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Today I'd like to show you another batch of painting from the solo exhibition of the wonderful artist, Vera Dan and also invite you to join me in my attempt of solving the mystery on each canvas. If you follow my blog, you know it's a fun game and the more we are the more results we get.


Vintage With A Lamp

So let's see what we have here :) Two chicks first of all, which is a recurring element already as we saw these two beauties earlier on other paintings. A chain and a lock, a petrol lamp and spiderweb? The whole scene looks very vintage and I love how the colors were selected. The mustard yellow goes well with the gray and dark red. It's a bit abstract as well, but that's why it is so exquisite in my opinion. The details also worth mentioning. Look at the lace under the chicks and the design of the lock.


Mărioara (or Lady Mary)

Lady Mary sitting in front of the chicken coop, looking happy. This painting depicts a simple and happy, village life. Look at the abstract background, it's fantastic. And the mustard yellow color is present again.


Their Holiness

At first glance, I thought the title of the painting will be the most obvious, hands, but I was wrong. Hands play a huge role in art, no matter what kind of art we're talking about, painting, photography or sculpture. Hands can be very expressive, thus a good subject to depict. Here, the a artist chose to use a red fabric as background, maybe velvet. It's a huge contract between the old hands and the velvet in my opinion, but this is not a problem, on the contrary.


Question For Leana

The theme of this painting is kind of similar to Mărioara (or Lady Mary), but the scene is depicted from a different perspective. What I love about this painting is the lady's facial expression, which shows happiness and the other thing is the colors. Look at that bright red and the mustard color. perfect match and the lady's cream dress just adds to it. This is why these paintings are so pleasant for the eye. At least that's how I see it.


Lady Ioana

Now comes the fun part. Have you ever wondered what inspires artists? Where are the ideas coming from? Here's one example.


This painting was inspired by a real scene, or a photo of a real scene. You know I'm a regular at exhibitions, but have never seen the photo that inspired the artist, exhibited too. I love the idea, I think it's very cool and gives the visitor more clarity and a base for comparing the two. I love the painting, the lady looks very happy and the whole painting is so life like. She's making mămăligă, which is the Romanian version of polenta and used to be staple food for centuries. So having mămăligă on the table meant life, it was like having bread. So you can imagine the importance of this painting.


Welcome To Take

Another one. Different scene, but it's about the same thing. A man making mămăligă and inviting everyone to have some.


This way you have the chance to not only appreciate the painting, but compare it with the photo and see how similar the two are. Or even choose which one you prefer. I would always go with the painting as it's a lot of work and you need skills to create the scene on canvas.



And here comes another fun one. Before I go into analyzing it, I have to tell you, I love it! The color combination is again something I like and think it's a good mix. The bright blue goes well with the dark cream and the rest just adds to it. What also makes this painting special is the things you see on it. The bird on the lady's shoulder, the net-like blue pattern, to name a few, but the lady's hat is not usual either.


The Hat

I hope you see how brilliant this painting is. The artist clearly loves dandelions as she had quite a few paintings already with dandelions, but those were mostly bouquets. This is also a bouquet, but in form of a hat. Very original and the dark chocolate background was a nice idea. I love it! I hope you like it too.

Looking back, it always amazes me how many cool idea one artist can have. I've seen sculptors creating ladies bust with a hat full of flowers, like Rodin's Young Girl with Roses on Her Hat, but that's not something unusual as back in those days ladies had flowers on their hat. Here on the other hand, the hat is a whole bouquet. I really love Vera Dan's works. To my surprise, the paintings were for sale, so I had a look at the price list and ... well, what I saw was directly proportional with the greatness of the artworks. I'm not at that level 😬 (yet). But I'd love to have a painting from her, one day.

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Simplemente genial me encantó

I'm really glad to hear that.

Hello mother fucker

Hello mother fucker

The paintings are gorgeous. I agree with you about the mustard yellow, and feel that it makes the paintings pop out in the ones where it appears, at least in my eye. I love how the pose of the hands in the holiness painting, is the same pose that Lady Mary has her hands in, in front of the coop.

One detail I really like, and I don't know if I am overthinking this, is the cobweb above the lantern chimney. The circle above the lantern has no webbing as real life cobwebs would burn away at that point due to the heat coming out of the chimney.

loved this entire set, including the photo and paintings, as well as the hats. Great art!!!

Interesting observation about the spiderweb. I'm not sure what the artist meant and if the hole is indeed due to the heat. I'm thinking if someone lights the fire, can remove the spiderweb too ... 😬 but who knows.

Anyway, I'm really glad you like these paintings and thanks for the nice comment.

Good ..... morning mfc

The painting is very impressive overall, and the artist is so extraordinary that these paintings are very pleasing to the eye. I love it..

That makes two of us because I love it too.

F.c....k you 💖😘😘

The details of Vera Dan's work are remarkable. She has a beautiful eye for seeing subjects and objects and expresses it beautifully through oil painting on canvas.

I couldn't agree more. She's a very talented artist. I loved every single painting.

Pure fine art ♥

It is indeed, the best quality.

En todas predomina, para mi, la melancolía ya que los colores que predominan son tonos apagados, marrones y amarillos jjajaa es como una fotografía antigua pero en pintura en general si tengo que dar mi 0pinion no me gustan pero nunca esta mal apreciar algo diferente.
Por cierto, muy felices pascuas @erikah :3

Thanks Nitsu! A bit late, but Happy Easter to you too and I'm glad you like the paintings.

Oh dear, some of these works are based on photos by Jeno Major!... My mother and I are followers of this photographer on his social networks!... But I had never seen paintings based on his photos, this is apotheosis! .. I have said it before friend @erikah: "You are a great arts reporter!" thanks for sharing this work! ;)

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Wow, I'm so glad to hear that. These works are exceptional and seeing the photos next to the paintings makes it even more interesting.

Thanks for the nice words my friend, you're too kind to me. Have a nice day :)

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Loving the work by, jeno major, the likeness to the photos is damn good!

I was surprised too and agree, the artist did a very good job.


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Mărioara is my favorite. I like in this painting as well as Lady Ioana because to me the painter captures all the joy but softens the age. They are still clearly older ladies but the painting emphasizes their joy. Lovely portraits.

Excellent choice, you picked two lovely ones Steven! I also like them both.

Mărioara (or Lady Mary) is my favorite painting of all. I love the expression of the old lady and the colors used. I imagine her taking care of her roosters and hens. I'm sure she went to collect eggs and found that baby chicks had hatched. ;)

I just picked up an egg 😋

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-01 at 12.44.58 PM.jpeg

Looks like you're not alone with that choice and I must say, it's a very good one. Lol, congrats on collecting the egg :)

😁 I am lucky that chickens from other places come to my yard to breed.

But I wonder why yellow, though? Somehow, it makes my day seeing her paintings (thus me looking forward for the next painting post you make). Color psychology, perhaps?

But I wonder why yellow, though?

I'm not sure what you're referring to, when you say this.

The background. In most, if not all of her paintings, why yellow? Maybe yellow has something to do with what we want to feel or what? Which is why it feels... light, rather than heavy.

I loved his paintings, he handles color in a very interesting way.

My favorite painting is the one of the cook and the bread and his expression of joy at having done it despite the heat of the stove. Beautiful painting. And your photo is perfect. 😘🤗

These people knew how to appreciate food, that's why you see the joy on their face.

Thank you for the nice comment. Have a nice day 🤗😘