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Hello my beautiful people, I'm so happy to be here this week with my entry, last week was really so tight for me and I just couldn't make an entry but I had to this week because of my fans, so you guys won't miss my voice too much, lol. Well, that's just me deceiving myself, hehe. So for this week 46, I did a cover of BLOODY SAMARITAN by Ayra Starr. This song might be new to those outside Nigeria but I'm very sure it's not that unfamiliar to you and if it is, then it's a pleasure to introduce you to it.


Image is mine

My week has been really so hectic and mind draining, but somehow at the end of the day everything just feels right and I think that's just to show to me that I'm not alone after all, even though I tend to feel that way sometimes. This song by Starr is a song that shows ones dormancy over their own life, wading away bad energies and negatives. You know life can be overwhelming sometimes and if we are not careful we might just end up feeling so lost that nothing, absolutely nothing makes sense. If there is one thing that I would want to remind you is that, you have been given the opportunity to be in charge of your life by the decisions you make.

We have to always make sure to surround ourselves with positive vibes, both people and activities alike. We don't know when life will seem to us that it's not worth living for, so we have to build a positive vibe around us all the time just in case we fall into such situations. We all deserve to be happy but then that won't stop us from feeling sad and that's why having positive vibes around is important and I think it's one of many reasons why Starr might have had such lyrics formed in her head. There are some part on the lyrics that I did not really felt comfortable singing but then I still sang it because I loved most of it.

The song has pidgin in it a lot and I hope you were able to follow but if you weren't, I hope you still enjoyed watching me sing. You can find the lyrics of the song HERE and I also did well to add it to my video for you to easily follow up with.

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Until next time, stay AWESOME!!!

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I felt the vibes my dear @hopestylist
You're full with so much energy that makes me admire your entries each time you share music with us..
Those demonstrations gave life to your entry and the smiles were like roses..keep glowing and radiating positive vibes as the star you are🥰...
Thanks for sharing this amazing piece with us


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You sha, you know how to make somebody feel like a celeb 🙌🥰. I'm happy you enjoyed my presentation, it's my pleasure ❤️

You are most welcome swts🥰🥰🙏💙

I'm honored Ovey 🤭


If there was an option for voice recording in the comment section, you would have heard me screaming with excitement and all the vibes I got from watching this.

You be blast! This one na bomb you drop so

I can bet that no one will watch this and not love everything about your performance... You killed it my baby 💯

My master in video editing, I must talk that one 😂 well done o

Riches and wealth, i have none to give but a boost to this post I can do so help me manage am 🥲

For me, this is a winning entry in the community... Even if you nor win las las 🥰💯❤️ I'm proud of you my baby.

Awwn, you should have seen how I was blushing sha 🤭, you comment just showed how much you really enjoyed watching my entry and that means so much to me.

Thank you so much my beloved sweet sister for your beautiful and encouraging words and also the boost, it's a lot and I'm grateful 🤗.

I'm happy you're happy 😁
Keep it up, I'm rooting for you all the way!!! 🤗🥰

Awesome voice! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you ma'am, I'm so happy to have you stop by

You are sighted my dear😜💋❤️💙

I'm happy I was 🥰

Lol laziness dey kill me lol, your song made me sleep well my dear lol

Lol, sorry ehn. How are you naw?

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you @merit.ahama, I'm grateful to you for getting my post curated with your hard earned golden points 🤭❤️

Ah! Easy nah! Babe, you were really feeling vibes on vibes and ticking dynamites and nobody go fit kill this vibe wey I just see for this video!

Your performance was lit 💯💯
I was vibing with you all the way!!
Nice presentation, keep giving us hot hot!

Haha, yes oo that was the aim and I'm ticking dynamite right now for achieving my goals, hehe.

Thank you so much for stopping by, it's always a great pleasure having you around.

An actual vibe on vibe for real!!...
This is some splendidly amazing piece of work dear...didn't even know when I started dancing😄. A job well-done 👏 💯💖

Wow! You danced! That's fantastic, you just got yourself a hug 😁. Thank you so much for stopping by, you made me smile 🤭

I have heard another song because of you😅.
I don't know very much about songs but I think you sang very well.
Keep practicing and it will help you to improve more.

Thank you so much partner, I'm so happy to have introduced you to anyone song, I hope to keep getting better so I can keep making you enjoy your time here 🥰.

I'm so sorry for the late response, it's really so unlike me 🙂

I'm so sorry for the late response, it's really so unlike me 🙂

Don't need to be feel sorry for it. I can understand what's going on in your real life and it's important also.

Thank you so much for understanding, you are a darling 🥰

👏👏👏👏 can't stop applauding @hopestylist . incredibly you did so well & made huge justice to it. You almost made it original to you. Weldon dear...keep it up.

Awwn, you are making my head big oo, lol. Thank so much for enjoying my presentation, I'm truly grateful 🥰

You are so sweet gal.
You are just full of life. A genus indeed. You wrote so well and musically, you do greatly. Your vibes no be here. I love this entry and in fact I send you a kiss
Weldone bae

Awwn, my face is turning red already because of too much blushing ☺️, thank you so much for loving what I presented, it means so much to me 🥰🤗

You too dey blush sef. Sha you are welcome

Why I nor go blush na? Nor be you cause am? 😂

Hehe. Oya blush dey go ooo
Hope you are fine?

I felt the vibes too, you are officially our Arya on Afritunes.

Great effort on your video edit.

Amazing presentation.

Thank you so much for your compliment ma'am, I'm truly grateful 🤭

You are really bringing so much vibes into your presentation and that just gives the message. You did great love. Cheers to you. 💖💖

Thank you so much my darling, I'm happy your enjoyed it 🥰

You're welcome dear 😘

Happy new month dear 🥰

I wish you same dear

Thank you!

we could feel the vibes 🤗

Hehe, I'm happy you were able to feel it 🥰

Not heard this one, but your voice is getting stronger and stronger!
Fantastic and this is my favourite hairstyle of yours too!

Awwn, it's been a while partner, I'm super happy and honored to grace your presence here 🥰.

I'm so happy you enjoyed watching me sing, I'm glad you like the hairstyle too 🤭.

Yes it was double cute!

Haha, that's even cuter, hehe. Thank you!

Why haven't you taken a music talent form because those people I watch on TV aren't doing better than this.

You nailed the song and I hope you are doing better now. It is true that we need positive and energy around us from time to time to keep our spirit right and high always.

Thank you so much for your kind words sir, I would love to go for one of these auditions when I get the opportunity but I don't think I'm ready just yet.

Thank you for your contribution t my writing too, I'm glad you got the vibez 😌.

Lovely voice as always and you did justice to the song. Your singing is always topnotch.

How have you been?

Awwn, thank you so much my darling.

I'm doing fine, just been busy lately with things offline and you?