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Most likely it's safe to say that some traditions are becoming rarity these days, especially in developed countries, where life is changing at a breakneck speed. Some of the traditions are kept alive by the older generation and with them, those traditions are going to disappear as well. It's not a good thing and I think we have our duty to keep those traditions alive.

One of them I see in danger is wearing folk costumes and I'm guilty as charged. The last time I wore a folk costume was when I was 12 or so and it was for a school event. My grandmother made me that costume, working day and night to be ready for the big event and I still have it somewhere.

There are regions where traditional events are celebrated dressed in folk costumes, without exceptions. Transylvania has quite a few regions where this is still a must, therefore each person has their own costume at home, for such events.


Festival of the Thousand Székely Ladies

The Day of the Thousand Székely Girls is an annual traditional gathering of Székely folk costume, folk dance and folk music, which usually takes place on the first Saturday of July in Csíkszereda. The annual meeting creates an opportunity to present, preserve and popularize the values of Székely folk costume and folk art. source

When I saw this photo at the gallery, it left me speechless honestly. I've never seen so many ladies in one place, all dressed in folk costumes. The place is a well known one for Catholic pilgrimage, where they gather every year on Saturday before Pentecost and pray. I've never been there, nor participated at such and event, but would be great to do it one day and take a ton of photos. Those costumes are beautiful.


Young Couple From Zsabok

Photo of a young couple in a different folk costume, which seems nice for occasions, but not if you have to wear it every day. Those shirts ... :)


Folk Dance From Zsabok

T preserve tradition, there are several folk festivals organized each year, plus schools always have competitions as well. It's important for kids to learn about tradition from a very young age. It's always fun to take photos at these events, although I only had part of a few.



This was a fantastic photo. It was staged, that's fine, no problem with that, but the look on the girl's face and how she breaks the line is priceless. I love scenes like this.


Presentation of Folk Costumes

The same couple you saw earlier, explaining folk costumes. Most likely some of you don't know the culture, so let me reveal some secrets to you. Those skirts and vests are made of a thick fabric. Back in the day the fabric was handmade, the costume as well, today no one does that. What the lady is showing to the audience, why she is lifting the other lady's skirt is to show you the underskirt, or the underskirts, to be precise. They used to wear several underskirts, to make the skirt look nicer and most likely it was against the cold as well.


Getting Ready

A lady wearing a folk costume from a different region. Her costume is dominated by embroidery, this is mostly common in the Kalotaszeg region. She's wearing a headscarf, which used to be a must for married women. Fortunately those traditions are not respected in day to day life anymore, people are free to wear whatever they like, but old ladies are still wearing carves in villages. They grew up with the tradition, put on a scarf when they got married and that's how they live now.



The title of the photo is not by coincident. Whoever is wearing such a folk costume can be proud. Look at the embroidery. It is absolutely amazing! Today we have digital embroidery at out disposal, but a few decades ago, all that lovely work was done by hand.


Look at that hat, embroidered with beads. It's a masterpiece in my opinion.


We have these photos to testify about tradition and past events, plus the traditional events, but in a couple of decades who knows what will remain. Photos lose quality in time and tradition gets forgotten, but my post will remain as a reminder.

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You're right @erikah we shouldn't forget our traditions , we must keep them alive

If possible, yes, that's what we should do.

Exactly, If we forget it now our new generation will not know about their ancestors:(

Traditions are the bedrock of any culture
Learning about different traditions just makes the entire process much more fun
And overall the similarities in these different cultures can be quite surprising

It was truly amazing to see the level of detail and craftsmanship in your country's folk costume. Here in Philippines, we also have our Filipiniana Dress worn by many Filipina maiden that symbols as our rich cultural heritage. And it was definitely important to preserve these traditions and keep them alive for future generations to appreciate it. Thank you for sharing this insightful blog post @erikah 😊

I suppose each region has it's on folk costumes and traditions. Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day :)

Photos lose quality in time and tradition gets forgotten, but my post will remain as a reminder.

Blockchain forever ✌️

Love the traditional dress btw and a couple of the pictures are epic like Pride and Curiosity.

Yes, blockchain is the solution for now :) I'm glad you like the dresses, they are beautiful for sure.

Excelent work😉👏🏻

Thank you.

Wonderful that you do you help to keep alive the traditions.

Civilization has taken some of our traditions from us, we now place less value on it except only when we want to celebrate our cultural day.

I agree with you, traditions today are already rare, and it is not only in urban areas, in remote villages as in places where some traditions are also starting to disappear, and strangely other people's cultures are preserved isn't that very ridiculous

Fortunately there are media like this so tradition and culture can be used as a reminder as you do

I love this
So many of us has forgotten our tradition because of the modern way which is bad. Tradition is not meant to forgotten

I don't have much knowledge about other countries' traditional costumes but I always thought that Romania is really special from that point of view and somehow these clothes are a lot better than most of the European countries. Too bad they are not well preserved and perhaps won't last forever.

Well, it depends where you go. We have so many regions and each of them has their own style, which makes the whole picture more colorful. Some of the Balkan countries have similar folk costumes, but I'm not an expert either :)