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The photos I'm going to post today reveal a lot of emotions, so be ready, or if you are not into this kind of photography, I'm sure there are other posts for you in the community :) I took these photos at the last photography exhibition I visited last month and can tell you there was not one photo I didn't value. This is the type of photography that most of us would want to do, but not many have the chance, for the obvious reasons, myself included, of course.


Stuck In This World

I don't know about you, but for me, such a scene is heartbreaking. It's an excellent photo, from every point of view, but it's still heartbreaking. Imagine the old man at the grave of his wife (most likely), a person who he's spent all his life with. Old people get emotional faster, which is understandable and to see them in tears is painful for everyone.


Unceasing Care

I'm not sure if it is the same man in the photo, but regardless, I can consider this second one, as the continuation of the first one and can tell you, it makes the two even more heartbreaking.

Most likely not everyone understands what we're seeing here, due to cultural differences. Burials are different and customs too. In this part of the world, especially for people of the age of the gentleman you see on the photo, burial happens the traditional way, in the cemetery. There's no cremation and scattering the ashes. Especially at the countryside, people have their family graves and whole generations are buried there.

Visiting the grave, keeping it clean, bringing flowers used to be (still is) something they did regularly. Most likely Sunday was the day. You don't see that these days. Children move away, lose touch and old graves get forgotten.

Most likely the poor gentleman was also left alone, but as you can see, he still carries on. Unfortunately, that devotion is on the verge of extinction.


Soul Mirror

Another brilliant photo, featuring an old man with the hat his generation is usually wearing at that age. But what is striking here is his mustache. You don't see that these days but it used to be a must for men, where this gentleman comes from. Holding onto the wooden ladder was a very good idea and look at those bright eyes.


Sándor (Alexander)

This photo is the cherry on the cake, if I can say that. The size of the photo was way bigger than the rest of the photos, for a good reason. Please exclude the reflection of the light at the top and look at the rest. There was no way I could avoid that, but also there's no reason to let it ruin the experience.

If this portrait is not brilliant, then I don't know which is. The framing is perfect, the light is perfect as well. I'm talking about the original, of course, not mine. Then look at the expression on Alexander's face. Look at his eyes and tell me what he's thinking about? Is it sadness? Is it anger? What do you see? What can you read from this photo? @dimascastillo90, this is for you, I hope you like it. I know you like this type of photography, so most likely you'll like this batch too.


The title of this photo was a bit unclear to me, could not translate it, unfortunately, but at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. What matters is the photo itself and what it tells you.

As far as I can tell, this man is a coal burner, which is still a thing up in the mountain, where there's wood abundantly. The funny thing is, he's inhaling smoke every day during his work hours, yet he's smoking :) It doesn't matter as long as he's happy and you can tell he is. Look at the happiness on his face.


This photo either had no title, or I missed to photograph it. It doesn't matter, because I can give it a title without problems. I would call it Happiness and would be glad to know what would you call it. This photo is priceless.


My Treasure

The setup of this photo is a bit different, but expresses the same thing. These animals are indeed treasures. These men treat their animals with the utmost respect and consider them family members.

However, there may be a reference to a well known horse here too.

The Hungarian title is Kincsem, which translates into My Treasure in English. But Kincsem could refer to a famous horse, that lived in the 19th century.

Kincsem (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈkint͡ʃɛm]; Hungarian for "My Precious" or "My Treasure"; March 17, 1874 – March 16, 1887) was a Hungarian Thoroughbred racehorse who has the longest undefeated record of any racehorse after winning all of her 54 races. The next closest in this regard is Black Caviar, who won all her 25 races. Foaled in Kisbér, Hungary in 1874, Kincsem is a national icon and widely considered one of the top racehorses of the 19th century.

Over four seasons, Kincsem won against both female and male company at various race tracks across Europe, including multiple Classic race victories in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. She also raced frequently in Germany, winning the Grosser Preis von Baden three times. In her four-year-old campaign, she traveled to England to win the Goodwood Cup, then won the Grand Prix de Deauville in France.

As a broodmare, Kincsem produced just five foals, one of which died young. Nevertheless, two of her foals became Classic winners and her daughters also proved to be outstanding producers. Her family has proved a lasting influence on the breed, with modern descendants including English Classic winners Polygamy and Camelot.

A Hungarian film, Kincsem — Bet on Revenge, directed by Gábor Herendi, was released in 2017. The feature film presented Kincsem's history with fictitious details. The movie set a record as the most expensive domestic movie ever produced with a total cost of 3 billion forint. The Hungarian National Film Fund contributed 2,078 billion forint toward the total production cost. The movie was released in Hungarian cinemas on 16 March 2017 and was later shown at the Cannes Film Festival. source


There's definitely a lot to learn from Botond Nagy, the photographer.

If you're a newbie, you may want to check out these guides:



The first photo is indeed heartbreaking... The man with the cow (or is it a calf) could be titled as tenderness too. 😉

You nailed the title of the man with the calf, I didn't think of that :)

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I have no doubt about your posts, you always make people interested with the new posts you share. especially with this black and white post, it creates an atmosphere that reminds of the past. I see all these photos are very meaningful with those facial expressions. Thank you friend @erikah for this post, I am entertained :))

Thank you very much @asklanbudi. I'm glad you like the photos.

Children move away, lose touch and old graves get forgotten

This is heartbreaking the more you think about it, the sadder it gets.

Sándor (Alexander) is indeed excellent 👍 it reminds me of Dorothea Lange's photos of the Depression in the US. Here is the most famous.

Dorothea Lange info from the MoMA website Dorothea Lange

Thanks for recommending Dorothea Lange's photos. I need to check her work out, seems promising. And indeed, I see what you mean.


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Old photos, and what a sharpness of the images.

These are not old photos :)

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Thanks arcange!

Well done @erikah! Your dedication to powering up is inspiring.

Undoubtedly this photographic exhibition is spectacular, a sample of the everyday, the emotional, the human and on the other hand the great technical handling of photography with great contrast and harmony in his compositions.

You summed it up nicely and I couldn't agree more. These photos capture quite a lot and I'm glad you can see it.

This is another amazing exhibition of photographic work that is worth stopping to admire. Great amount of emotions, expressions and feelings... It not just photography or compositions, I appreciate these images as something natural, without poses or anything guided.

I love that you know that this fascinates me more than any genre in photography. Thank you for bringing this to us along with your interpretation of each image. I love that you do it 😍

Thank you also for always tagging me my dear @erikah Lot a kisses and a #HUG for you 🤗😘

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I appreciate these images as something natural, without poses or anything guided.

Exactly! Even if they were told where to stand, the emotions on their face are never fake. This is why I find these photos so valuable.

And yes, I was hoping you like it because it's something special in my eyes.

Thanks for the nice comment my friend. Hugs and kisses for you 😘🤗😍

That face hair is something else !!! lol

I couldn't agree more :)


Incredible black and white photography that speak for itself, nice work done.

The merit of the photographer who organized the exhibition, but I agree, exceptional work.


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