice and keep your distance are the rulesets of this particular battle. This particular battle has 42 mana and a death sprinter is not available here So I have chosen the water splinter team for this particular battle. According to the keep your distance Rule you cannot use melee attack cards. So it is not beneficial to take other splinters than water So I have chosen the water splinter here because water has some good magic attack cards

For the target practice rule I’m going to choose some high-health monsters and monsters with High attacks so that they can hit the opponent badly, as well as protect against the snipe attacks of the opponent. You should choose the most magical monsters because they can Attack better compared to the other attack monsters in the target practice rule battle. The Magic attack monsters hit directly to the health So even the opponent is protected with armor Then it is not going to save itself from the Magic attack.

Strategy for this battle

Before starting the battle, I checked the opponent's Previous five teams, and I saw that the opponent had always taken ranged attack monsters most So that is why I decided to take monsters with high health so that they could protect against those giant ranged attacks. As I said there is a target practice ruleset which means every ranged attack monster and magic attack monster has a snipe ability So it is beneficial to take magic attack monsters instead of ranged So I have taken most magic attack monsters in my team.

At the first position, I took the scavenger ability monster because there is a target practice rule So if I protect against the snipe attacks and also blast ability monster. So it is ok to take a scavenger card at first. Along with this, I have taken the tank heal ability monster to increase the health of that scavenger ability monster when hit by an opponent So it can stay longer in the battle.

Team for the battle

  • GELATINOUS CUBE: This monster has scavenger, void, and tank heal ability because I have upgraded this monster to 6 levels. It has 6 mana,1 speed, and 11 health It is good to use the first position but you can change position according to rulesets and the battle situation.


  • PRISMATIC ENERGY: This magic monster has magic reflects and void ability. I have 6 level monster of this That is why I got these two abilities. It has 8 mana, 2 attack, 5 speed, and 10 health. I used it to the second position because it has a magic reflect ability So it will reflect all the Magic attacks by the opponent.


  • DJINN OSHANNUS: This monster is known for its void, phase, and forcefield ability. Not only this, but it has good attributes Like 8 mana, two attacks, 5 speed, and 11 health I have level 3 of this monster And in level 3, I am getting these attributes and abilities. These three abilities are special and it is going to protect against opponents's Magic attacks as well as Melle and ranged attacks too.


  • RULER OF THE SEAS: With blast, swiftness, and silence this particular monster is perfect it is a very popular legendary monster It has a 6 manner, 3 attacks, 3 speed, and 5 health in level three. I have level three of this monster Because of the Target practice ruleset every magic monster has a snipe ability And when you have a snipe ability with this card then it is going to do the highest damage to the opponent.


  • AXEMASTER: This particular is most known for double strike, close range and cripple ability. I have level three of this monster And in this level, I am getting 7 Mana, 2 attacks, 4 speed, and 6 health. This battle has a target practice ruleset And because of that this particular monster will get the snipe ability free Or you can say additional ability which will increase the benefit for me.


  • CRUSTACEAN KING: This monster has a tank Heal ability as well as a protect ability I have level 5 of this master So I’m getting only a tank heal ability. I have To upgrade it to level 6 to get protect ability. This monster is good to use in the last position in target practice ruleset battle which is why the opponent will attack second or third position most. Monsters will attack the Second or third monster So the tank heal ability monster will be protected till the end.


Here is the battle result

So above I have shared my team and strategy that I used in the battle and here you can watch the battle. I am adding link and video here so watch it.

So If you have any questions regarding this strategy then share your comment below. If you are new then join splinterlands below is my referral link. Share this post on social media using #play2earn #rebellion and #splinterlands tags.

Thank you

Lucky Ali

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