Distance by Deceit: DREEM-WOTW challenge

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It was the appointed time, though time had no real bearing on the conversation. The dialogue between the two would change nothing. Though both knew this as fact, it was still appointed and therefore would be honored. One patient, one prideful, both present - it began with an intriguing entrance.

Hard-heeled, leather boots hugged muscular calves. Sharp, staccatoed steps tapped across the polished marble floor. The spicy aroma of costly cologne announced his approach.

It was all illusion. The sound, the scent, and the staging was all for show, and he excelled in each aspect. As master of deception, he was ever-refining his skills of delusion and confusion. It mattered little that his audience was impossible to impress. Deception wasn't merely what he conjured, it was who he was - and so, his existence was fixed, predictable and inevitable.

"Seen your precious realm lately, have you?" the snarky comment was substituted for a proper greeting. He hungered for this these meetings, vivid memories of a time when he had full access branding his soul - or lack of one. But he had been banished, and there was no return; therefore, these conversations were a torture that he both resented and craved. There was no rest in this emotional duplicity. Hence, he felt no compulsion to resist every opportunity to be acidic. "I've been busy down there with your toys."

"I watch every detail, as you well know."

The truthful pain of that statement hit its target with precision. Yes, he did know. It made the sting of his own banishment all the more vicious. If he was growing too bold, too ambitious, too lofty in his journey to greatness, why hadn't he been curtailed? Why not come alongside him and counsel of the dangers? Why was he - in all his glory and potential for god-like sovereignty ignored and left to fall off the cliff, while the sniveling little worms were continually coddled and babied - despite their constant treachery? Was he so wrong for wanting to imitate perfection? To be a mirror of the One he admired? All in all, he could most certainly do a better job, and should have been allowed to prove it. But no - God forbid His Excellency be challenged.

"You..." the first word hung in air so long, it seemed to be a one-word address. After the pregnant pause, the thought continued,"... had a choice."

The fullness of that message wasn't spoken aloud, but rather permeated every cell with a resonance that spoke truth in love, in patience and in harmonious unity. Protons and electrons pulsed with joy, simply being allowed to be the tools to convey these intentions.

With a slash of opposing hatred, the antagonist spat out fury. Air molecules parted in fear and swirled away as sound waves of wrath blasted through the space creating tiny pockets of vacuous emptiness.

"Did I? And what choice did I have when my father created me to be all that you see?"

As his anger rose, his sneer turned feral, his perfect row of teeth elongating into fangs. The spicy scent of his aroma became acrid, giving off whiffs of sulfur. His cape, previously shining like gossamer became stiff, leathery, and inflexible.

"You continue to have a choice," Purity pulsed in reply.

Brazen, the deceiver coiled like a snake and hissed his reply. "Yesssss, I ssssssupposssse I do." Testing the air with a forked tongue, he paused, tentative. After being thrown out of the realm, he still had access to these meetings, but he had always suspected some trick, some impending punishment. Lured in, to be beaten down? Tolerated until his defenses were slack and then - the ultimate attack? He pushed and provoked beyond the boundaries every time, but had never let his rage push him too far. One day, he would. He knew it. All knew it. But, self-preservation suggested that he tread cautiously. But then again, arrogance instead dictated what came next.

"Ssssssee them down there? Sssssso unaware? Sssssso deliciousssssly oblivioussssss? Ssssso inexplicably disssssstant?" Uncoiling, he raised back up into human form, attempting to regain an air of dignity. "That's me. All me." Sniffing satisfactorily, he continued to enlighten his audience. "It's quite easy, actually. They want to believe that they're alone. They crave desperation. I barely have to convince them at all. Just smash their little hill, and watch all the ants scurry." Turning away from his host, he tilted his head to the left, his profile revealing an almost-human smile. Surprisingly, the human sneer appeared more sinister than his fanged one had been. He shook his head, mocking and patronizing. Running his tongue over his teeth, he measured the distance between his flaming darts and the heart of his target. "Tsk. tsk. Seems you do have a penchant for creating things that turn."

Silence reigned supreme.

The space crackled with friction and frustration, as patience stretched out infinitely. The enemy's silhouette flickered between serpentine and submissive as he fought to maintain his composure, but the silence proved to be a greater weapon than he was capable of enduring.

"Why?!?!" he demanded. "What pleasure can you get from this!"

A response was not truly needed, but would come today. Not so much for the instigator, but for the witnesses. Sometimes, the lesson was for more - beyond space, beyond time, beyond distance. This soul before Him was and would always be - lost - without redemption. But what of others? Others that would hear of this interaction, without even knowing that they were a part of it. The ones that were currently on His mind, and in His heart. The ones He was speaking to - even now, across the universe. To those, e would answer.

"Some will willingly choose you, but not all. It is true that they feel alone, hurting, far from me; the distance they feel is only your weak illusion. Your sham is only as strong as their belief that bolsters it. Your power is dependent on their acceptance. If they're listening, they'll hear that. If they're looking, they'll see. You hurt, I heal. You divide, I unite. You're temporary, weak, and in the light of eternity - trivial. I am not."

Raging eyes blazed fire, snorting nostrils fumed smoke, while fury seethed in the adversary's core- burning, boiling, bubbling. He measured his response, and then carelessly spat his retort in defiance. "Then, I will continue to destroy. This plan is flawed and deserves my merciless attention. I'll never cease to show them how far the gap is between you and them."

"You'll shout. I'll whisper. You'll break. I'll build." He stopped speaking to the man-serpent shifting between forms in uncontrolled fury. Instead, the message radiated out to an unseen audience, offering the unfiltered truth. "He will control. I'll comfort. He will destroy. I will restore. He is death. I am life."

Turning and daring to stalk forward, wrath filled the demon's entire being. "You'll leave them - like you always do. You'll forsake them - because its in
your character. You'll punish them - because you love it." His voice rose to a shriek, "You'll abandon them- like you did me!"

"Lies are no match for Love."

And just like that, the meeting was over.

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eyes on earth
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thank you @bhattg!! I appreciate that!!

You have quite an unimaginable imagination!

All the while I read through, I was simply baffled and kept wandering how all of these things played in your head!

I'm gravely awed!

I appreciate your comment! And yes ...hehehe my imagination does sometimes take on a life of its own lolol

but this one seemed to write itself...it seemed I could actually see the conversation happening with the devil and God .. so I just had.to witness it and report what happened..lol

it was a good story for me to write! I enjoy it a lot and glad you enjoyed reading it!! 😊

it was a good story for me to write! I enjoy it a lot.
You're on a high pedestal when you enjoy a lot as you write!
That's so cute 😊

Christ! I am speechless. Rendered totally...
I will never look at the devil the same again. He is just a child! That craves attention. In one way, all he wants is for God to beg him or something...and this is absolute truth. How do I even begin to say I love this? Lord help me. I am so emotional right now...

that's really all he is ... a spoiled child that didn't get his way, and now wants to create hurt everywhere he goes. he doesn't care about us , he only wants to take his revenge on God and we are the easiest way to do that.

his entire existence is based on that ..over and over and over. we are just collateral damage in his war against God . nothing more nothing less.

but to God? we are precious

and that really gets under the devil's scales. lololololol

It's a marvel how you put these words together to describe the difference between God and devil. It's obvious that Satan has lost to the supremacy of God, hence he always go back to plead God for his servant. Since God has given us the opportunity to make choices ourselves, we are now free to either choose to be deceived or stick to the truth.

Nice entry for the challenge Dreemie, this is so beautiful ❤️.

thanks sweet Hope!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

yes...once our eyes have been opened - then we can make the right choice (or ... continue to make the wrong ones)

sadly ...God allows for both! we aren't robots and He doesn't want us to be ..so that means we need to choose out of love ...not out of obligation

we wouldn't want anyone to be forced to love us... and our hearts were patterned after God's heart. so it's not hard to see that He wants us to love hIm freely too ... not forced robots but tender children ❤️

thanks for coming to visit!!!

You an email absolutely right, he gave us free will to do whatever we want because he expects us to make the right choices but I know we disappoints him most times, sadly.

You're welcome Dreemie, I'm so glad I could read such beautiful piece 😍.

From the beginning to the end,not well understood what this message was trying to pass to the readers.

Posted using Proof of Brain

Hi @dansabest9 😄 thanks for telling me that you didn't understand! I can help explain better

it is a conversation between the devil and God

He has been appointed a meeting before the Throne, but he is still.angry for all the years that he has been exiled from heaven.

The conversation continues with the devil trying to antagonize God over and over, but God has perfect peace and patience.

Finally the devil rages against God because he is jealous that God loves humans, but didn't love him better. He claims that he could be higher and better than God and instead of being thrown out of heaven, he should have been allowed to prove that he was better than God

He tells God that he doesn't agree with his plan and says that it's flawed. Since the plan is bad in his eyes, he tells God that he will continue to hurt humans and convince them that they have been abandoned by God, just like he was.

God simply tells him that His love is more powerful than the devil's lies and then He dismisses the devil from the meeting

thats how it ends.

I hope that summary helps you to understand it now!! ❤️❤️❤️😊

I am now clear and well understood
Thanksfor Breakinh it down for me

Posted using Proof of Brain

I've been busy down there with your toys."

His response here sounds very offensive like his nature. And sometimes some of these arrogant toys down here gives him reasons to boast.

But at the end, light always prevailed and with his patient only caused the arrogant, prideful man furry

yes .. he prefers to be antagonistic at every juncture in his existence. he likes to mock and poke and provoke...and he has no regard for anyone but himself

I always wonder if he hadn't been so prideful..how amazing he could have been

I mean....the Bible calls him the most beautiful. and we can read about how amazing Michael and Gabriel are... and the devil (when he was an angel) was even higher than them!

it's sad to see that something that was created to be amazing has chosen to distort himself to the point of pure evil.

it makes me wonder how I do the same. are there things in my life where I was actually designed to be great but instead, I choose to distort myself for my own purposes and my own gain instead of choosing what's right?

always something to think about ..right? hehehe

it's easy for us to look at the devil and judge his character (or lack of it) because he's just so bad!

but how often do we carelessly follow in his footsteps??? thinking about that right now...lololol

You're right. One can only imagine his beauty if he didn't rebel against his maker and sometimes we find ourselves doing same. We only hope someday we'll grow near righteousness

Gosh... I had myself bewitched, unable to stop my eyes from feeding on each word like I can feel them, see them, and taste them. Beautiful I'd say.

hehehhe it's always a successful story if you can see even taste the words! hehehe

thanks for the beautiful comment!! so glad that you enjoyed!! 😊

A devilish tale. Well written and excellent narrative voice. I could feel the heat of flames as I read this. Phew!

hehehehe I was backing away from the screen because I didn't want to be too close when the lightning struck that devil! hahahahahahaha
hi there ;)

The ambience of the setting is fantastic. I imagine that the heightened emotion of the subject matter gave you a little oomph! during writing. Nice!

hello hello 😈

That was very powerful and that makes me think about something that is on my mind often. Is the place we are in good or bad? Or both?

I think... GOOD :)

always good. when its bad - its just because it hasn't resolved yet. hehehe
but jsut be patient and it will resolve :)

I loved the way in which you handled the relationship between Satan and God in this fictional perspective, Dreems. One almost feels sorry for Satan - he is a petulant child desperately seeking approval and independence from his Father but continuing to behave abhorrently, trying to establish his superiority but still not being able to escape weekly 1:2:1's with the Father... It truly is sad as God clearly had love for him in making him so beautiful but when we fall and deny our own shortcomings and failings to such an extent that we are prepared to hurt others in the process... hm... yep he needs to be kept on a short leash! !PIZZA !ALIVE !LUV

@dreemsteem! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @samsmith1971. (4/10)

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you know - there have actually been times when I have felt sorry for him. because there is no redemption. one mistake - and done. and that waas that.

and he had it all, didn't he? and from the top - to the very lowest. ughhhh but then.... all that he does to the rest of creation really makes it hard to feel sorry for him too long LOL

One day - he will be finished. and all of the curse will follow him - and we'll be free hehehe

soooooooooooon pleeeeeease LOL


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Phenomenal... I'm in awe.

My Dear, would that C.S. Lewis were still around to read this; I have no doubt he would have absolutely loved it.

Uber kudos.



hi you!!!!!!! ohhhhhhh you came to visit me!!! hehehehe

you know - he is my hero. hehehe

I have written something else in the style of him. well. you know it. hehehe you came up to me and whispered in my ear that one day.. hahahahahaha (don 't say anymore LOLOL)

i can't wait to meet him in heaven some day. I think he is #4 on my list of must meets immediately hahahahahahaha

i'm beaming from ear to ear now - thank you for the beautiful comment!!! hehehe

Wonderfully written revamp of one of the oldest stories in existence :)

Your descriptions are sublime, you really bring us right into the room with them! Thank you to you and the dreemport team for this great contest, and for sharing your take on the wotw!

Yes - I always like to try to jump in to support the challenges that DreemPort sponsors. hehehe I cant always but this one was on my mind.
Actually - i had a totally different story in my head for this contest - but this is the one that decided to be told! hehehehe

I'm glad that you enjoyed it @grindan!!! see you at PYPT in... hmm less than 12 hours! hehehe

That distant battle continues to rage, even though one side is always ready for peace. Excellent writing as ever. You always manage to stir up my imagination and take me on an epic journey. Thank you.

I came in via Dreemport. 💛

hehehe hi lovely! I found myself on that epic journey too! hehehe I really could see it all playing out before me!!! i'm so glad you're back and feeling well!!

Me too! It seems there was a part of September that just held a whack of energy that bumped us all a little bit on the head. Now, I'm looking forward to seeing what October holds in store.

And, wait, what are you doing up at this time??? Hehehe! 💛

hahaha i used to go to sleep an hour from now!
but lately - sleep calls me. hahaha

but i'm finding that balance - because sometimes sleep needs to be shushed! hahahahahaha

i shushed it as long as i can now - and 17 minutes til midnight seems like a nice time to crawl under the blankets and begin again in... hmmm 5ish hours LOL

i'll see you at PYPT tomorrow! hehehe

See you there, sweet dreems! 💛