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I have been on a rant for the past few weeks about Hive and everything happening in the ecosystem that I don't like because I am passionate about the chain and my interest of course. It has been 5 years of actively being on this space, putting out content and supporting in the ways I could. Fortunately, I have been rewarded, however, I only think of rewards or even my stake as short term investments.

When I started blogging on Hive, what I earned from my content was mainly to cover bills and it is still that way, because there was no possible way I could become financially free from posting (and that has never been the plan for me). I don't know anyone one hive who has achieved that in the last five years. However, I believed and was banking on the network growing. My biggest bet was on the communit and leveraging on the positive network effect that comes with a community of millions of users.

For instance, I have mutuals smiling to the bank because they have communities of people who read and consume their content. They get good gigs, whitelists for their community and everybody is happy. These are people who were building on X for the last few year, and I remember I was once doing well on X. If I had stuck to it, maybe I would have been able to leverage the web 3 hype on X. It pisses me but at the end of day, I decided to build here, so I take total responsibility, and who says things cannot turn around.

Now, I understand aforementioned example may come off as me implying Hive has failed in some way, but that's far from it. Hive is still a solid project, it is not just growing in the way and manner I had projected and I am coming to terms with the possibility that this might just be how things are meant to be with the hive blockchain--we are trading off hype/pumps/growth for longitivity. For tge longerst time i have struggled with this truth, hence my hunger and frustration, but I am getting there (eventually).

It is hard pill to swallow, but Hive is where it wants to be and there is no really need to change. Why would a hive DAPP want to grow when it can easily live off the reward pool; why would a creator on hive want to give his/her best when there is no real incenitve to do so; and why would anyone want to build here for a few persons, when they can join hype chains like solana. Yes the underlining technology is great (and old-ish), and we pro free speech, but what does that translate to in the short term?

Hive is banking on the world realising how awesome it is but that's just an audacious bet, that can obviously go sideways. Most people will say that this is just a social experiment and there are no guarantee, so it is reasonable if people are not willing to committe 100%. Unfortunately Hive is not the type of project that can survive with a passive community of shit posters and indifferent whales. There is a level of commitment that is require for the hive to thrive and not just survive, and we don't have that anymore.

In conclusion, I want everyone to understand that this is the summer of 2018. We don't have the numbers or commitment anymore. We have to find more ways to get people and more dapps into the ecosystem, understanding that we are building from ground up and not from the mid up. These are the currently challenges facing the hive blockchain.


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