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Friday was the day for a new exhibition and I couldn't be more happier as my head was spinning after so much charting and studying. These exhibitions are like a trip to another world, another dimension, always take my mind away from work and daily problems, as well as put my mind to work as each exhibition is like a huge riddle to solve. It's a lot of fun and when I leave the gallery, it feels like I learnt something new, which is a legit feeling as I always see something new.


This was a solo exhibition of János László Fazakas, called Hyperspace. As the title of the exhibition suggests, it was about complex space-time dimensions, a topic that it's not exactly my area of interest, but I'm always open to learn about new things.




Pandemoniac 2

There were these three paintings, kind of similar in stile and I thought it was a series, but I was wrong as it wasn't. The concept is similar, but still not the same significance.


Space - Time Paradox

This painting was one of my favorites. The way the whole time and space concept is depicted is amazing. You need to take a closer look, analyze it in detail, then take a step back and look at it again, to see it as a whole.


I took a close-up photo of the bird. Look at those layers and colors, it matches the stripes in the background to some extent.


Black Sea 9.18 am

I bet if you'd have been there, you'd have the same impression. From far, this painting looks like a monochrome, or bluish photograph, but it's not. It's a painting, in which the light plays a key role. The light makes it look similar to a photo. The light on the top adds to it as it looks like the sun.


At a closer look you can spot this tiny ship, far away from the shore. I've seen plenty of paintings, but none of them made me think of a photograph, before this. I was standing in front of the painting, thinking how can you make the waves, the rocks at the shore, and the light so perfect.


Cal 1

This was a very cool painting, even though I'm not sure I completely understand the concept. You see the clown smiling, but you can also see the grid, marked with different geometrical forms, like circles of different size and rhombuses.




There were two rows of dots towards the mid line of the painting and I took some close-up photos of those smallest dots, to show you they were no usual dots.


Cat 2

There was a second painting with the same title, a bit different from the first one, but just as funny, or cute. This time the clown person wasn't alone, Mikey was there too, with a big ear to ear smile. This time the corners of each square of the grid were marked with those tiny painted dots.


My work wouldn't be complete, without showing you the two paintings together. Have a look at them now :)



At this point it was obvious that the bird is a recurring character, present on most of the paintings.


Here's a piano, for @mipiano as last time she was disappointed because she could not find a piano at the citadel of Fagaras 😆




What did I tell you about the bird? Another painting featuring the bird.


The Forest Narrates


Nothing is what it seems from far here :)


The Forest Narrates 2

The same concept depicted in a different way. The grid with those blue dots is present here as well.


A colorful spot but I don't know what it means. It reminds me of those heatmaps, but I'm sure it's not that.


Still Life
This was a series of 3 paintings with the same name, still life, but definitely not the still life we are used to. It was interesting though.


Ascension / Via Purgativa

You may not see the size of the painting, but it was almost as tall as the wall. I don't think I've seen such a painting, composed of 5 canvases. It was interesting and needless to say, the birds were present here as well :)



Space view of this cube made me go back in time, when we had to draw these geometrical shapes and forms in high school. Here you see the blue sky, the bird flying and the cube in the same space. Tome and space together. Interesting.



Similar concept depicted in a different way.

It was an interesting exhibition.

If you're a newbie, you may want to check out these guides:



Some of the early paintings remind me of Escher, especially he had one with birds. However on seeing those painting in context to all the others I can see, as you have suggested, that this specific kind of bird seems to be the artist's motif. And they are able to do interesting thing with it. I did like the bird flying in winter too. However I have to agree with you that the Black Sea painting is gorgeous. It looks wonderful even through the photo, so I can but imagine how it must have looked up in real life. Thank you once again for taking us on these exhibitions.

I'm glad to read your comment and see you appreciate these paintings and understand them as well. There were quite a few excellent ones, among which the Black Sea and the winter scene with the bird.

I'm hoping to bring more amazing exhibition related content soon. Stay tuned :)

Here's a piano, for @mipiano as last time she was disappointed because she could not find a piano at the citadel of Fagaras 😆


Thank you 😇 🎶

And the exhibition is also very peculiar with these birds flying inside and with shapes and time, but then like a bird I would again fly back to that piano :P {I don't see a sign don't touch 😁}

😂 Lol, there's no sign here because the people who are visiting the exhibition can behave 😂

Hello Erika, these works of the two clowns speak of a look at the past and another to the future, because as in circus life and in our real life, we are nothing more than present, existence, time, place and circumstances that often do not depend on us, but it is where we exist, that's why the artist paints the presence of the bird in his work.

It's my perception, I quite like how the artist coexists with his work.

Hi @janitzearratia! That is a nice explanation of the two clown paintings. I could not read those clearly, but you showed me the meaning. Thank you my friend and have a nice evening!

Hugs to you @erikah

Black Sea 9.18 am

this one is so nice. I thought it was a black-and-white photograph.
even the light reflection on the rock looks so real.

the artist must be really talented. must be really expensive if you want to take it home. : )

We, as photographers can see the photograph in it, can't we? I'm glad you see it too, not just me. It was amazing.

Beautiful paintings 🤩

Indeed, I agree.

Now this is something that I'd really have loved to see! I'm not a lot into retro exhibitions but more into the futuristic and nature scenery ones. And this one looks so cool! :)

Well, you know how it is, like in Forrest Gump, you never know what you get. This is what I got this time. I'm glad you liked it :)

I'm quite impressed by your passion for art 😍. I mean, it's incredible how you figure out the meaning of the paintings right away. I never would have known about the existence of those paintings if you hadn't mentioned that there are things behind them that aren't immediately apparent. How quickly you pick up on the significance of the artwork is really astounding👏.

I mean, it's incredible how you figure out the meaning of the paintings right away.

Don't get fooled by what I write 😁 I write what I see and what I think about what I see, but only the artist knows if I'm right or not and will never know. However, art is not only about what the artist meant, but also about what you see and how you see it :)

What a fascinating glimpse into this art exhibition! I love how you took us along on this journey through the world of Hyperspace, capturing so many intriguing details in your photos.

The paintings seem to blend scientific concepts, surreal imagery, geometry and spiritual symbolism in really unique ways. I especially liked your observations about the bird appearing across multiple works - it made me wonder what deeper meaning or connection it has in relation to the exhibition's dimensions theme. Thank you for allowing me to experience a bit of this show's magic and complexity alongside your insightful commentary.

Black Sea 9.18 am and Twilight were my favorites. I like what this artist is doing but I tend to look at art and think would I want that on my wall? Many of the more modern ideas just don't pass that test for me 🤷‍♂️

The opinions are mixed here, which is a good thing as we are not the same. I'm kind of with you here, I liked the exhibition, but would not buy them.

What unusual paintings. Original plots.

Yes, these are unusual, but then again, art is about creating something new.

a very expensive painting, with a perfect idea. you always find unusual exhibits.

Well, I never know what I find, but I'm happy with whatever it is offered.

I also enjoy what you share. Hope you have a nice day buddy :))

These paintings with the swallow (I think they're swallows) are really interesting. The meaning behind them is so beautiful. I think there's a philosophical intention in these works, related to the nature of space and time. And I also like the ones with the deer.

I'm happy to know that you find them valuable and beautiful. It was a very interesting and unusual exhibition.

Those paintings are nothing to talk about but fantastic 🤩.....wish I could have seen them in person though

Damn! This paintings looks so real especially that of the bird, it just like a photograph. I must applaud the artist for such a beautiful creation. I love it

All the paintings are amazing. the Black Sea is my favorite.

Thank you so much for sharing your photos of this exhibition! I certainly had never heard of this artist before.

The first few paintings remind me strongly of Magritte, who, I'm sure you'll recall, featured many birds (or at least bird shapes) in his paintings. Several also put me in mind of the there-but-not-there quality of Magritte's La Blanc-Soing.

I do see a strong resemblance to Escher's work in the Still Life pieces, as mentioned by @brijwhiz.

Those dots though...those are the standout to me. Little universes to themselves that could easily go completely unremarked when the work is viewed from afar.


I love the visual of little universes. A good turn of phrase there @willendorfia. Poetic!

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