CONTEST-12,500 LVL in Awards (about 68.5 Hive at time of post)

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It’s contest time! This is no ordinary contest. For this one, you’ll need to Verify Your Brain!!!


But how? With some creative writing.

It’s no secret I’m a whale in the LVL token. I have over 1M LVL. Now I want to use what I’ve accumulated to get your creative juices going. Here’s the skinny:



  1. Read this post by @scholaris:
  2. Create a character for PsyberX, the new game coming out in Q2, 2022.
  3. Create a backstory for the character-at least 250 words long. Describe him or her, their background, how they got to be in the cyberpunk city. You can mention their career, family, vehicle of choice, weapon of choice, hairstyle, clothes, etc.
  4. Your character name/backstory may be used by game developers with no compensation to you. When you post your character and backstory, you understand that it’s for the contest and that it is with the hopes of inspiring the game developers. Your reward will be your Hive, VYB, and POB payouts and possible contest winnings.
  5. Use #psyberx #p2e #playtoearn #nft #cryptogaming #blockchaingaming #psyberxcharacter, #lvl, and #vyb as your tags.
  6. Deadline: Post your entry by 12:00pm PST, Feb 11, 2022.

That’s it! Oh, you want to know what you could win?


12,500 LVL spread over 8 Winners (68.5 Hive at current value)

Best posts will be determined by me and an unnamed group of Hive-ians I’m cohorting with… 😊

  • 1st Place: 5,000 LVL (at the time of this post, this is worth about 27.4 Hive (5000 x 0.00548)
  • 2nd Place: 2,500 LVL (you do the math)
  • 3rd Place: 1,250 LVL
  • Honorable Mention (5 ‘awards’): 750 LVL each (4.11 Hive at current price)

I don't recommend you sell the token once awarded...but you do what you want to with it:


Feel free to tag me in your post.
-images used in this post are used with permission from @psyberx and crew.

Need Inspiration?



Very nice contest indeed! good luck to the participants!

What if we made a character?

Lol! You can use it in the game. That would be cool! Especially if the winner got to name it.

Can I create the history without a graphic? because I want to participate, but I'm pretty bad at drawing.

You don't have to make a graphic. It's all writing 😉

I would be 100% down for this, if we were credited in one way or another if the Devs decide to use our creation.

I'm down for it anyway.

I'll have to leave that up to @psyberx. I don't have that authority. This is a write up, not a graphic. I might need to make that clear in the post.

Credit to anyone that does this @gamergeek56

Awesome, I might give er a go then!

Do or do not, there is no try lol

I did this thing!

Awesome! I can go look for it, but if you want to leave a link here, others can find it easily, too.

That makes sense. 🤔

This is so awesome, guess am all in

Can't wait to read your post!

This is my entry post.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for writing this article. It kind of made me get through these last parts of this story.

Awesome! I'm glad it did! I have an idea for another contest soon

Hi, I have a question, do I have to draw the character or just create the name and the backstory?

Just name and back story

Thanks! Can I use images from @psyberx? I was thinking of using some screenshots from the last video to situate a part of the story.

Sure! If you join the discord, there's a whole section for images you can use

Greetings all. @bobthebuilder2 , excellent contest you have here. I'm glad I found this. Here's my entry;

Stitch Face -The Extrimity

Nice, I'm in. As long as I don't have to draw the character.

You don't. Writing is all you have to do... you're just building a character with a back story. Literary exercise 😀

Nice. I'm in. Anything to rack up some Lvl


Meet Bungus Greedy-Scalpel: an unscrupulous and unethical doctor that was arrested for harvesting the organs from his patients!

Its my first time here, the psyberX seem strange but the juicy rewards from this contest is drawing my attention.
This is not going down with me.

I am in.

Thanks a lot. I am already on it. Let's see how it ends.