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Recently I have been trying to balance between being grateful and also getting what I am worth. These two things are quite tricky and conflicting (sometimes) and I will explain shortly.

Gratitude often connotes appreciation for the things one has and the antithesis of being that is being ungrateful/worried about the things one doesn't possess. The closest thing to gratitude I can think of is contentment--being perfectly fine with what you have or who you are.

Oftentimes when people are grateful or content with their reality, they tend not to want to try new things or take on new opportunities. They are fine in the comfort of their reality and there is nothing wrong with that per se. There isn't much of an issue with being contented until you're not.

However, there are instances when one is undervalued and is made to think they are being given charity. To the eye of the unassuming person, this is a good exchange and he or she is grateful for it. As long as this person or group remains unaware of the nature of the said exchange, he or she is fine with it.

But what's it to you? The said person is content.

The real question is:* will these said person or group be grateful if they know are worth more than they've been credited for?* The answer is no. On the contrary, they will feel cheated and used.

People are only happy with what they have in relation to what they think they are worth. This is why the happiest people are usually those who want little. Most times, they do not think they are worth much and would make do with anything that comes their way.

However, for those who aspire for much, this is always the case of battling with disappointment because such persons know what they are capable of achieving or the merit of their input. It is difficult for such a person to be grateful for the things they have.

How does one navigate gratitude and their sense of worth?

As someone who came from nothing I am always grateful for how much I have in relation to most people in my sphere I doing pretty well, and I also understand why that's not enough for me because I know I can be so much more.

So what I am saying in essence is that gratitude and self-worth are not absolute. You cannot place yourself so high that you lose your sense of appreciation for life, in the same way, you shouldn't remain stagnant because you appreciate the life you have.

Also, you can be grateful to those who have helped you on your journey and still not be subservient to them. It is common to feel indebted to those who help you and that creates room for manipulation. You can be grateful and still maintain your dignity as a person.

So these are the thoughts i want to share today. I hope you find these words useful in some way. Cheers!

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