No clouds...but raindrops on the head?

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A hilarious story, or at least I thought so.

A nice and sunny day, and I wonder if you can figure this one out?

Some neatly dressed persons came out of a shop, and water drops fell on their heads. So, they came walking along, and then as the water struck their heads, they immediately look up, and could see no water. So, where did the water then come from, as there were no clouds in the sky? Puzzled they moved on, wiping their heads, while I sat giggling with the camera in our car.
Come let me show you what was going on.


Now, what do you think that this picture above is telling you?


At first, here's a hint, as you can see something sticking out of the gutter.


Or maybe this one will give you a better idea of what was going on.


Ah, there was the culprit, launching himself out of the gutter.


Clean as a whistle, as we had rain the day before and the water was blocked in the gutter, creating a birdbath. Lol

Then the Starling's wife arrived for her turn to bath. Female starlings have grey colored heads, while the males have all black heads.


Haughtily, she jumped up higher on the roof and told her husband to bugger off. It seems that she didn't want her husband to get any ideas as she was fussy about her privacy :))


She had her bath and more drops of water fell on the heads of the shoppers that passed beneath the blocked gutter on the narrow walkway.


The next time that you see a wet patch like this on an open walkway, and if water drops onto your head, there is no need to start looking around bewildered without seeing anything. Just wait a while standing on the wet spot and look straight up, as you will see the cause, when some drops hit you in the eye :) Remember that I have warned you :)
I was tempted to take photos of the people's reactions when the water drops fell on their heads, but I like to keep things natural and I also didn't want to expose somebody's dignity. So, I decided to post a bit of humor for you at the start of the new week, as humor is good medicine for the soul.
Life is short and a smile can really make one to feel better.

I hope you have enjoyed the picture story.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon PowershotSX70HS Bridge camera.

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This kind of scene happened two days ago in our city too. There were no clouds in the sky and the moon was visible, but still it was raining lightly, so it was very happy because it has been hot here for the past few days. It was too late, now the weather is good again.

I am glad that you also had some cooler weather, but as always, the weather will be good again.



LOL, I can imagine the surprise on the faces of the shoppers. 😄

Oh yes, hilarious and it was great fun to watch 🤣


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Wow! One interesting post ☺️

Thank you and glad that you enjoyed the post.


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good only for the soil

Yes, you are right.

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A gotcha moment hidden candid camera, I can but imagine you sitting laughing quietly from the car. !LOLZ

Candid camera indeed, and the actors was nature itself. I cracked up watching the reactions of some of the candidates. But I did not take any photos of them !LOLZ

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Always funny watching reaction of people when they totally unaware.

Funny indeed, and I would have loved to read their startled thoughts. !LOLZ

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