Hive Highlight 2021 is LUV

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@guiltyparties has a #HiveHighlight challenge where you describe, well, your Hive Highlight of 2021.


My Hive Highlight for 2021 is a simple choice: I made the LUV token.

Actually, simply making the LUV token was the easy part. Spending 100 BEE on the easy TribalDex token-maker site is little more than completing five or six items on a form. (Have you seen how many Hive-Engine tokens have been created yet are inactive?)

The hard part for me was figuring out how to "get it live", meaning, how to set up the back end of a comment-based token. All of that was new to me, smarter people helped me, and I'm thankful in that I've learned a lot in the process.

Still, even the accomplishment of "getting it live" isn't the greatest highlight. The true highlight of the LUV token is that it's been embraced by the Hive community. If you're reading this, you've no doubt seen LUV in comments, perhaps received some LUV yourself. Every day, over 300 LUV are given from one Hive user to another via the !LUV command to the "LUVbot".

In practicality, LUV has created an additional means for Hive users to share something positive to another. Even after the upvote period has closes, LUV has enabled users to give an affirmation to another person that holds real value, both emotional and financial.

By the way, I've tried to minimize possible intrusiveness. If you find the bot spammy, you can always mute the @LUVshares account.

I listed some use cases in the early days of LUV. One of them was to "meet and engage with people". I've met and engaged with some great folks thanks to this endeavor.

Since the goal of the LUV token is to spread love around the Hive blockchain, I find its usage very affirming. That's my Hive Highlight for 2021.


You can read about LUV at


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I am one of many who are enjoying your project spreading LUV for good deeds 😁👏😁👏 がんばってねーー😀✌


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!

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That's a nice ornament and idea. !LUV