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There are significant differences between the Polish and British education systems. A few days ago, I visited my 16-year-old nephew who has been living in Poland for two years. Before that, he lived with his family in the UK, where he naturally followed their education system. What is interesting is the fact that in the UK, there is more emphasis on creative, constructional, or group work in schools, whereas in the Polish education system, the focus is on rote memorization of rules, regardless of whether they are applied or understood. Another notable aspect is the practicality; the only practical exercise in the Polish school system seems to be carrying a heavy backpack full of books. One might wonder why schools cannot provide lockers.

Anyway, my discussion shifts from the school system to a piece of art created by a 12-year-old boy at that time. Simultaneously, this piece of art holds personal significance for me as I plan my trip to Ghana – arranging visas, vaccinations, short travels, and collecting necessary documents. Trust me, the logistics for this venture are on another level. Fortunately, I will be accompanied and hosted by @mcsamm in Ghana. During my stay, I plan to create another documentary showcasing Ghana Dwells projects funded by the community. It's an exciting endeavor because, finally, we will be able to demonstrate our community's actual contributions. I aim to make this documentary as engaging and watchable as possible – envisioning something akin to the structured documentary style seen in @hivefest videos but with a touch of @hivedocu.

In summary, transitioning from discussing the school system to the Ghana project highlights how Hive has enabled me to think creatively and present ideas outside conventional boundaries. I firmly believe that approaching this project in such a manner will yield significant results.



I am so excited for this project. It is certainly going to be a very good time to take full coverage of the 14 hive boreholes in Ghana. It is my ultimate wish that you get the most out of your stay in Ghana and always want to come back again. Thanks for doing this, and I am glad to meet you for this.

Yes we will make it smooth, nice and safe! I definitely will have unforgetful time in Ghana! I'm looking forward to make it happened!

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