Hive Fest talks and random selfies @ HiveFest 2022 Day 1

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O.K ok so I fucked up the arrival time with HiveFest this year - I had to stop off in Amsterdam Central Starbucks to purchase my Splinterlands Gems at the very start of the presale..... had I not stopped off I would have been on le tube @ 20.00

Packs purchased I headed to my Bunk Hotel ! An hour away from the venue so after a quick French Wash I didn't get tbere until 21.40.

This didn't stop me from having several free beers and a few paid ones after and just a general catch up....

Until about 2.00 a.m. then a walk back to the hotel - got a csb after half way due to the rain.....

Not much to say about the bunk hotel - I just slept there for four hours and then back out aftet a shower for day 1 proper - which so far is best characterised as me lunching it out in a chair watching some talks and chatting during breaks...

The day started off with this loverly presentation from @arcange to the 5 IRL Fest attendees....

And then the talks started proper..... and I have to agree with @demotruck - Hive feels a little more together, a little more Corporate and yet still decentralised.

Lots of interesting stuff in the talks - highlights for me...

HF26 due October 12th.

Expect a shake up of RC costs - custom jsons going up!

Very excited about the Hive film coming up.....

Looks educational - the story of blockchain from the perspective of somone starting off with no knowledge!

And my favourite slide....

What a title!

And I even got to sit next to the legendary @slobberchops for a while!

So far so good - beer time!


Looks like you are enjoying so much!

Have a great time my friend


Looking forward to your beersaturday pictures. I hope you'll share some with me

Awesome. Have a good time!


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Look at you two, pair of legends!

You need to come along fo the next one!

I will. I am sure of it. It's only my holiday that stopped me this time!

Great image happy to see more people at the fest

Yeah it's been a fab time so far!

I wish I was there! Wasn’t able to make it last minute :(

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Ah damn I was looking forward to seeing you here! Rio next year apparently!

How does the crowd compare to Krakow or Bangkok?

Quite similar numbers to Bangkok - vibe feels a bit closer to Krakow but that's probably just cos its back in EU!

I can’t believe I bailed before you, 4hours sleep and still going, drinking that free beer and pigging out when I left. I’m crashing like now, can’t do it anymore 😃

I didn’t last that much longer | back in my pod already at 11.00

Did someone say !beer ...

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Many many and lots!

You made it into 2 am last night and still looked so fresh today? Crap..i need some UK emigration stress as well for that smile

Early evening in here!

It caught up with me a bit yesterday I bailed at 21.00 - also that massive chicken portion didn't help

I must say that the Hivefest has been a wonderful and exciting experience thus far, and hearing about those experiences makes some of us regret not being able to attend in person. Nonetheless, I'm watching all of the episodes and must say that I'm enjoying it as well.

It's been great so far - shame you couldn't make it!

have a great time and enjoy

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It's all great fun. Just remember to get some sleep.

Late start Sunday I think

Good to meet you mate. Ready for round 2!

What time you gonna show up ? Did you make the after party yesterday?

who are those two lovely guys right at the top of your post? they look like they´re hanging up in amsterdam all night and day 🤣

Just two randoms I met!

It’s great you could go, and I am happy you are having fun.

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