Getting stuck on a farm road.

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A narrow dirt road and with my luck, we got stuck behind two tractors.

Eventually in a slow convoy we reached the double laned main road.

But let me first show you a new development. As we traveled along on the farm road, we saw the reason why the line of old blue gum trees was cut down. The trees had to make way for the sunlight to fall on a very large new vineyard that will soon be planted. This preparation is the preparation stage and I think that the planting will take place in the last two weeks of our winter season. You can see how professionally these guys work, and we will occasionally come back to show you the progress.



As we approached a sharp left turn, I saw that there was a machine on the land, and we went into the turn very slowly.

Here, at the right side of the turn, you can see that the recent storm wind left its signature by uprooting and snapping some trees.

I found a space and allowed a truck to pass, as I wanted to show you the land that the tractor was plowing, while the other tractor was collecting the debris.

A lovely view below, isn't it?

Not for a moment did I think that we would end up behind the tractors upon our return. But so it was, and our car had to crawl along behind them at 5-10kpm for almost 1 kilometer, as they were headed for the main road. The tractors had obviously completed the job and were now on their way to go and work on another farm. Thankfully the last part of the farm road is tarred, and we were out of the dust.

So now the tractors approached the double laned main road and I knew it was going to be a long wait for them to cross, as the main road is very busy.


The first tractor had eventually crossed the road and it was waiting for the second tractor to come over.

And as the second slow tractor set off on its crossing, it was like a gate was flung open for me, as I took off like a bat out of hell to speed past it to freedom. Amazing when one has an appointment somewhere, and then a lockdown in traffic ensues. Nothing to do but wait and crawl and wait and crawl until one's emotions reach out to their limits. Then suddenly the release happens! One gets out of there like a dog who was bound for a long time and its collar was suddenly removed. Just watch its delight as it sprints away. The funny thing is that I can wait for one or two hours, taking photos of a sundown's slow setting, but whenever I am cooped up in any situation, then I become agitated and claustrophobic.
The release from a captive situation is always a great blessing.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the story.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon PowershotSX70HS Bridge camera.

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This technique looks like a military one ;)

Instead, the technique is a farming one.


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Yeah, the best thing is to have patience, and to slow down.



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