Always nice to watch the mountain views.

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I have some lovely landscape shots for you to enjoy.

The winds were in the process of mopping up the clouds in the sky after the heavy recent storm. For those that are struggling with a mental storm, I have sounded my experiences in the conclusion paragraph of this post.

We read that the wind reached up to 135 kph in some places over here in the Western Cape, and just on a short drive one can see the scars on the trees of ripped off branches. But thankfully now it's all gone and the damages at many schools, businesses and houses that lost their roofs and fences are being quantified. Big road signs were blown over and as we drive along many farm boundary fences were simply flattened. But I digress, as I want to show you the cleaning up job of the wind in the sky.
Come and look.



All of the time there were some stubborn clouds that clung to the mountain peaks, as they didn't want to go home, or they were tired of the wind chasing them around. I remember a time at school some lightyears ago, of little boys that clung to their desks when a teacher had to drag them out for a hiding. Mostly it was boys that didn't do their homework, and I was very often one of those boys :)
Those days, teachers could still discipline naughty boys with 6 of the best on the bum with a cane rod, but that's all history now, as nowadays corporal punishment has been banned.
Nature however has its own laws, and the wind can jerk the clouds at will :)

I took the 4 photos below at an earlier stage of the day.




And to round the post off here below are another three landscape shots, just to show you the beauty.



Such is life, as there is always beauty to be found. It all depends on how one views life, and we have found that it's great to spend one's thoughts in the present and on the future. Just like the mountains, as today they will have clouds covering their peaks, but they know that tomorrow they will be clear. We talk to many people and most of them are anchored in thoughts and grievances of the past. This only results in bitterness, especially as every day is a new day, and one can erase the hurt by being good and kind to the self and to all others. As then one's tomorrows will also improve.
I also had a very traumatic life as a child and I have also allowed it to affect me negatively, but then, when I started to help others, I discovered that I was also helping myself to heal.
Like I said, such is life.

We hope that everyone will have a good Sunday, and I also hope that you enjoyed the pictures.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon PowershotSX70HS Bridge camera.

Thank you kindly for supporting this post.


Hiii, I fell in love with those landscape pictures, specially with the mountains ones, I felt absorbed totally by the view, i can just imagine myself there enjoying the view. These kind of views always make me reflect on various topics such as past, present and future, so i connected with that conclusion of you.

Happy sunday!

Glad that you enjoyed the view thank you for agreeing to my statements in the conclusion.



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magnificent views! : )

Thank you!