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Namaste everyone!

We have decided to host a weekly contest aimed to become a community with better engagement and have more presence on Hive. These contests will be organised each week to boost creativity among members of the community, help new and budding writers to show more creativity, help increase their personal growth on the platform and build better connections along with getting some good prizes in turn.

We encourage everyone to step forward and contribute to this. You can help by either taking parts in these contests, giving feedback and constructive criticism to the entries, supporting the entries or by sponsoring these contest. Drop your feedback/suggestions in the comments below or join our Discord Server and connect with us there.

Theme: Dream Destinations

Tell us about your dream travel destinations and why you want to visit them.

Close your eyes, have a deep breath and think about the place that calls to you, your Dream Destination. Whether it is a calming evening on peaceful sandy beach, a hike with friends to a remote village in the serene Himalayas, a remote island on a sunny day, or a jungle safari, what comes to your mind?

Tell us why you want to visit that place and with whom. How long you plan to stay, is it outside your country, do you think you can go there in this year or maybe the next couple of years? Tell us what all, we will be listening to your story!

How to Participate:

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There are some rules which everyone should keep in mind and read carefully as some of them can be changed in the subsequent contests.

  • Publish your post in IndiaUnited Community.

  • Use the #iucontest as your second tag, failing to do will invalidate your entry.

  • No use of AI tools like ChatGPT for writing your posts. We want to hear your thoughts not AI's.

  • The post should have at least 350 original words per language (incase you decide to make a dual language post).

  • Leave a link to your entry as a comment to this post.

  • One entry post per account/user.

  • Re-blog, upvote and share this contest post with others to spread the word. (Optional)

Failing to comply with the above rules will disqualify you from the contest.


The deadline for submitting your entries will be six days (144 hours) after publishing this post.



  • Upvotes from @indiaunited for each valid entry.

  • Total 1000 Ecency Points, Sponsored by @bhattg

  • The Winner = 1st Runner UP = 500 Ecency Points, 2nd= 300 Ecency Points, and Runner UP = 200 Ecency Points and one HSBI to each.

  • Curations from few other accounts but not guaranteed.

We are looking for more sponsors, if anyone wants to sponsor some rewards for the winners. Let us know in the comments or talk to us in IndiaUnited Discord Server.

Do you know that you can earn a passive income by delegating to @indiaunited and @india-leo accounts. We share more than 100 % of the curation rewards with the delegators in the form of LEO and IUC tokens. IUC token is soft pegged to 1 HIVE per 1 IUC. Our curation from @indiaunited and @india-leo accounts are 100% manual. HP delegators and IUC token holders also get upto 20% additional vote weight from @indiaunited.

Here are some handy links for you to delegate to us!

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Beautiful entry. Thank you for participating!

I totally love this idea and I'm looking forward to sharing my entry and reading from others as well 🥰.

I wonder which is Hope's dream destination. Would love to read your post. Remember to read all the rules carefully. ❤️

Hey Pravesh, you can look forward to it and yes! I'd make sure to read the rules again so my entry will be valid 🥰

good know, will wait for your entry

!giphy Fantastic


You can look forward to it 🥰

This is wonderful!
Congratulations to the administrators of this create community, this is so thoughtful of you.
The prompt topic is interesting.
Let's get writting...
I can't wait to read other entries too.

great good to know, thanks for visiting will wait for your entry.

!giphy Fantastic


We can't wait to read what you have to share. Let's get writing!

It is great initiative I think and I will take to participate in the contest. Thank you

thank, will wait for your entry.

!giphy Fantastic


Interesting contest . I would love to participate in this contest.

We will be waiting for your entry. Good luck!

thanks, great will wait for your entry.

!giphy Fantastic


It would be better if IUC Token was given as the prize.
I want to add 300 Ecency points for this first contest.
Will I send Ecency points to @indiaunited account?


indiaunited, tin.aung.soe sent you LUV. 🙂 (2/10) tools | trade | connect | wiki | daily

Made with LUV by crrdlx.

unfortunately, that can't be possible with IUC tokens. (The purpose of the IUC token is different so can't be used for contests) I hope you understand that.
thanks for the contribution, you can send it to my account @bhattg. thanks
good luck will wait for your entry thanks.

I gave gift 300 points to your account @bhattg .
May you be successful!

This is a very good and interesting competition. We can read and understand each other. I will definitely participate.

aha that is great, will wait for your entry.

!giphy great


Good initiative. A platform where we get to interact with others and also, by getting to know more details about the subject. 👍

Looks like you know the drill!

Not exactly. But no harm in giving a try 🙂

Looks like a good contest. Can only community members participate? Or is it open to everyone reading this post right now? Because I can join the contest from @pravesh0's account.

Anyone can participate in this contest. Just have to put your post in the community. (What is your dream destination?)

I can join the contest from @pravesh0's account.

Lol, how?

What is your dream destination?

You'll learn when I shared it.

I prefer not to reveal my secrets.


Amazing update 👍

Nke... is here!! Will be waiting to see yours's dream location.

P.S Nice Comment

The Prav
Expect it!

Thanks for participating and good luck!

thanks for participating

!giphy good luck


It's an interesting contest. Thanks to all the administrators, you have done a good job. I hope to join the contest as often as I can.

Wow 😮

This is amazing. Thanks @indiaunited for bringing this up and good luck to everyone.

This is a great way to know where, how and why people wants to go and do. It would be so fun to read everyone's dream locations. Will be waiting for yours too, @ene22

My pleasure. 😊

Good luck to all!

Ohh yeah, I have a dream destination too and I was thinking to write on it... now i got the opportunity 🤣😝

hehe... will be waiting for your post then.

Zada intzar nhi krwaoun gi😂🤣

chalo dehte hai aap kon se jagha jana cahte ho 😀

😂han dekh lena main toh asman ki seer kr ke aoun gi🤣

sahe hai 😅, dhyan se jara


What an interesting topic for the week. I love traveling and this is one beautiful prompt to write about my dream trip.

My entry to the prompt:

Thank you for participating! Good luck!

thanks for participating

!giphy good luck


And here's my entry 🤭, I hope you enjoy it 🤗

thanks for participating

!giphy good luck


It's my pleasure 🤗 and thank you!

Thank you for participating. Good luck, Hope!

It's my pleasure and thank you so much Pravesh 🤗

Everyone have an authority to write, right?
Or is it just for Indians?

Yes, anyone can write and enter in this contest!

Here's my entry to this week contest

Good luck to all participants

Thanks for participating in the contest! Good luck

thanks for participating

!giphy good luck


Thank you for participating!

thanks for participating

!giphy good luck


Hello everyone
Here's my entry for this week's contest

thanks for participating

!giphy good luck


Thanks for participating in this contest. Good luck!

Hmmm. Something interesting to write on...

Let's do it 🫨🫠🥳😝😶😶‍🌫️🤔😬😱(don't worry, was just playing with emojis).

We will be waiting for you entry

Thanks for participating!

you are welcome man

thanks for participating

!giphy good luck


You are welcome it was fun

Thank you for participating!

thanks for participating

!giphy good luck


Here I am again commenting but this time with my entry link, hehe

thanks for participating

!giphy good luck


It was really fun and exciting to write this article. I was especially happy dreaming about the future. Thank you for that.

This is my participation in this contest.

Thank you for participating!

thanks for participating

!giphy good luck



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Hi, thanks for organizing this contest. My entry for the contest...

thanks for participating

!giphy good luck


surely gonna participate in the contest...

!giphy Fantastic



This is amazing! Thanks for putting this contest together. I would love to participate.

Glad you liked it! We will be looking forward to your post!

Namaste 🙏 @bhattg bro, I am late, here is my contest entry blog..

Hello @everyone, this is my first time here and this is my entry;

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